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Crystal Technologies embarks on Inter-chain DeFi quest

Tallinn, Estonia, 2 August 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Crystal Technologies has recently released an updated version for their key product, namely the Crystal Wallet. It is a multi-chain wallet that supports various prominent blockchains, and enables its users to manage more than 100 thousands crypto assets at ease. The list of supported blockchains and token standards grows over time. This release once again reaffirms the startup’s commitment on their Inter-chain DeFi quest. 

Besides the multi-chain wallet, the project revealed in its roadmap an interesting DeFi product lineup for their Crystal Ecosystem. They plan to launch a set of Decentralised Exchanges on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Tron and Solana within the next 9 months, and eventually connect them all into a single inter-chain decentralised liquidity hub. The team stated that via this product lineup, they aimed to bolster the interconnectivity among the various blockchain platforms, as well as DApps and liquidity protocols inhabiting those blockchains.

Crystal Technologies is raising funds via the offering of their CrystalToken (CRT) to materialise their roadmap. CRT serves as the main utility token in Crystal Wallet and other DeFi products in the Crystal Ecosystem. Besides, CRT also gives its holders governance authority on the development of Crystal Products. 

The token offering is scheduled to start on August 6th. According to the token distribution plan, 45% of the total supply is offered to the public via their token sale, while another 15% is reserved for airdrop and bounty campaigns. Their token sale has been mentioned in various popular IEO review sites such as ICOHolder, Coincodex or ICOHotLink

The project is boosting its presence on social media platforms via a series of bounties on Twitter. Each participant is entitled to receive 200 CRT upon completing a few simple steps such as downloading and giving a review for the Crystal Wallet application on Google Play or Apple App Store. Besides, they are also actively promoting their Ambassador Program whose primary purpose is to enlist notable Crypto Youtubers to join forces with them in their marketing frontier. The team reported that more than 3,000 participants have whitelisted for their upcoming token sales in the last 3 days, and through a multi-faceted social marketing campaign, they are targeting 20,000 by the start of their token sale. 

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Blockchain Based Fantasy Gaming Platform Crypto Daddy Set To Launch Its IEO Token on Exchanges

London, UK, 2 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Crypto Daddy has also announced that their IEO will be launched on 4th August 2021 on the Azbit and RedRate exchanges. The IEO will help raise capital that will be used for platform development, business expansion, day-to-day operations, legal counsel, and reserves.

It has long been thought that blockchain and gaming would be a perfect combination. Ultimately, Blockchain solves many of these industries’ legacy problems. With non-fungible tokens, users can own their in-game assets, make utility transactions, and prevent account theft. Even more value can be captured for the sector if they can port them across different games. It could enable smaller developers to gain control from the handful of big gaming studios that dominate the market.

On paper, it sounds very compelling. With the launch of CRYTPO DADDY, a blockchain-based Fantasy Gaming Solution Company, things are beginning to take shape. Currently running on BEP-20. However, they will soon be able to build a full proof blockchain of their own where developers will be able to take advantage of such solutions.

About Crypto Daddy

Featuring smart contracts and state-of-the-art gameplay, Crypto Daddy is an evolution in Web 3.0 blockchain gaming. We are committed to transforming the blockchain gaming industry into a modern industry. By offering eSports tournaments and rewards such as cash and cryptocurrency, our multiplayer competitive platform boosts your game’s success.

Mr. Alex Tok, CEO of Crypto Daddy, said, “With the launch of CRYTPO DADDY IEO, now is the most advantageous time for crypto and blockchain game enthusiasts to join us in the future of blockchain gaming.” A platform like Crypto Daddy illustrates how blockchain ecosystems should work — rewarding users for their behaviour with Crypto Daddy Tokens, and encouraging them to spend the Tokens on the platform as a self-sustaining circulation that increases transactions and value as the platform grows.”


The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocol runs in parallel with Binance Chain and allows developers to create smart contracts on BEP 20 Binance Smart Chain was launched in September 2020 and fosters the development of high-performance decentralized applications (dapps). In addition, it is built to be cross-chain compatible with Binance Chain to ensure smooth operations for the community. 


