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India’s Biggest Money Expo Happening in Mumbai

Mumbai, India, 28th March 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Indian economy is expected to grow 5.9 percent in FY24 and is set to contribute 15% to the global economy. With the Largest traders and investor community, India ranks top 10 in the Online trading volume in different Segments like Indian Stocks, US Stocks, Currencies, Virtual Assets, Commodities & Indices.

In 2023, India Market is expected to reach a new high in individual investments across various financial products like Mutual funds, ETFs, Bonds, SIP, AIF, Index funds, hedge funds, Crypto Funds, hybrid funds, Fund Managers, international portfolios and Social trading.

The Technology Era

The evolution of FinTech has made online trading within reach for anyone with just a smartphone. The largest community of traders and Investors has been focused on the Stock market, Forex Trading, and Crypto Trading in recent days with technological developments. However, Understanding the global market sentiments and profitable Trading strategies is a challenge among traders in Asia. Indian traders continue to learn and update themselves with the latest trading techniques and the desire to acquire more financial market knowledge persists.

Money Expo 2023: As an Opportunity

For Traders and Investors, an opportunity to meet all the financial service providers under one roof is availed by Money Expo, One of India’s largest Trading and investing events. Money Expo 2023 is announced to be held on 12-13 August 2023 at Jio Convention Centre, Mumbai. Bringing Face-to-face networking to individuals helps to foster relationships, and learn and build trust with the service providers like stock brokers, Forex Brokers, Crypto Exchanges & FinTech companies.

Educating the Next Generation Traders

The second edition of this 2-day exhibition and Conference is set to feature leading brands in the online trading space and host the largest conference with investment industry experts as speakers covering a wide range of keynote sessions, panel discussions, and presentations. Money Expo focuses on attracting visitors comprising of Individuals, Traders, Investors, HNI, Ultra-HNI, Affiliates, IBs, Fund Managers, Trainers, and Service providers.

A platform for Exploring New Markets

At this event, The audience will witness the largest gathering of Financial Professionals, potentially networking to exchange ideas and learn new market opportunities. Money Expo provides attendees with a unique platform to learn about new products and services, explore potential investment & trading opportunities, and better understand the financial industry.

Summit Focus

  • Investments in Stocks, Forex and Crypto
  • Understanding the Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Unleashing the power of DeFi’s & NFTs
  • Regulations on Cryptocurrencies
  • WEB 3.0 Vs WEB 2.0
  • Metaverse, Gamefi (Play-to-Earn)


  • Crypto Exchanges
  • Government & Regulatory Bodies
  • C-Level & Directors
  • Blockchain & Crypto Pioneers
  • Defi & NFT Projects
  • VCs, Family Offices, Investors & Business Leaders
  • Crypto Community and Influencers
  • Renowned Media Agencies

For more information on Money Expo 2023, visit

Company Name: Trasol Events Pvt Ltd

Contact Name: Jovita Ephrem M

Mail Id:[email protected] 

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Grunt Life Hauling LLC Is Eliminating Unwanted Clutter With Outstanding Cleanout Services

Fayetteville, NC, 28th March 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Grunt Life Hauling LLC, a junk removal company, is providing outstanding clutter elimination services for homes and businesses in Raeford, NC.

Keeping a home or office space clean and organized can be a daunting task. For many, it often feels like an overwhelming chore that is never-ending—but Grunt Life Hauling LLC offers the perfect solution to every clutter problem with their outstanding cleanout service. Grunt Life Hauling LLC specializes in hauling away all types of unwanted items from homes, office spaces, and other properties. From furniture and appliances to scrap metal and more, their outstanding cleanout service can help people get rid of all their unwanted clutter quickly and efficiently.

Homes and companies frequently gather a lot of unnecessary clutter without realizing it. This mess can include anything from furniture or mattresses to boilers, water heaters, worn-out clothing, scrap metal, and many other appliances. Regardless of the number or size, Grunt Life Hauling LLC is one of the best places to go for junk removal services nearby.

The company also offers other yard cleanup services that go beyond keeping leaves out of the yard. The staff takes care of clearing out an overgrown yard, removing yard debris, and other tasks. There’s no need to handle these duties alone. Leave it in the hands of the experts at Grunt Life Hauling LLC.

Grunt Life Hauling LLC’s team of highly trained professionals will arrive with the necessary tools and supplies needed for the job, allowing them to get the job done in no time. In addition, they can provide assistance with organizing and sorting items for removal, as well as cleaning up the area afterwards.

