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Automation Consultants Settles the Debate Between Jira Align and Azure Boards

Including top-notch functionalities, both Jira Align and Azure Boards help companies successfully drive value and transform at scale. However, due to differences in the business specifications they fit in, it becomes challenging for enterprises to pick the best one that can better address their use cases.

As an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner, Automation Consultants ‘settles the score,’ dispelling some of these uncertainties.

Jira Align, a product within the Atlassian software ecosystem, is a purpose-built enterprise-grade platform that helps large-scale businesses accelerate agility with better-connected teams.

Its promise to line up common business objectives, navigate the intricacy of large-scale technology enterprises, and support the scaling of Agile Frameworks, is appealing to many companies.

Merging work with program, product, and portfolio management at scale, it blurs the lines between business strategy and technical execution.

Jira Align creates visibility and fully informed reporting across an enterprise by bringing all data into a single glass pane.

Furthermore, by enabling cross-functional coordination, it aims to remove silos.

Offering five levels of Hierarchy with multiple diagrams, intuitive dashboards, and high-end functionalities, Jira Align helps enterprises track risks, scopes, roadmaps, and project delivery across an organisation.

In addition, Jira Align helps software companies transform the way they strategise, deliver, and measure their efforts throughout their application development lifecycles.

By leveraging its built-in functionality for financial management, such as budget tracking, evaluation and forecasting, businesses can drive results faster, thus achieving measurable (and quick) ROI.

On the other side, bundled with Azure DevOps, Azure Boards helps organisations plan, track, and discuss work across their teams for agile work management.

Delivering software companies interactive and customisable tools, Azure Board facilitates end-to-end application development and its implementation. Teams can leverage its predefined, scalable work item tracking functionality with comprehensive traceability to grow with ease.

Moreover, by offering room to track all business ideas across the development lifecycle, Azure Board keeps all team members on par with all code modifications connected directly to work items.

With its high-end productivity tools, such as Kanban boards, backlogs, and team dashboards, teams can start off with their projects immediately and scale up effortlessly.

Leveraging the built-in scrum boards and planning solutions, they can efficiently run sprints, stand-ups, or planning meetings.

Built for insights, Azure Boards dashboards widgets and robust analytics tools help enterprises get in-depth insights into the health and status of their projects.

Plus, businesses can transport business-critical data into calendars, filter individual users, and query for essential work items.

Azure Boards includes sprint burndown diagrams, roadmaps, and configurable dashboards, identical to the reporting functionality with Jira. However, it lacks the reporting functionalities on large-scale metrics available in Jira Align.

According to Automation Consultants, as a service tied with Jira, Jira Align takes it to the next level to deliver much more abstracted out-of-the-box reporting features.

Furthermore, managing financial projects within Azure Boards may seem challenging to achieve efficiently compared to Jira Align.

Automations underscores the role of Azure Boards in supporting Agile and Agile at Scale implementation.

But while considering the depth and high-end capabilities essential to meet the requirements of large-scale enterprises, Azure Boards lags behind Jira Align.

With many companies adopting Jira and Atlassian tools today, Automation marks Jira Align as the best choice for enterprises that expect to expand.

Automation Consultants claims that as a company built-on expertise across the whole software lifecycle, it can ensure the smooth rollout of a client’s Atlassian system. Offering a wide spectrum of services, such as software implementation, support, maintenance, and bespoke training programs, the company helps improve business performance while keeping revenue rolling in.

To quote a client, “Automation Consultants provide us with an extra “confidence layer” when we’re performing major work or tasks that are not carried out routinely. We’re able to tap into their expertise and experience with various software solutions and ways of working that we may not have considered.”

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