There is a lot of potential in the global gaming market, which is expected to reach $295 billion by 2026. As Crypto Daddy continues to evolve, the company is expected to see consistent technological improvements.

The company is successfully running some Games: Fantasy Sports, Online board games – Ludo & Chess games, etc. These games will use the Crypto Daddy tokens for In-App Purchase, Rewards, Gifts & Bonuses.


By attracting more investors and traders to the platform, Crypto Daddy will increase the credibility of its tokens in the global market. Additionally, with the increase in value of tokens, our global client base will have a better chance at success.


Crypto Daddy has a dedicated team to research, envisage, develop, and operate diverse utility solutions, including numerous games and BEP-20 based tokens to be used simultaneously across multiple utility platforms. It will extend to help humankind get advanced virtual economy and tokens powered by Blockchain and decades of experience across the utility industry.

Crypto Daddy – Don’t miss your chance!

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Smart Doge – A Token Smarter Than You, Is Here

London, UK, 2 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that are protected by cryptography, making them difficult to counterfeit or double-spend. The blockchain is a distributed ledger that is enforced by a disparate system of computers. Decentralized networks-such as cryptocurrencies-are based on this technology. As cryptocurrencies are generally not issued by authorities, they should be immune to government manipulation or interference.

What is DeFi ?

Blockchains and Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, have helped the blockchain industry and the world at large. Because cryptocurrency is a decentralized store of value and highly secure, DeFi leverages decentralization to create a decentralized financial instrument available to anyone without tying them to traditional financial institutions. In 2021, the DeFi industry experienced rapid growth. The industry generated $275M in revenue in 2019. By February 2020, its value had risen significantly, reaching $2.5B in early July 2020 and $60B by July 2021. The growth rate indicates that DeFi is gaining popularity among the masses. 

What is Smart Doge?

Built on Binance Smart Chain, Smart Doge is a community-driven DeFi project. Soon, early investors will be able to buy the first token $SDOGE. $SDOGE has a limited supply of 1 billion tokens. $SDOGE token holders receive BNB rewards based on their holdings, making it an excellent source of passive income. To combat day traders, whales, and bots, Smart Doge has been engineered with a revolutionary tokenomics process that rewards holders, penalizes short-sellers, and improves price stability and market volatility.

What is Binance Smart Chain (BSC)? 

The BSC chain is a high-performance network with lower transaction fees than other leading chains. Through the cross-chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) system, projects can easily bridge Ethereum to other chains. The DeFi network consists of individual blockchains that offer users unique features and projects to explore. 

Since its launch in late 2020, the BSC blockchain has seen rapid growth. The trading volume of Binance’s Smart Chains reached an all-time high of 11.8, six times greater than Ethereum’s level in as little as one year in April 2021.

Binance offers a rich and growing ecosystem for blockchain projects to thrive, as it is the largest blockchain service in the world. For projects on the chain believing that the blockchain will be their next big thing, there are opportunities available.

 10% burn-through on all trades

 There is a 10% devour charge on all buy, sell, and move trades, which is probably a deflationary measure. This will continue to fabricate the lack of $SDOGE tokens and expand their value.

Smart Doge – Don’t miss your chance! 

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Smart Doge Website –

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What is Play-To-Earn? Monster City – NFT Gaming is Opening Up New Monetization Opportunities

Dhaka ,Bangladesh, 2 Aug 2021, ZEX PR WIRE,

What is Play-To-Earn?

Play-To-Earn is a form that helps players receive a certain benefit or reward when they participate in the game. NFT Gaming has become an explosive trend with the “Play to earn” model. The rapid growth of NFT game projects during this time is considered as the peak of NFT for the Game sector. Participants in the field of cryptocurrency are definitely familiar with the term NFT -the most unique and irreplaceable token which is built with the technology that encodes the smart contracts of the blockchain.

Trade with true NFT ownership

NFT games differ from traditional games in that the player has ownership rights to the assets in the game. Previously, the purchase of in-game items did not allow direct ownership to the player because the game company had the right to ban accounts, resulting in the loss of in-game items. NFT offers the opportunity to convert these items into tradable assets at any time and in perpetuity over time.