Once the job is complete, depending on the items that are to be hauled away, Grunt Life Hauling LLC will either bring all the unwanted items to local donation centers or recycling facilities, helping people not only declutter their homes but also make a positive difference in their community.

“We at Grunt Life Hauling LLC are aware that it might be challenging to get rid of extra junk. That’s why we offer outstanding cleanout services to help you eliminate the mess and start fresh! We understand that every home needs a little extra attention when it comes to eliminating unnecessary items, and our experienced team is ready to assist.” – Jabari Cuffie, the owner of Grunt Life Hauling LLC.

Clutter isn’t just unsightly, it can be dangerous to our wellbeing too! Research has revealed that a messy environment affects individuals mentally, with piles of clutter having the ability to overwhelm people and leave them feeling stressed out. So if individuals want their minds to stay calm and collected in these trying times, they should start by creating an organized space for themselves.

Without enlisting the assistance of a professional, individuals can attempt to rid their homes of clutter by following some steps:

  • Out with the old, in with the new. Individuals should take some time to assess their wardrobes and say goodbye to pieces they haven’t worn in twelve months – or even this season! Make room for something fresh; it’s a great opportunity to start anew.
  • Check for kitchen tools or appliances that haven’t been used in a long while and get rid of them. Do not hesitate to donate and recycle items that are still in good condition, but take up too much space in the kitchen cupboard or pantry.
  • Get rid of old books and magazines from gathering dust on shelves and in corners – why not donate them to a local library or charity?
  • Empty out the basement or attic to make room for those seasonal items that people never have enough space for.

By following these steps, individuals can make an effort to declutter their living space and achieve an organized atmosphere. However, if professional assistance is required, Grunt Life Hauling LLC offers an outstanding cleanout service that can help people get rid of the unwanted clutter in their homes. Their experienced professionals will make sure all items are handled with care, ensuring that nothing is damaged or lost during the process. Anyone can finally take advantage of a tidy and organized home with their help.

Grunt Life Hauling LLC can help with the heavy lifting so that people don’t have to worry about it! Let go of furniture or other pieces around the house that no longer serve their purpose or style. Give them a second life by donating, selling, or simply discarding them.

“We take the safety and comfort of our clients seriously, which is why we take it upon ourselves to do every heavy lifting that is required,” says Jabari Cuffie. “We understand how overwhelming it can be to manage unwanted items, so we are dedicated to helping people eliminate their clutter in a responsible way and create a more peaceful, enjoyable home environment.”

At Grunt Life Hauling LLC, customers can rest assured that their unwanted clutter will be eliminated with the utmost care and professionalism. Their cleanout services provide a hassle-free way to get rid of unnecessary items without having to lift a finger. It’s the perfect solution for those who are looking to declutter and freshen up their home.

By utilizing the services of Grunt Life Hauling LLC, individuals can free themselves from any unwanted junk and debris in a quick and efficient manner. With their help, the home or office can be clutter free in no time. Grunt Life Hauling LLC offers reliable and affordable services that take into consideration all of the customer’s needs. For a fast, easy, and eco-friendly way to declutter homes and offices, contact Grunt Life Hauling LLC today! Their team of professionals will make sure that all unwanted items are taken away with minimal disruption or mess left behind.

Junk Removal Near Me

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Hillside Lawn and Landscape Is A Preferred Grass Contractor In Fortville, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana, 28th March 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Hillside Lawn & Landscape, a company that provides lawn mowing, and other home services, has emerged as one of Fortville, Indiana’s most popular grass service providers.

Keeping lawns healthy takes work, but the rewards make all of that effort worthwhile! Regular treatments keep grass lush and vibrant—a beautiful sight to behold. Hillside Lawn & Landscape, the preferred grass contractor in Fortville, Indiana, is dedicated to keeping lawns looking their best.

When grass requires more than basic maintenance, like sodding and overseeding, Hillside Lawn & Landscape has you covered. Their experienced staff can assess the grass’s needs and provide expert advice for care and upkeep. They can also provide grass care services, such as topdressing and aerating, to keep the grass in optimal condition. No matter what grass care needs a client may have, Hillside Lawn & Landscape is one of the places to go in Fortville for grass contractors nearby.

