Baltimore Cerebral Palsy Medical Malpractice Lawyer For Children, Service Update

The Baltimore, MD Medical Malpractice Lawyers now offer case reviews and no-win, no-fee legal representation to parents of children and teens whose cerebral palsy was caused by medical negligence.

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Maryland Injury Guys, led by patient-safety advocate Aaron M. Blank, Esq., seeks to help parents recover compensation to cover the costs of care and rehabilitation for their children. The team can also set up a trust or draft other legal documents necessary for the child’s future care and well-being.

“Approximately three out of every 1,000 children in the US are born with cerebral palsy,” says a spokesperson. “While some cerebral palsy diagnoses are unavoidable, medical malpractice and birth injuries can cause children to be diagnosed.”

The condition, which can lead to cognitive development issues and physical disabilities, can develop when medical professionals fail to exercise adequate care during childbirth. In such cases, parents or guardians of diagnosed children can file a lawsuit against the responsible party – hospitals, doctors, medical facilities, and others – to recover compensation. These damages can cover the costs of treatments, such as speech and physical therapy, designed to improve the child’s quality of life.

The medical malpractice attorneys at Maryland Injury Guys can determine whether a child’s cerebral palsy was caused by medical negligence and provide guidance on possible legal options. The team will also assess the value of the client’s claim, collect the necessary evidence, and file a medical malpractice claim. Parents can recover compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, cost of medical equipment and home modifications, cost of ongoing care, and other expenses.

With a team of trial attorneys and the financial means to go to court, the law firm prepares each case as if it will go to trial.

About Maryland Injury Guys

With offices across Maryland, the law firm specializes in personal injury, medical malpractice, and workers’ compensation cases. Led by Aaron M. Blank, Esq., the team strives to hold the healthcare system accountable when it fails.

A satisfied client wrote, “From the first free consultation until settlement, everything went smoothly. Aaron was very understanding when I had concerns and guided me through the legal procedures that were most appropriate for the specifics of my medical malpractice case. His entire legal team was very thorough and efficient, and I would recommend their legal services to anyone that needs representation in Baltimore.”

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