Avantra Defines Role of Hyperautomation in SAP Digital Transformation

The ever-increasing need for accurate and accelerated business processes has brought hyperautomation into the mainstream.

As a leading SAP automation platform, Avantra helps organisations better understand hyperautomation and how it facilitates decision-making.

A more-connected automation strategy, hyperautomation, or SAP digital transformation makes business operations more streamlined, enabling enterprises to drive measurable (and quick) returns.

By leveraging the orchestrated use of several high-end technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, low-code/no-code, robotic process automation, etc., hyperautomation enables the simultaneous automation of multiple business processes across an enterprise.

Essentially, despite the many intricate technologies at its core, hyperautomation boils down to automation at scale.

According to Avnatra, while more SAP-centric businesses look to transition from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA as part of their digital transformation strategy, SAP hyperautomation can be an impactful first step.

Organisations running legacy systems or who have low automation levels, in particular, can get tangible outcomes in their digital process and infrastructure automation by introducing hyperautomation. The result is increased business agility leading to enhanced efficiency of business operations, explains the company.

“By enabling automation in SAP, businesses can release the drag of their legacy SAP systems to power their hyperautomation success. This allows companies to also streamline their IT operations and better manage the complexities of hybrid environments,” explains a spokesperson from Avantra. “This modern progression towards truly intelligent operations is paving the way for companies to evolve faster and create new competitive advantages.”

However, rolling out new automated processes across most, if not all, of an enterprise’s business operations for successful SAP digital transformation is not an easy undertaking, explains Avantra.

The company stresses the role of leveraging a high-end AIOps platform to get the most out of a business’s SAP automation initiatives by successfully putting hyperautomation into action.

For example, with its AI-powered self-healing AIOps platform for SAP systems, Avantra can, in no time, simplify and speed up an SAP-centric enterprise’s hyperautomation journey to scale.

The company claims that by enabling users to develop customised automation to reduce time-/labour-intensive repetitive tasks, its automation engine can bolster business productivity.

In addition, leveraging its state-of-the-art AI capabilities, the platform proactively provides SAP customers with real-time insights into their complex SAP processes. As a result, businesses can adapt to rapidly emerging challenges as early as possible–driving agility, flexibility, and an enhanced user experience.

To quote a client, “The efforts of implementing and operating Avantra were only a small fraction compared to the competing product, so we made an unambiguous decision for Avantra.”

Founded in 2000, Avantra is a class-leading AIOps platform specialising in offering MSPs and SAP enterprises unparalleled insight into their SAP landscape. As a team of experts, the company aims to help minimise the cost to serve, reduce the need for time-intensive and repetitive SAP operations, and turn businesses into self-healing enterprises.

More information about hyperautomation and its role in driving SAP digital transformation is at https://www.avantra.com/.

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