About Monster City

Similar to Axie infinity, MyDefiPet… To join Monster City, the players need to own $MON token. The player’s task is to take care of all the monsters in the city, nurture and train them with powerful fighting skills. The players can grow harvest food to help upgrade the monsters.

In Monster City, the monsters are divided into many attributes, the players can breed and cross-breed monsters to get extremely rare special mutations, which they can sell, or use for reward arena purposes.

Once the players have created a large enough army of monsters, send them out to participate in online arenas, battle against other opponents’ monsters around the world.

Infrastructure for gaming

Most of the NFT games on the market cost a lot of money from $500-$700 to be able to own pets and start making money, but with Monster City, the players only need about $50 to start building their own land. Besides, when getting started, the players will also get free items like eggs, lands as well as basic items. Monster City uses Blockchain technology developed by Binance Smart Chain and this technology has outstanding advantages over competitors such as Axie infinity that can handle a large number of transactions, and provide a smooth game experience at a low cost. Moreover, the developers also built Tapp Wallet and committed that all transactions through the application are free, which will be a huge advantage to help Monster City popularize to users.

Applications of $MON and Tapp Wallet

$MON is a token created and operated on the BSC blockchain. Going forward, $MON will also develop infrastructure on top of Ethereum 2.0 when Ethereum’s EIP-1559 update is implemented in August. It will address transaction volume and gas fee issues.

$MON will be applied in the following cases:

In-game purchases: Users will be able to purchase rare in-game assets to customize their lands, upgrade monsters, and other functions.

Battles: Arena tournaments can bet $MON and if win, the player can have a lot of $MON.

Market: Rare monsters, eggs, items that the players can sell and earn a lot of $MON.

More features will be updated and announced later.

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vEmpire to Launch DDAO NFT and Token this Month, August 2021

Surrey , United Kingdom, 2 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, vEmpire Democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DDAO) recently announced the reveal of their NFT and VEMP tokens. The vEmpire NFT sales took place at the start of August while that of the native token VEMP will come at the end. Users can participate in the Public Sale of vEmpire’s Gamer Token VEMP on Unicrypt’s ILO  scheduled on 31st August at 2000H BST.

vEmpire plans to revamp fairness and decentralization back to DAOs.

The VEMP Token: Fueling the Conquest of Decentraland

The VEMP token is the native token of the Empire. It is also a currency for trading NFT card battle winners, stakers, liquidity providers and the DDAO at large. Since vEmpire targets the heads of decentraland, VEMP is a perfect way to lead MANA token holders back to decentralization.

The Empire plans to integrate VEMP and MANA into the ecosystem. It also aims to buy the virtual assets from Decentraland, including Estates and Land, and monetize as well as customize them in the likes of the Empire. 

This initiative will help decentralized communities get back control. All proceeds collected after the sales of properties will be distributed back to the DDAO. Learn more about the Fight against Decentraland here.

vEmpire: Amplifying the Voices of the Unheard

vEmpire plans to birth a Metaverse of its own where token holders who stake their tokens, just like MANA, will earn massive profits while upholding true decentralization.

Users can also earn profits by participating in games using the Empire’s gaming token VEMP or by solving the project’s NFT puzzle, besides staking and selling the assets.

vEmpire would like to remind stakeholders in DAOs that everyone should have a say. Token holders are just as important as they stand, and without them, an organization is meaningless. Its first target is the Metaverse Decentraland group, where big players slowly get away with reaping profits from centralized practices.

Join the vEmpire NFT Craze Now! 

For those die-hard puzzle game lovers, each of the 99 NFTs(Cataphracts) on the Presale has distinct letters and numbers that lead players to influencers on social media. These influencers carry with them clues that show users a pathway to another clue. 

