Beautiful Sideboard with Built-In Active 3-way Loudspeaker

High-end soundbar and best furniture-design in one product.

Less visible technology and no compromise on sound.

Living rooms are spaces to relax and unwind, they are places where we go to destress and enjoy music, film and gaming. Finding the right combination of furniture and technology can often be tricky. We want the latest technology, yet we don’t want ugly bulky hardware with exposed wires, tacky knobs or buttons. When looking for sound technologies that fit our stress-free spaces, it can feel overwhelming to find the right furniture to fit our minimalist design needs.

The Beauty of Sound has designed their minimalistic Soundbar with this in mind. They are offering a clean beautifully designed piece of furniture for every space. The Soundbar can be incorporated into any home or living space while providing high design and functionality. The Beauty of Sound was established to help those people who feel overwhelmed about the multitude of features of modern soundbars, and for those who want little visible technology in their living spaces.

The Soundbar created by ‘the Beauty of Sound’ is a sideboard that fits perfectly as a piece of furniture in the living room, bedroom or study. It can also be incorporated into business spaces such as offices, hotel rooms or fitness studios. Inspired by design from the 70’s, where longevity and sustainability were standard for every day technologies, the Soundbar offers a compact piece of furniture that can accompany you for a lifetime. In the form of a “reduced to the max” approach, their focus is on simplicity and user-friendliness; therefore the Soundbar has no additional apps and needs no constant software updates.

The construction of the Soundbar follows a 3-way speaker system. It has a coaxial speaker for mids and highs and a bass speaker at the bottom for the necessary punch. The coaxial speaker is installed at a slight upward angle so that the sound can reach the ear exactly. With Bluetooth, a CINCH and a SPDIF/TOSLINK connection, record players, smartphones or a TV can be connected. The cables all disappear in a compartment in the back allowing for high-end sound without compromising the living ambience with visible technology.

Wolfgang Zimmermann founded ‘the Beauty of Sound’ to bring excellent sound with a minimalistic technical setting to every household. As an electrical engineer and economist, he has 25 years of experience in digital products, innovation and customer experience. With “The Beauty of Sound”, he is now trying to redefine the way we listen to music in a ‘Lean Startup’ approach and has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. If the campaign is successful, production will start and first products will start to be delivered around October 2023. After the Kickstarter campaign, the Soundbar will be available for order via their website. For more info, check out their Kickstarter page at