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Following the announcement, the experienced attorneys represent patients or their loved ones who believe they have a case against a doctor for a delayed diagnosis. Maryland Injury Guys Baltimore fights for the victim’s rights by investigating thoroughly each case and empowering the client to utilize all the lawful means at their disposal to get optimal compensation for undergoing the incorrect treatment.

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The expansion of the law practice’s services comes in response to figures released by the Institute of Medicine revealing that as much as 17% of undesirable clinical outcomes at US hospitals can be attributed to diagnostic errors. With its no-fee, no-win policy and 24/7 injury helpline, Maryland Injury Guys Baltimore is determined to help anyone who has failed to get adequate care as a result of a delayed or wrong diagnosis, assisting the victim and their family in finding justice.

The lawyers offer consultations and legal assistance to clients whose illness or disease has not been diagnosed early enough to be administered adequate treatment, helping them file lawsuits against the physician or the medical facility that employs the medical professional. When engaged for a medical misdiagnosis case, Maryland Injury Guys Baltimore will collect evidence, including witness statements, as well as medical records and bills, to support a client’s claims.

“Our firm is aggressive with our litigation techniques so every dispute can be settled favorably as fast and as fairly as feasible,” a representative of the firm says.

The cases handled by Maryland Injury Guys Baltimore are most often resolved out of court, but the lawyers have the needed skills and expertise to represent their clients in the courthouse if needed.

Given the complexity of medical malpractice cases and the challenges associated with finding witnesses, for instance, the lawyers advise victims of delayed diagnosis to contact their team as soon as possible in order to achieve the desired outcome.

A satisfied client said: “A delayed diagnosis involves a situation where a patient seeks medical assistance for symptoms that they are experiencing, but the medical condition that is causing those symptoms is not diagnosed within a reasonable amount of time.”

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