Barcodes will save your business time and money

Starting a new business in South Africa is a daunting prospect.There are many important decisions to make about your business. One of the most important of these decisions is whether or not to buy barcodes for your products. Investing in barcodes for your business is a financial risk in the short term, however over time, barcodes will save you both time and money. There are so many different ways that codes will revolutionise the way you do business. They will open new frontiers for your products and will ensure that your business thrives in the competitive business world of today.

Why invest in barcodes to begin with

There are endless reasons to invest in barcodes, as we shall prove in this article. First and most important, barcoding your products will allow more retailers to stock your products. Many retailers will not stock any products that do not have barcodes. Therefore, by barcoding your products, you are enabling more retailers to stock them. This will increase your exposure and publicity and ensure that your business grows exponentially.

Investing in codes will raise your business to the next level. Both your clients and your competitors, as well as your retailers will take you seriously. Codes will enhance your professional reputation and ensure that you become sustainable and financially secure. 

How will barcodes save your business both time and money? 

Initiating a barcode system will streamline your entire business and will ensure that you do not waste any unnecessary time or money. Barcodes streamline the sales process in many different ways. In order to sell an item, all the retail assistant has to do is to scan the item’s code with a barcode scanner. This automatically brings it up on the sales system. In this way, the sales process is quicker, enabling retail assistants to provide fast and efficient service to clients. This means that retail assistants are able to help more clients in a shorter length of time. It is now no longer necessary for clients to wait in endlessly long queues, wasting a lot of time and money in the process. 

In addition, barcodes will also streamline your stock control process. They will give you complete control over your inventory, right from the start, all the way to the end. Doing inventory checks is made simple and easy. It is not necessary to close the store in order to do them. All you need to do is to scan the codes into the inventory control section of the sales system. This gives you all the information you need in order to run your store efficiently and to ensure that you maintain the right amount of stock in order to support the demand of your clients. You will know when you need to re-order certain stock items. 

In addition, codes will allow you to have the knowledge you need in order to make strategic decisions regarding your business. For example, you will be able to determine the more popular items as well as the slow moving ones. This will help you decide how many of each to stock so that you always have what your client wants and needs. If you have what your clients need and want, why would they need to go anywhere else? In this way, codes will help to boost client loyalty. 

By using codes in the sales process, the manager will limit the amount of human error that occurs. Without codes, retail assistants must manually search for each item on the sales system which can lead to them making human mistakes such as ringing up the wrong item or undercharging a client. This can lead to a loss of sales profit and will limit the business in the long run. Codes will avoid these financial pitfalls in your business.

Training new staff can be a long and tiresome process. However, this does not have to be the case. Initiating a barcode system within your business will make the staff training process a lot more smooth and effortless. Using a barcode scanner to scan codes is not rocket science. It is easy to master. Therefore, training new staff will take far less time and effort than in the past. 

Types of Barcodes 

The most common and popular retail barcodes in South Africa are the American EAN and UPC codes. They are thirteen and twelve digit codes that are used within retailers throughout the world. These one dimensional codes can be scanned by any barcode scanner. Most retailers prefer the longer EAN code as it is far more versatile than the twelve digit UPC code. These codes can be bought from any barcode reseller. These are companies that have purchased these american codes in bulk in order to resell them within South Africa. These codes are fully legal and registered within GS1. 

The other option for codes is to buy the specifically South African codes through the GS1 South Africa. This option is often a more costly and lengthy process as it requires that you become a member of the GS1 South Africa. They also require yearly renewal fees. 

How to buy barcodes

Buying codes for your business shouldn’t be a long or complicated process. is here to assist you along your barcode journey, providing the highest quality codes at the most cost effective prices. Our EAN and UPC codes come with a certificate of authentication which guarantees that these codes are fully legal and registered with the GS1.

With SA Barcodesthe process of investing in codes is quick and effortless. The first step is to contact us for a quote. We sell specific barcode packages or we can give you a specialised quote for your unique business needs. The next step is payment, either with your credit card through Payfast or via internet transfer. After this, all we need is a business or personal name to register the codes under. We will send out the barcode package via email. You will have your codes before you know it. 

In addition to the codes, you will need to invest in a barcode scanner. Then you will be ready to launch your business into financial success. 

As can be seen, investing in codes is the best decision you can make for your business. Barcodes make the business world go around. Becoming part of this barcode revolution will give your business the boost it needs to compete and become a thriving success. Barcodes save you both time and money and ensure that the retail sales process flows as smoothly and efficiently as humanly possible. The financial risk of investing in codes is most definitely worth it in the long run. Codes will pay for themselves over and over. You will not regret your decision to invest in barcodes for your business.