Bakersfield Home Solar Battery Storage: Tesla & Enphase Backup Systems Launched

The firm now combines the latest solar panels and battery storage systems with its line of energy efficient air conditioning and gas furnace units. The enhanced solutions are designed to help Bakersfield homeowners achieve complete energy independence.

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Semper Solaris cites ongoing energy price increases, along with the recently announced 30% federal solar tax incentive, as key factors in its latest announcement. The firm points out that its Semper Air line of HVAC systems offers industry-leading energy efficiency, making them ideal for use in conjunction with new solar and battery storage installations.

Consumer advice website EnergySage reports that electricity rates in Bakersfield are 24% higher than the California average, and 66% higher than the national average, placing a significant strain on local households. Considering current government incentives, the firm points out that a typical solar installation could be paid back in approximately 5 years.

While Semper Solaris agrees that solar now represents a sound investment, the firm acknowledges that power production can be limited during peak evening hours, when sunlight is not available. To help offset this concern, the firm’s enhanced solutions include some of the latest battery storage technologies from manufacturers such as Tesla and Enphase.

The company points out that heating and cooling can account for up to 50% of home energy consumption. By adding Semper Air HVAC to a combined solar and battery installation, Semper Solaris states that Bakersfield homes can not only reduce their energy bills, but begin to earn an income from their system.

About Semper Solaris

In addition to solar, battery, and HVAC solutions, Semper Solaris offers modern roofing systems that can be carried out in conjunction with the other works. The company states that their modern roofing installations have similar lifespans to solar panels, allowing for more coordinated maintenance schedules.

One Bakersfield homeowner recently stated: “I chose Semper Solaris for my new solar system because they are veteran owned and operated. My experience with this company was great from beginning to end. They designed a system that met the needs of our household now and for items we might add in the future. I am proud to recommend Semper Solaris to anyone that desires a solar system.”

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