Barton Creek Physical Therapy For Athletic Injury & Preventative Care: Update

The clinic’s treatment expansion is particularly helpful for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who have suffered an injury, as it accelerates proper healing and decreases recovery time. These treatments decrease soft tissue inflammation and pain and encourage improved flexibility in tendons and ligaments that have tensed due to damage.

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With the update, the clinic provides active people and athletes in the greater Austin area with an effective, convenient treatment option that gives long-lasting results. Axiom Physiotherapy’s orthopedic manual therapy techniques improve mobility and create positive neurophysiological responses in the nervous system, spinal cord, and brain. Since the brain communicates all pain responses to the body, these neurophysiological responses can quickly decrease pain sensations around injuries.

Often, athletes attempt to heal their injuries on their own. Some injuries can heal properly with home care; however, people often return to exercise or rigorous activity before they’ve reached full recovery, which can cause more permanent damage. Without a full understanding of the interconnectedness of soft tissue, joint function, and the body’s nervous and neurological systems, many people are unable to give their injuries the holistic care required for complete recovery.

At Axiom Physiotherapy, every patient receives hands-on manual therapy care from a trained specialist. These specialists work with the patient to create a customized session that addresses their unique needs and injuries. Trigger point dry needling is another of Axiom Physiotherapy’s specialties. This treatment is used to decrease pain and tightness in the body’s soft tissue, which helps to keep ligaments or tendons from unnecessarily pulling on joints and preventing recovery from injury.

About Axion Physiotherapy

Axiom Physiotherapy provides manual, physical, and physiotherapy to the greater Austin, Texas area. The practice’s founding physician, Dr. Ben Shook, has 12 years of clinical experience. The clinic offers running analysis to help athletes and runners improve their gait to protect their joints and feet. Axiom Physiotherapy also creates custom orthotics for patients to help relieve pain, support tired joints and muscles, and prevent injury. Patients can learn more about any of these services by visiting

“Helping someone get out of pain and back to the things they love quickly is what makes me excited to be a physical therapist,” said Dr. Ben Shook. “I consider it one of the greatest privileges of my life. I am honored to be able to serve my patients.”

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