The cycle continues until one captures all the clues, and the winner gets 1% of VEMP’s total supply. If VEMP’s total supply nears even half that of MANA, you are looking at a prize of $5M.That sounds interesting, right? CEO Dominic Ryder(Romulus) assures you it may very well take years to solve.


vEmpire(The Founding Soldiers) DDAO LTD is a UK-based entity that focuses on the true decentralization of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. The startup aims to wage war on DAOs that have decided to fixate centralization back into decentralized communities. Please read the story behind vEmpire on its whitepaper here. You can also get the latest updates from various vEmpire social handles such as;

Twitter @

Instagram @

Telegram @

Medium @

Website @

Media Contact –
vEmpire DDAO Ltd
Dominic Ryder

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How To Start A Successful Moving Business

New York, NY, 2 Aug 2021, ZEX PR WIRE, Starting a new business can be challenging, but it also offers you the chance to begin in the best way possible. All you need is research before jumping into anything and plan accordingly because, with proper organization, everything becomes easier. For instance, each year, there are 31 million people who move to America, resulting in an $86 billion revenue for companies that provide moving services. 

The reasons behind these moves vary widely from job changes to family dynamics. Roadway Moving Company is one of the top moving companies in NYC with a good track record of success. Read on to learn practical tips to start a successful moving business from one of the best NYC movers!

Draft A Business Plan

Your business plan is one of the most important documents that will help you to ensure your financial success. The better it looks and more thoroughly researched it is, the easier time you’ll have to get investors on board when starting a small moving company.

You can’t start without a sound strategy in place, so get tips on creating a detailed plan that will help you answer questions like, “How do I grow my moving company? What are some key points or opportunities in this market space? And what should I be prepared for if things go wrong?” These are some of the important questions your business plan seeks to answer.

Get Moving And Transportation Permits

There are many permits you need to start a moving company. In addition, depending on the type of business, there will be different requirements for what licenses and registrations are required to operate legally within any state’s borders. To find out more about your specific area or if all this paperwork is worth it at all, contact your local regulatory authority.

Moving And Transportation Insurance

When starting a moving company, you need to have liability and cargo insurance. Contact your insurance agency for reasonable coverage on damages and liabilities as well as vehicle and cargo policies. Some states may require specific amounts of each type of policy found with the state authority or an agent at your local office.

Consider The Cost Implication

To start a business, one must be willing to invest in it. There are many costs associated with starting a moving company that impacts the long-term success of your endeavor. Therefore, you should evaluate them carefully before making any final decisions. 

For example, there is insurance for both vehicles and employees and licenses from state or local authorities, so make sure you take these into account when creating budgets because they’ll add up fairly quickly if not done correctly!

Purchase Moving Equipment

When starting a new moving company, it’s essential to begin small to save money. This includes buying or renting vans and smaller trucks to transport items within your local area as you build up your client base. 

For those who are just getting started with the basics of running their own business, they should have some basic things on hand. Of course, therefore, including ropes, furniture belts (also called “moving blankets”), packing materials such as tape wraps and bubble wrap sheets – not forgetting about an inventory of boxes!

What Should I Expect As A Prospective Moving Business Owner

A prospective moving business owner should expect a lot of hard work and long hours. The competition is tough, but the rewards are worth it for those who find themselves in this line of work.

How Did Roadway Moving Company Start?

Starting a successful moving business can be challenging. But the first step is to understand what you’re in for before diving headfirst into it. For instance, one of the most important aspects of running a moving company is understanding how much time and money will go into each move. 

It may sound simple enough, but this knowledge does help with planning your budget and staffing needs more effectively, not just on paper but also as an ongoing reality where you need to maintain cash flow through good times and bad. 

Roadway always offers full-service moves at competitive rates without sacrificing quality or service so that our customers always feel like they got their money’s worth when working with us.


It’s never too late to start a successful moving business. If you have the right tools, resources, and know-how, it can be one of the most lucrative small businesses for entrepreneurs looking for success in this competitive economy. Roadway is your go-to company when you need assistance. Contact them today at so they can help get your new enterprise off on the right foot!

