Avalanches news algorithm takes the way we consume information to the next level

Elon Musk once asked: “It is hard to find good sources of relatively objective news these days. Any suggestions?”  – Not much, honestly speaking. The world has become so over and overflooded with media noise that it’s nearly impossible to find quality information from a trusted source.

But you know what, in this world, nothing is impossible as long as there are some people left who are striving to create that kind of “good news source” Elon talked about. We will be talking about one of them here, by the way.

Avalanches is a rapidly evolving news network that enables its users to speak up about the events taking place in their local districts. It is a new and novel way to discover and engage with what’s going on in your area. Avalanches puts you in the heart of occurring events – get news straight from eyewitnesses, contribute to the discussion and share your experience.

Simply put, the platform represents a compilation of news reported locally by the residents themselves.

The four streams on the platform’s home page are designed to deliver the most joy to the true news enthusiast. The page is essentially a world news feed composed of news from various city and country streams throughout the world. Publications that get appreciated in the City feeds are promoted to the Country feed. The most intriguing news from all countries is then displayed in the World feed – that’s what makes the platform exceptional.

That being said, what really differentiates the platform from other news resources is its one of a kind news algorithm.

The influence the users have on publications varies and depends on their registration/confirmation status as well as on their location. Users from the city of publishing have the most power in elevating news to the country’s and, ultimately, the world’s streams. Why so? – Our ideology is driven by the fact that nobody can check the trustworthiness of news published better than the local residents. They primarily serve as validators of news,  therefore, building a clear and understandable informational space with credible sources only. News filtering policy is solely based on the user’s interactions with them.

Once published, the post appears in the city’s regional feed. Other city users’ reaction influences the promotion of this news in the country’s stream. If the publication receives positive feedback from the city’s readers, it moves on to the national level – country feed; if users do not appreciate it and react negatively, the news gets withdrawn and the user may be blocked. The mechanism of the publication’s promotion to the world feeds mirrors the one explained above.

If you are still wondering what opportunities Avalanches holds for you, let’s gather up the most significant ones:

  • Free access to all of your favorite media and news from across the world – it is up to you to choose only the most relevant and fascinating sources of information. Look for and subscribe to official media channels and receive only credible news from trustworthy original sources.
  • Share articles and your thoughts easily. Thanks to our simple and intuitive text editorial tool you can reach your audience and talk about issues that really matter openly.
  • Prevent fake news from spreading – check out your local publishings and validate its credibility in an interactive way.
  • Enjoy the weather forecast feature – keep up to date on the current weather conditions in your city or elsewhere in the globe.
  • Test your writing and reach a target audience in the existent community or even start your own one. Share data and discuss what is important to you with a group of like-minded people.
  • Create your fully personalized feed – World Press – by subscribing to the news providers you are interested in.

Avalanches is a delight for both aspiring writers and readers. In this platform, you can feel that you have the power to influence the state of media and support local journalism in a way that you could never imagine.

Time is too valuable to spend it reading media junk. Join the team of news enthusiasts and spend time reading things that matter on Avalanches!