With years of experience in the industry, Hillside Lawn & Landscape has become well-known for delivering high-quality grass installation and maintenance services to its clients. As a locally owned and operated business, the company has built a reputation for providing reliable and affordable services that exceed customer expectations.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized as the top grass contractor in Fortville,” said Aiden Hill, founder of Hillside Lawn & Landscape. “Our team works hard every day to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve the community in this way.”

At Hillside Lawn & Landscape, the team specializes in working with clients to create custom grass installation plans that meet their specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s planting new grass, installing irrigation systems, or providing routine maintenance, Hillside Lawn & Landscape has the skills and expertise to get the job done right.

When grasses are not properly cared for, they can quickly become parched and lifeless. Hillside Lawn & Landscape is here to provide clients with the knowledge, resources, and tools they need to maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn. From planting grass seed to trimming tall grasses, their experienced technicians can do it all.

For those in Fortville looking for experienced grass contractors near me, Hillside Lawn & Landscape is the preferred choice. They understand the unique needs of clients in this area and strive to deliver top-notch service every time. From installation to ongoing maintenance, they have the experience and expertise to keep your lawn looking its best. Their team offers detailed estimates with no hidden fees or surprises, so customers can rest assured they are getting the best value for their money.

Whether an individual is looking for help with grass cutting, overseeding, fertilizing, or weed control, Hillside Lawn & Landscape is your go-to source. They have a team of knowledgeable professionals who are committed to quality workmanship and are available to answer any questions and provide helpful tips on lawn maintenance. With their commitment to customer service and high-quality workmanship, they’ll make sure every client’s lawn looks its best year-round.

In addition to its commitment to quality workmanship, Hillside Lawn & Landscape also prioritizes customer service. The company has a team of friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives who are available to answer questions and provide support throughout the entire process.

“We are the grass contractor that Fortville, Indiana, residents trust for all their grass and landscaping needs. Our experienced technicians have decades of combined experience in providing quality grass cutting, aerating, overseeding, dethatching, edging, and more,” says Aiden Hill. “We understand that lawns are as unique as their owners and that grass care needs to be tailored to the distinct grass types and soil conditions found in Fortville. That’s why we take the time to analyze your grass and assess its condition before providing customized grass services. We strive for excellent results, which is why customers come back to us again and again when they are searching for grass contractors near me.”

A lush lawn requires commitment and attention—like any investment! Setting aside a little bit of time each week for essential tasks such as mowing, fertilizing, watering, and weeding will help keep any green space looking pristine. With a professional lawn care company, people can kick back and enjoy the good life—more time with family and friends, plus an immaculate view of their landscape without even lifting a finger.

With the right expertise, grass could thrive! Professionals can transform an ordinary outdoor environment into a vibrant oasis with their knowledge of which fertilizers and amendments to use. Their meticulous scheduling means they always have all necessary gardening equipment on hand in case any unexpected issues arise, like weeds or mysterious dead patches.

It is always advised that people tend to their grass regularly and that individuals hire grass contractors near them in order to make sure the job is done correctly. For Fortville, Indiana, Hillside Lawn & Landscape is a preferred grass contractor for anyone looking for quality and satisfaction. When clients contact them, they will receive a prompt response and be scheduled for an initial consultation. During this visit, the contractors will assess the current condition of the grass, looking for any signs of damage or discoloration. They also identify areas that need more attention than others, helping to ensure maximum coverage in their performance.

Clients who have employed the assistance of Hillside Lawn & Landscape usually notice an improvement in the appearance of their lawns. For those looking for grass contractors nearby, Hillside Lawn & Landscape should be their go-to choice in Fortville. Their experienced team will provide clients with professional service and quality results that make their lawn look beautiful. Contact them today to learn more about their lawn care services.

Lawn Care Near Me

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Real Estate Services At Southwest Florida RE Group Pay Close Attention to Responsiveness, Accessibility, and 100% Customer Satisfaction

Real estate experts at Southwest Florida RE Group make the home buying and process much easier to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Naples, FL, 28th March 2023, ZEXPRWIREThe secret to running a successful real estate company is ensuring customer satisfaction by being responsive and paying close attention to accessibility. Southwest Florida RE Group is one of the most reputable real estate companies in the country that focuses on making the experience of buying and selling a property better for individuals.

The company has completed more than 2000 transactions. The company’s founders, Alex and Scott, have implemented effective real estate strategies to help advertise homes and complete transactions quickly.