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New York, NY 10022

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Princeton, NJ, 2 Aug 2021, ZEX PR WIRE, In the Hudco Land Scam Series, by Alborz Azar, reveals the widespread deceit practiced corruption behind the precious Andrews Ganj land in the heart of New Delhi. The victim behind the scam in this situation was MS Shoes; founder Pavan Sachdeva. A man whose innocence remained unknown; his struggles with the unfounded accusations caused public opinion to falter. Behind the lies and deception, a brilliant entrepreneur took the fall for the underhanded dealings of the Hudco Land Scam.

  • Publisher‏: ‎ Writer’s Publishing House (July 20, 2021)
  • Language‏: ‎ English
  • Paperback‏: ‎ 258 pages
  • ISBN-13‏: ‎ 978-1648733055

According to The Economic Times, “The Supreme Court directed the Centre to specify the action it was taking on the recommendations of Central Vigilance Commission against the persons allegedly involved in Rs 14,500 crore HUDCO loan scam.” In USD, this is 2730 million. Read more

  • Publisher‏: ‎ Writer’s Publishing House (July 23, 2021)
  • Language‏: ‎ English
  • Paperback‏: ‎ 357 pages
  • ISBN-13‏: ‎ 978-1648731617

 In the Government HUDCO Andrews Ganj Scam the heterogeneous magnitude of the scandals has always raised questions about the plausible, transparent, and responsive Indian Government policies in different eras. Consequently, many of these scams have ripped off the entire economy of India over the years. Read mor

The same man accused of nonpayment to HUDCO’s underhanded dealings fulfilled his debts, but due to these deceptive lies, he has received no compensation for the legally awarded settlement. Alborz proves how Pavan’s commitment not only caused financial stress on his family, but also mental anxiety dealing with this issue for over two decades. Yet, rulings go unanswered. HUDCO ignores legal court findings to repay the ill-gotten monies from MS Shoes. The only response is more excuses because of unmet court decisions by Hudco.

  • Publisher‏: ‎ Writers Publishing House (July 25, 2021)
  • Publication date‏: ‎ July 25, 2021
  • ASIN‏: ‎ B09B8XD5XM
  • Language‏: ‎ English

In the HUDCO Place Andrews Ganj Land Scam book, Alborz covers the many fly-by-night fraud operators concealing various facts regarding the title and unauthorized buildings constructed in the garb of the Government umbrella without proper land use. The boom in the hotel industry and the appreciation for land in India brought these fraudsters to light. HUDCO, a President of an India-owned company, more particularly in the National Capital Territory of Delhi; where every property dealer became a builder. Read more 

  • Publisher‏: ‎ Writer’s Publishing House (July 23, 2021)
  • Language‏: ‎ English
  • Paperback‏: ‎ 527 pages
  • ISBN-13‏: ‎ 978-1648731655

HUDCO defrauded MS Shoes of Rs. 68.68 Crores (US Dollar 21.89 million) by concealing the material facts; no legal title until July 1997. The car park basement, as well as the guesthouses, restaurants, shops, remained illegal, unauthorized, without statutory approvals of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Delhi Urban Art Commission, and Fire Department. Read more

As the culprits hide in the shadows, Pavan struggles through court case after court case, proving his innocence and wrongdoings by HUDCO. Official Court Rulings were useless in front of powerful HUDCO and Government by frivolously challenging, even when the Supreme Court dismissed their case. 

  • Publisher‏: ‎ Writer’s Publishing House (July 30, 2021)
  • Language‏: ‎ English
  • Paperback‏: ‎ 589 pages
  • ISBN-13‏: ‎ 978-1648733093

In the next edition of the HUDCO Land Scam Series, HUDCO scammed Leela Hotels but refunded the entire amount with contractual compounded interest. The parallel scene! Dramatic personae: Government of India: Indian Economy: Land appreciations: HUDCO growth with MS Shoes money: Most Precious Andrews Ganj Land in the heart of Delhi: Leela Hotels: Ansals. Read more

The Supreme Court for several years could not direct time-bound refund amounts received fraudulently by HUDCO from MS Shoes. HUDCO defrauded MS Shoes in receiving the extensive amounts of Rs.68.68 Crores in 1994-1995, by not disclosing material facts of title, illegal building, and land use, etc. HUDCO continued to earn interest @18% compounded quarterly on this amount for the last 25 years, while simultaneously enjoying possession of the appreciation on the properties. Alborz brings light to the HUDCO Land Scam in his series to reveal the truth that has deprived innocent victims of due justice for decades.

