Bay Area Silfab Installer: Residential PV System Installation Services Launched

The company’s enhanced services are available across its state-wide network of outlets, including the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, and select locations in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Services now include some of the latest advances in solar panel technology, along with American-made HVAC systems designed with a focus on energy efficiency.

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Semper Solaris notes that Californians not only pay higher-than-average electricity bills, but that they are also increasingly concerned about the impact of climate change. With the latest update, the company now offers end-to-end solutions that it believes can result in complete energy independence.

A recent report from the Public Policy Institute of California highlights the importance that Californians now place on environmental issues. A statewide survey revealed that nine out of ten voters now consider candidates’ positions on the environment before deciding who to support, while more than half state that rising energy prices have caused financial hardship.

Semper Solaris states that the value proposition for home solar is now greater than ever before, largely a result of the recently announced 30% federal tax incentive. In response, the company’s latest selection extends to high-quality Silfab and Q Cells systems, which it believes offer greater return on investment in the long term.

The company also points out that the heating and cooling of homes can account for 50% of electricity bills. To that end, the Semper Air line of energy-efficient air conditioning and gas furnace units has been developed to reduce in-home electricity consumption. The systems are designed and made in America, and a lifetime warranty is also now offered across the full range.

About Semper Solaris

A veteran-owned and operated company, Semper Solaris now incorporates 15 locations across California, as well as an increasing presence in several other states. The firm’s Semper Cares initiative is designed to assist veterans in achieving energy independence.

One Bay Area homeowner recently stated: “Semper Solaris did a fantastic job explaining all elements of our solar installation. The company did a seamless job of everything, from applying for permits all the way through to installation. The process was super smooth and well-planned. We will definitely recommend and use them again.”

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