While speaking about their team, a senior representative of the company said, “We hire qualified real estate experts that have extensive knowledge of different neighborhoods of southwest Florida. We understand how to connect prospective buyers with sellers according to their needs and budget. Our team also comprises experienced transaction coordinators and loan originators to help you decide on a loan option that best suits your finances. Whether you’re planning to buy your dream home or a commercial property for a hotel or medical facility, we’ve got you covered.”

When it comes to choosing the right loan option, loan originators at Southwest Florida RE Group can connect prospective buyers with lenders. Moreover, the company provides its clients with a detailed property report to help them make informed decisions. This comprehensive document contains minor and major details that an individual can’t gather without professional assistance.

Besides Naples, the company’s service areas include Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, Marco Island Real, and Estero. Individuals that have any queries regarding their services can contact the company using the information below.

About Southwest Florida RE Group

Southwest Florida RE Group, is a trusted real estate firm located in Bonita Springs that has been providing impeccable real estate services to property buyers and sellers across Southwest Florida since 2015. The company’s founding members, Alex and Scott, have a combined experience of over three decades in the Florida real estate market. The company provides clients with high-end commercial and residential real estate options according to their needs and budget.

For additional information and business inquiries, please contact:

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Dion Welton will be Releasing His Nationally Circulated Magazine, ‘Hope Is Now’ Digitally in 2023

Atlanta, Georgia, 28th March 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Dion Welton is a published author, radio host, keynote lecturer, and the writer of the widely read magazine ‘Hope is Now’. Dion has a degree in business communication from St. Thomas University and has spent roughly 15 years working as a marketing researcher and adviser. He is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers and he enjoys playing basketball. He is well known across the country thanks to his radio show, FREE ON THE INSIDE. Dion draws inspiration from people who have triumphed over sadness and hopelessness in life, overcame obstacles, and learned from their errors. His goal is to build a happy life and find pleasure in it.

Disappointment, contention, divergent viewpoints, and tension are prevalent in today’s society. We are accustomed to receiving negative news constantly and all the time. One thing we can all concur on is how important it is to hear a word of hope or encouragement in the midst of all this negativity and despair. The focus of Dion’s magazine, “Hope is Now,” is on encouraging readers to have a strong faith and to disseminate positivity. ‘Hope is Now‘ has rapidly expanded to become one of the most popular religious magazines in the US and Canada in just five years.

My life’s work is depicted in the ‘Hope is Now’ journal. It has successfully moved individuals from all walks of life and touched the hearts of millions of people. Each issue is jam-packed with motivational ideas and heartwarming tales of triumph over adversity so that it speaks directly to the psyche of today’s readers. I want to improve people’s lives regardless of their geographic location, race, religion, or socioeconomic status.” Dion Welton

It’s time for “Hope is Now,” a national magazine with millions of subscribers and followers in the United States and Canada, to go digital and reach even more people of all ages and faiths. Dion decided to debut the magazine online and reach a wider audience after obtaining a spot in Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Walmart, Walmart Canada, all types of retailers in the US and Canada, and nearly 4000 waiting rooms. The launch of a digital version of “Hope is Now” aims to uplift, inspire, and give people what they need most: HOPE!

The year 2023 marks the beginning of Dion’s journey to spread hope and positivity across the globe and online by sharing his and many other imperfect people’s lives with those who are hurting and unsure of their ability to be forgiven, changed and redeemed. And “Hope is Now” is one of the ways he is working to fulfill his goal of bringing happiness to everyone’s life who is suffering and powerless.

Here is where you can subscribe to and buy Hope is Now:

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Ahmet Kurhan, CEO of Silicon Valley Property Management, Explores the Future Real Estate in the Era of Rising Interest Rates

San Francisco, California, 28th March 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, As the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates, many experts in the real estate industry are weighing in on how this will affect the housing market. While some predict that rising rates could cause a slowdown in the market, others believe that the long-term outlook remains positive.

According to Ahmet Kurhan, CEO of Silicon Valley Property Management, 

There is no doubt that rising interest rates will have an impact on the real estate market. However, the effect will not be immediate or uniform across all markets. Some regions and property types may be more affected than others.

While some potential buyers may be deterred by higher mortgage rates, Kurhan believes that the overall demand for housing will remain strong. He said that, 

As the economy continues to grow and more people enter the workforce, there will be a sustained need for housing. This will help to offset any impact from higher rates.  