Published by: Writers Publishing House ( in association with


Media Contact: 

About Alborz Azar 

Alborz Azar is an English novelist who imagines himself as a character in his books. His novels focus on delivering the message of love to the readers. His heroines are optimists, and the stories are resolved in a manner that leaves the reader with a feeling of hope and happy expectation. But his favorite topic rests on exposing scams by the media; this first series exposes major scams by the Indian Government and Hudco. Alborz feels strongly about his quest about exposing the scams.

As a truth-teller, Alborz has a goal of being in Guinness World Records by completing 100 books during the second half of his life, like Barbara Cartland, Harold Robbins. His first five novels ‘The RAHA Series’ have been published translated into 24 languages, while he completes more books in this series, ‘Will Love Perish the Pandemic Seperaation In COVID-19’, ‘After 28th September 2020’.   

Most of Alborz’s romance novels and contemporary women’s fiction, businesses law scam series were completed during COVID-19, the 40-day lockdown. He is definite that these books and forthcoming scam series would premier as a TV series, or movies whether in Bollywood, Hollywood, or other Countries as these books are being distributed worldwide.

The passion Alborz finds for writing was inspired by his Eshgham; the lovely girl Pantea later named Raha. WHO DID IIT was the first of his novels published as part of the RAHA Series. In 2020, Lizzy McNett, his literary agent, and owner of Writers Publishing House, advised him to write a series of interconnected stories, which became known as The Raha Series.

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Binamon’s Z1 planet: joining blockchain technology with ecology awareness

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, 2 Aug 2021, ZEX PR WIRE, Few weeks before launching their new Play to Earn game, Binamon’s metaverse has joined blockchain and games with the awareness of taking care of the planet.

Through their new planet Z1, millions of players will enjoy a play to earn game to mint Z1 mineral.

By minting the mineral players will help to restore the planet’s ecological balance, this is initially arid and barren. As they mint Z1 mineral the planet will restore to finally become a green valley.

This has been very welcomed by crypto community, planet Z1 has gather over a million dollar in less than 24hs.

From Binamon’s community they share:

“We love blockchain technology, decentralized finances and videogames; but we also love to make people aware about taking care of the environment and recycling”.

Through this gaming way, millions of people will be able to get involved in a decentralized world, increasing their social and working possibilities; as well as earn money via the play to earn video game and become aware of the earth.


Official Telegram:

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CatBread | Retro Arcade Games With Minting NFTs And Improved Tokenomics

Alabama, USA/ 31 July, 2021 / The first Retro Arcade Game platform mixed with NFT was released a few days back by the name CATMAN. Launched under the ambit of CatBread, it represents an ecosystem that features a deflationary token system. CatBread offers benefits to the players, collectors, artists, indie game developers, and token holders. CatBread has proven tokenomics, a fair launch, and a safe contract, making it a secure platform to engage with.

CatBread Retro Arcade

The retro game arcade operational here imitates the classic games that users play in the real world. The users who want to play the game, need to buy tickets at $0.25 per piece. The tickets power up the arcade machines, and every player has an exclusive record.

CatBread’s arcade platform is built to reward the top 3 ranking players with NFTs exclusively connected to every game on the platform. The scoreboards reset every Sunday so that every player gets an opportunity to win. The King Loaf scoreboard does not change, and it has the top 10 high scorers of all time listed for public view.

A new arcade game will be released every two weeks, thus keeping the users entertained and excited for some new games regularly.

Improvised Tokenomics For Better Returns

The tokenomics created on the platform works in conjunction with the arcade and the NFT marketplace. As a result, users, that includes holders, artists, games, and collectors, will get better earning and investment opportunities. There is a 10% tax on the CatBread token that is split equally into two parts. One part adds to the liquidity, and the other is transferred to all the wallets holding the CatBread token.

The total token supply is one quadrillion, out of which 10% is separated for marketing and development while 30% undergoes the initial burn. 50% of the token supply makes up the liquidity, and 10% is used as a pre-sale to raise liquidity.

