Automation Consultants Now Offers Atlassian Cloud Migration Services

As part of Atlassian’s effort to evolve as a truly cloud-first company, customers are urged to migrate their Jira and Confluence applications to Atlassian’s Cloud.

However, assimilating systems to a cloud environment may seem overwhelming and Automation Consultants, an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner, has affordable cloud migration services to make the process seamless.

According to Automation Consultants, for any business looking to improve the security and reliability of their Atlassian systems, migrating out of the Server and to the Atlassian Cloud is a no-brainer.

On top of this, due to Atlassian declaring the phase out of its mainstream support services for Server by 2024, moving to the Cloud is the most viable option.

As fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, Atlassian systems in the cloud environment can scale with the user requirements while accelerating innovation–at a fraction of the cost of Server or on-prem deployment.

Furthermore, by enabling task automation and seamless integration with third-party services, the Atlassian Cloud platform helps enterprises drive business agility and resolve any issue faster.

In addition to built-in security control features like SAML SSO and SCIM user lifecycle management, Atlassian Cloud ensures class-leading protection with audit logs, IP allowlisting, encryption in transit and at rest, and multi-factor authentication.

While it’s easier to comply with even the most stringent data privacy standards with Atlassian Cloud, the use of elastic scale and multi-level redundancy ensures enterprises hardly face downtimes, explains Automation Consultants.

But to ensure effective data and Atlassian system migration while ensuring the user base of an enterprise is fully enabled for the change, companies should leverage a high-end cloud migration service, according to Automation consultants.

For example, leveraging its years of experience in conducting complex Atlassian migrations and mergers, Automation Consultants enables Atlassian customers to transition from self-managed Server platform to the Atlassian Cloud–rapidly and efficiently.

As part of its managed consultancy service, the company has BeeCloud, AC’s optimised framework for a more streamlined Atlassian cloud migration process. Through BeeCloud, the company ensures secure and complete migration of Jira and Confluence to the Cloud, leaving out next to no data, configurations, or add-ons (for instance, marketplace apps), the company claims.

By working as a virtual extension of an IT team of a company, the experts at Automation Consultants ensure the hands-on involvement of all stakeholders in essential decision-making throughout the process–from start to finish. As a result, enterprises can efficiently break through the dreaded data silos and ensure minimal business disruption that leads to measurable (and quick) returns.

“One area AC specialises in is the migration and merging of third-party app data, which often needs custom scripts to ensure it is migrated safely to Cloud from Server. AC has existing solutions to migrate your app data that help you reduce your migration timeline,” explains a spokesperson from Automation Consultants. “As part of AC’s offering, we will also identify any apps that are not available on Cloud and assist in finding an alternative method to mitigate loss in functionality.”

Founded in the early 2000s, Automation Consultants is a world-leading Agile and DevOps consultancy service that helps enterprises drive business value by automating the application life cycle.

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