Others in the industry point to the fact that interest rates are still historically low, even with recent increases. This means that while borrowers will be paying more in interest, rates are still relatively affordable. Additionally, many believe that rising rates are a sign of a strong economy, which can help support a healthy real estate market.

However, in Kurhan’s view, it’s important to note that rising interest rates could have an impact on affordability for some buyers. Those with lower incomes or those looking to buy in more expensive markets may be more affected by higher rates.

Kurhan concluded by noting that, while rising interest rates may have some impact on the real estate market, it’s unlikely to be catastrophic. The long-term outlook for the housing market remains positive, as demand for housing continues to outstrip supply in many areas.

Ahmet Kurhan is an accomplished real estate investor with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He began his career by acquiring high-value repossessed properties from banks through his company, Silicon Valley Property Management, which helped establish his reputation and grow his portfolio. Over the years, Mr. Kurhan has diversified his investments by locating, renovating, and selling rundown, high-end properties. He stays attuned to market conditions to ensure maximum return on investment. With a keen eye for identifying prime real estate opportunities, Mr. Kurhan has built a successful track record and established himself as a leader in the industry.

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IQC Performs Annual Surveillance Audits For Long-Term Clients To Help Their Business Maintain ISO Standards

Hinkley, OH, 28th March 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) provides quality control certification for documenting, manufacturing, or providing service. While the process of getting certified is straightforward, it requires thorough auditing by the business before registering. A standard ISO certification is valid for three years, after which the business must undergo the same vigorous auditing to get certified. International Quality Certification (IQC) is a certification registrar that not only helps its clients get ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications but also assists them in retaining their certification by conducting annual audits.

Renewing a certification requires the business to reassess its quality control system and management system before the end of the three years. Failure to do so results in the expiration of the ISO certificate, which the business is legally required to remove from all its branding. IQC helps its clients avoid this by performing diagnostics and ensuring the right strategies are implemented to maintain a standard that is expected of an ISO-certified business.

Annual surveillance audits by IQC ensure the business is up-to-date on its quality management system and help troubleshoot any shortcomings that can cost it its certification.

A spokesperson of the registrar said regarding this, “The client’s business is what we put foremost. The certification benefits the business, so we do everything in our power to make sure they keep it for the longest time. Our auditors are thorough checkers that are only concerned with you getting a certification but also in maintaining it. That is why we do annual surveillance for these businesses. Because quality management systems only meet a standard until they are maintained continuously. Annual audits allow our clients to be on the lookout for inconsistencies.”

IQC’s auditing services are aiding businesses in improving their operations. Their clients benefit from auditory services that ensure their ventures stay ISO certified for as long as possible. If you are a business owner looking to get fresh certification or renewal, you can get in touch with them through the details provided below.

About IQC

International Quality Certifications is an ISO registration service that provides audits for ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications.

For additional information and business inquiries, please contact:

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IQC Helps Medical Device Manufacturers Meet Quality Management Standards Required For ISO Certifications

Hinckley, OH, 28th March 2023, ZEXPRWIREBusinesses build credibility, consistency, and customer trust by getting their quality management systems certified. This is particularly important for medical device manufacturers because their product quality directly impacts public health. International Quality Certifications, or the IQC, is an ISO registration firm that works with medical device manufacturers to maintain international standards in clinical devices.

Auditors for ISO 13485 certification check medical devices for their design integrity, material toxicity, and biological risks associated with malpractice, amongst other things. The certification aims to consolidate high industry practices for product manufacturing when it comes to clinical use. Since ISO is an internationally recognized certification, compliance with standards set by ISO helps businesses operate in international markets.

IQC assists businesses in attaining 13485 certifications by creating a culture of accountability through its audits. The firm also helps them in making written policies that are to be implemented to improve their quality management systems. Their audits are intended to troubleshoot and correct lacking procedures to ensure their system complies with ISO standards.

A spokesperson for the firm commented, “I believe what we are doing at IQC is unprecedented in terms of how auditing firms support their clients in getting certified. Our ISO 13485 registration service is not just to register medical device manufacturers for certification; it goes beyond that. We help clients write and implement development policies that promote quality measures and perpetuate a culture of responsible production practices. As auditors, we keep a close eye on ISO standards to make sure no unnecessary conformities are reported.”