Plans for the Future

CatBread has a steady plan in place for a brighter and more lucrative future. Their NFT platform will get major updates consisting of a marketplace, NFT social media platform, and a customer NFT viewer. Along with this, there will be community events and artist onboarding for a more diversified NFT development connected to the arcade games.

About CatBread

CatBread is the first arcade-oriented platform tokenized to help users generate rewards and earn passive income. The best players will receive NFTs as rewards minted from the game characters and items. As the deflationary mechanism comes into play, the users can also earn by holding the tokens in the wallet.

Media Contact

Andrew Wilson

Email –

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iWebb Inc To Acquire Tingo Mobile Plc.

BANGKOK, THAILAND 31 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, iWebb Inc, OTC Markets QB, IWBB, announced it will acquire Tingo Mobile Plc. from Tingo International Holdings, Inc, in a deal valuing the Tingo Mobile Plc at $3.7 Billion USD

Transaction was negotiated for IWEB by their Business Development Partners Global Fintech Trading Limited

Tingo International Holdings, Inc., is the parent company of Tingo Mobile, PLC, a Nigerian limited company. Tingo is a device and a service technology company focused on creating digitally inclusive ecosystems in the AgriTech and FinTech sectors in Africa.

TINGO has posted total revenue figure of $616 million dollars in 2020 and an

EBITDA of $220 million dollars (figures based on NGN/USD exchange rate of 360), IWEB is confident that these figures will be exceeded going forwards with expansion and natural upwards progression of the TINGO business

IWEB have agreed to pay $4.00 per share with an issuance of 928 million new shares valuing TINGO at $3.7 Billion USD

Tingo is Nigeria’s leading technology and Device as a Service platform aimed at accelerating digital commerce, especially in Agri-Tech & Fin-Tech verticals in Nigeria. Tingo helps farmers acquire mobile phones through a unique mobile phone leasing scheme, connecting them to mobile and data networks through its virtual mobile network and connecting farmers to markets, services, and resources via Nwassa, its digital AgriTech marketplace platform. Beginning in April 2021, Tingo also launched a beta version of Tingo Pay – a B2C FinTech app aimed at providing financial services including mobile wallets, payment processing and access to specialist lenders and insurers to users inside and outside of the agriculture value chain.

Tingo have over 9 million subscribers and has supplied almost 30 million mobile devices since 2014. 

About Tingo see

Tingo has four core business drivers:

Mobile Phone Leasing: Tingo has distributed almost 30 million mobile handsets since 2014 and will continue to replace the devices of its installed customer base every three years.

Mobile Voice and Data Service: Through a Mobile Virtual Network, Tingo provides its customers with voice and data services.

Nwassa Platform: Tingo’s proprietary AgriTech platform, Nwassa, supports

Nigeria’s agricultural value chain with market access.

Tingo processes 500k daily transactions with a value of over $8 million, which provides its installed customer base with access to agricultural markets for their crop. Farmers and cooperatives are also supported with packaging, warehousing, and cargo logistics

Tingo provides its customers with digital wallet services, which enable them to send and receive domestic payments, monitor cash flow in real time and securely hold money.

Tingo provides access to other third-party services such as utility bill payment, virtual airtime top-up, insurance services, and alternative lending solutions.

  • Tingo Pay: Since the launch of Nwassa platform Tingo has been a dominant player in the B2B FinTech vertical. Tingo has entered the B2C FinTech vertical to extend our B2B play to mass market use cases beyond agriculture.

Market Opportunity 

Africa is the second-largest continent by land mass and population. The continent is also the youngest by far, with a median age of 18 years for its 1.3 billion people. Tingo believes the building blocks for growth in Africa’s agriculture industry are in place and that Tingo is well positioned in this space to participate in the upside.

Compelling fundamentals

Strong demographic potential: Sub-Saharan Africa’s population is growing at 2.7% a year, which is more than twice as fast as South Asia (1.2%) and Latin America (0.9%). That means Africa is adding the population of France (or Thailand) every two years. At the current growth rate, the continent’s population will double by 2050. The median age across the continent is 18 years, thirteen years younger than the median age in South America the next youngest continent according to the World Bank. Africa’s youthfulness represents a significant opportunity for material growth in demand for agricultural commodities. This younger generation is also being born into a “networked” world and is more comfortable using technology to achieve their goals.

Improving business conditions: Africa’s governments are paying more attention to improving business conditions for entrepreneurs and small businesses on the continent. Sub-Saharan Africa’s World Bank Doing Business rank has improved by c.20 points from 45 in 2004 to 65 in 2020. Tingo believe this trend will continue and encourage establishment of more new ventures across all economic sectors including the agriculture industry.

Investor appetite remains robust: Africa attracted $407 billion of Foreign Direct Investments between 2014 and 2018 (c.$80 billion per annum on average). Investments are increasingly focused on services and industrial sectors. Only 20% of investments are in extractive industries – a clear reversal from as recently as 2008 when 55% of FDI was aimed at resource extraction, Tingo believes FDI into Africa will help resolve significant infrastructure constraints and position the Agric value chain for value creation.

Nigeria is the largest economy and the most populous country in Africa and is therefore central to the continent’s growth story.

Agriculture is central to African lives and livelihoods. 60% of sub-Saharan Africans are small holder farmers and Agriculture accounts for 23% of the region’s GDP. In Nigeria, Agriculture employs 66% of the workforce and represents 26% of GDP.

Nigeria’s suboptimal agriculture productivity is driven by several factors including broken linkages with demand centres, inefficient capital allocation for purchase of inputs, and underdeveloped and fragmented access to services. Tingo aims to play a key role in resolving each of these issues.

Access to technology: Tingo is a key access point to the digital economy for millions of rural farmers in Nigeria, by providing affordable access to mobile devices and the internet.

Access to markets: Tingo users can connect with vendors and suppliers for affordable access to inputs and services. Tingo also connects farmers with buyers who purchase crops every year.

Access to Financial Services: Through Tingo Pay, its proprietary mobile wallet application, users can execute several transactions. These include credits into the Tingo Pay wallet, and transfers from the Tingo Pay wallet for bill payments and P2P (peer to peer payments). Tingo will continuing to add services to this application to meet customer needs.

Chris Cleverly, President of TINGO INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS – “TINGO is Africa’s largest digital agricultural ecosystem and is a highly successful payment gateway. It is important that we embrace emerging technologies as they are necessary to solve the issues that burden the world such as food security and financial inclusion. We make no secret of our intention to uplist this group, or to use this platform to rapidly build our customer base in Nigeria and other African markets we will roll-out our unique offering. Global Food Security is a significant priority and our unique model will enable that priority and deliver Food Security in Africa, which powered with Coinfield will make us a very compelling proposition”

Anthony Moore, CEO of IWEB – ”It has been noted in recent years the rapid adoption and deployment of Blockchain by the Telecoms Industry and the global announcements almost weekly of the acceptance of Crypto, we feel the marriage of TINGO with Coinfield leads us into perfect position for this natural evolution in Africa. Africa is a Continent that is showing great readiness and willingness to adapt and adopt to new technologies.

With its young demographic, high smartphone penetration, lack of legacy infrastructure Africa has the greatest potential for blockchain and cryptocurrency of any region. Coinfield provides the know-how and has the history to deliver on this. TINGO with an already huge customer base will expand rapidly and will become the dominant digital payment platform in the world’s fastest growing economy”

About iWEB 

IWEB, Inc., is a technology development and services company, provides coding services in various industries and markets primarily in Thailand. The company focuses on image, audio, web, and security coding technologies. Its technology enables governments and enterprises to imbed or imprint invisible digital identities to media and objects. The company’s coding technology provides the means to infuse persistent digital information to computers and digital devices into various forms of media content; and permits smartphones, tablets, industrial scanners, and other computer interfaces to identify relevant data from media content. IWEB has entered a letter of intent to acquire regulated global cryptoexchange “Coinfield” which was established 2018, which was announced on 26th July 2021.

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