IQC is making sure its clients get all the support they need in documenting, implementing, and troubleshooting their quality management systems to help them comply with ISO standards. You can reach out to the auditing firm using the information provided below.

About IQC

IQC is an ISO registering, auditing, and certifying body that works with small businesses and big industrial clients to help them get ISO certifications. The firm provides its services for ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications.

For additional information and business inquiries, please contact:

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IQC Provides Cost-Effective Assistance To Industrial Clients For ISO Certifications

Hinckley, OH, 28th March 2023, ZEXPRWIREIt is a well-known fact that businesses benefit from ISO certifications. Branding on their products and services boasts these certifications because they are a mark of quality and reliability. Despite their benefits, however, businesses are sometimes reluctant to get ISO certified because the process takes effort and involves bureaucratical procedures they would rather avoid. International Quality Certifications, or the IQC, is a certification registering company that helps its clients attain ISO certifications by auditing and registering their company at affordable rates.

Getting ISO certified is not easy. It requires developing a management system that abides by the standards of the non-profit organization. The system must then be implemented and documented before a certified auditing body examines the resulting quality management system. If the auditor finds a non-conformity, the system has to implement a measure to correct it until the auditor is satisfied.

IQC does not have a quota of finding non-conformities which means the registrar works in your favor during surveillance audits. It recommends changes when necessary and also helps you register for your certification.

A spokesperson for the registrar remarked, “Our goal is to get the client  ISO certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 without unnecessary delays and capital spending. We work closely with automobile, food production, and transport companies to help them accomplish their quality management development to meet ISO standards.” He further remarked, “Our associates’ best interest lies in providing professional advice to clients who they assist every step of the way to getting the ISO nod at very affordable costs.”

The IQC aims to make their clients meet the international quality standard as maintained in countries like Japan, Australia, and Brazil to follow the best industry practices when providing their service. Get in touch with the registrar to avail their affordable ISO certification services.

About IQC

International Quality Certification is an ISO registering body that guides its clients while they acquire ISO certification. It is a recognized ISO 9001 certifying body, so it is authorized to give clients an ISO 9001 certification.

For additional information and business inquiries, please contact:

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Residents Of Oregon Can Now Hire Huey and Sons Roofing To Fix Their Broken Rooftops

Eugene, Oregon, 28th March 2023, ZEXPRWIREHuey & Sons Roofing are Oregon’s well-reputed roofing contractors that have been providing their top-tier services to homeowners across the state for more than 40 years. As a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing company, they are one of their state’s top roofing firms providing a broad range of services, including repairs, replacements, and new installations across 10 cities, towns, and municipalities within the state.

As climate change continues to affect the environment worldwide, the state of Oregon is increasingly experiencing climate events, both mild and extreme, all year round. These events include wildfires, thunderstorms, and hail or windstorms, all of which can impact a home’s structure and foundation. Because rooftops are the first line of defense against such climate events, homeowners need to take protective measures for their home security.

This is where the experts at Huey & Sons Roofing come in. From removing debris and asbestos to installing waterproof layers in your roof, they have the expertise for most, if not all, kinds of roofing services. From new installations to fixing old leaks, their experts are well-versed in all sorts of roof repairs and restorations, using only high-quality materials for long-term, durable roofing solutions that can withstand weathering changes.

What makes their services desirable to Oregon’s cities and municipalities is that their customer service is exceptional, addressing client concerns and desires with professionalism while also offering actionable solutions.

A representative from the firm stated that “Our biggest advantage over other competitors is the fact that we prioritize American family values and communicate so to our clients. This makes clients a lot more comfortable sharing their preferences and worries with us, and it also allows us to be quite candid when recommending roofing solutions. All in all, 100% client satisfaction is key at our firm and will continue to be as long as the company offers its services. ”

In addition to their many roofing services, Huey & Sons Roofing also offers free consultations and cost estimates on roof repairs for their clients. Those interested can contact them via their phone numbers to schedule an appointment. Once confirmed, contractors will inspect the property and provide recommendations and cost breakdowns.

About The Company

Huey & Sons Roofing is a third-generation roofing company that has been offering comprehensive roofing services to residents across Oregon since 1982. Their roofing experience spans over 40 years, earning them several accolades, including Angie’s List Super Service Award, and an A+ rating with the BBB. Some of their service areas include Springfield, Junction City, Lowell, and Pleasant Hill, among many others.

For additional information and business inquiries, please contact: