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IPFS the latest landing application – Loongbox test version is officially launched

New York – IPFS the latest landing application – Loongbox test version is officially launched,Today the Internet environment is becoming a more and more closed “data tower”, and Web3.0 can achieve decentralization, and make the Internet free exchange square “data”, Web3.0 is not a battle, a watershed event that symbol of the great moments, but it is a long and arduous process,  In such an important era, blockchain and distributed storage cannot be absent, Loongbox will take every user to deal with the iteration of the world.

About Loongbox

Loongbox is a safe and reliable storage tool created by Stariver Technology Co., LTD. It is a decentralized distributed storage system based on the concept of block chain; It can break through the limitation of central network bandwidth, reduce latency, improve speed, permanently retain network data, and provide unlimited storage space, mass resource sharing, cross-border high-speed transmission, instant messaging and other functions, realizing free sharing while fully protecting user privacy.

Loongbox’s main functions

Instant messaging is based on P2P protocol and decentralized technology, which is a completely private communication feature that makes communication easier and more secure.

Resource sharing is to provide users with a peaceful and real information sharing, easy access to the latest global information function, so that each sharing becomes more meaningful.

Private clouds ensure data security by fully decentralizing IPFS and supporting anonymous storage.  At the same time, Loongbox provides a variety of encryption methods to encrypt and save the source file, the user’s data is more secure.

Speed upload and download also utilizes the altruistic framework of IPFS, enabling each node to promote the speed and fault tolerance of the entire network. As more and more people join, the speed of the network will become faster and faster, so Loongbox upload and download speed will be greatly improved.

Identity authentication is an identification system based on block chain concept, in this system, It doesn’t require you to provide any real information, So every user don’t have to worry about information being leaked, let alone being sold, but the only requirement is that, for the users needs to properly keep own private key, because this will be the only key to about user identity in the world.

Why choose Loongbox 

Loongbox uses decentralized encryption and distributed storage technology, so every user can obtain the permission of anonymous private cloud storage, and user privacy security is their most concern, every user can get the latest news from all over the world and the wonderful life shared by distant strangers. Of course, in order to let users have a better use experience, they provide free unlimited storage space and high-speed upload and download, users also can enjoy the pure experience without advertising interference.  Each user will really have the right to control privacy information, during the use of Loongbox does not need to provide any identity information, and the world’s only private key in the hands of users , that sounds really great! 

The joining of Loongbox will convey such a signal to the world, that is, IPFS distributed storage will attract new foothold, and is expected to set off a large-scale application landing trend.

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Student Life: Tips to Live it to the Fullest

Student life can be quite hectic, with everything from classes to part-time jobs to extracurricular activities. You may end up feeling overwhelmed and overworked as a result of your demanding routine. But several top tips can help you work smarter rather than harder.

Choose Accommodation Close to your Campus

Shorten your commute, broaden your social network, and attend group events by staying on or as close to your campus as possible. Explore the student housing alternatives available through your educational institution or managed student housing companies. These can help you save both time and money, plus you will be in the thick of it to enjoy life to the fullest.

Make the Most of Your Study Time

Make a list of your priorities and keep a record of your everyday activities. Analyze your routines and examine the areas in your schedule where you tend to waste precious time. You might find yourself occupying a significant portion of your leisure time with entertainment or social media, for example. Unless you find that such hobbies are causing more harm than good, you don’t have to eliminate them completely. Instead, strive to be conscious and reduce time spent on activities that aren’t crucial to your studies. Always remember to make time for exercise and connecting with loved ones and friends.

Use useful study software, websites, apps, and browser extensions to make your studies easier. Grammarly, an online writing tool that checks your documents for grammatical errors, is a fantastic choice for checking typos and confusing long-winded sentences. There are also apps to improve the clarity and engagement of your writing for your audience.

Another helpful tip when it comes to crunch time and you have too much on your plate is to employ the expertise of an essay writing service to assist you in achieving your academic objectives. Fortunately for today’s students, there are options like essayswriting that can provide you with scholarly papers created by specialists with a broad range of knowledge in all subjects of study.

Brush Up Your Cooking Skills and Entertainment on a Student Budget

You should always eat a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, protein-rich foods, and complex carbohydrates. Avoid snacking and consuming junk food all of the time. Knowing how to prepare a few easy meals will make life easier for you as a student. Plus, having some delectable recipes on hand to dazzle friends or a date who’s coming over for dinner will always come in handy. At first, think of the basics like spaghetti bolognese or sweetcorn quesadillas. It’s always a good idea to make a double batch so you can freeze a portion for another meal.

While your academics are critical, you must also make time for enjoyment. For many students, it includes a night out with friends and a few drinks. Unfortunately, the expenses of going out can rapidly add up. Student discount evenings are prevalent in pubs and bars, so do your homework to discover those near you.

Exercise is Good for Mind and Body

You will need a lot of mental and physical energy as a busy student. Taking care of your body will help you handle all of the challenges that come with education. Maintaining your fitness will help you have the stamina to manage the arduous duties. Choose an exercise routine that suits you best, whether that is hitting the gym, doing a yoga class, or taking a brisk walk. You may find it difficult to fit workouts into your schedule at first, but with practice, it will become simpler.

Sleep is Important

While it’s important to focus on your education, you must also avoid over-extending your body. If you want to have a fulfilling college or university experience, learn to rest and recover. You will be less stressed if you get adequate sleep.

These tips can help you to live your best life as a student.

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Should the Need for Essay Papers in a Student’s Curriculum be Reevaluated?

Whether they are still in the process of completing their baccalaureate degree or planning to submit the final Ph.D. research paper for evaluation, the need for writing essays is a constant for students. However, there are varying opinions regarding the need for adding so many essays to the yearly curriculum, especially at the college level.

Some feel that students should not have to write so many essay papers every year, while others are more traditionalist in their thinking. They consider essay writing to be an important part of any student’s education. Recent studies show that none of the two opinions are completely wrong, which indicates that a reevaluation might be necessary.

Why is it Important for Students to Write Essay Papers?

The traditionalist thinking isn’t entirely wrong, because studies do show essays to be an important part of a student’s educational development. Writing essays is meant to help students understand, learn, reinforce, and even augment their new knowledge with their ideas. To explain why essay writing is an important exercise, educators highlight the following benefits.

Research, Understanding and Possibility to Express One’s Ideas

To write an essay on any subject, it is essential to research the topic, understand it from several angles, learn about associated concepts, and then express one’s ideas about it all in a structured format. Given that the whole point of joining any educational course is to learn new things and integrate that knowledge into one’s understanding, essay writing should be considered a powerful tool for self-learning and self-teaching.

Assignment Planning and Time Management

Planning is the precursive key element of writing essays, which is a crucial life skill as well. While completing a paper on any new subject, students don’t only gain knowledge but also learn how to plan the various steps of preparing and completing an assignment or project within the due deadline. There’s a reason why research papers often come with a strict deadline, and it has a lot to do with teaching students about time management.

Essay Assignments Also have the Potential to Become Counterproductive

We all need time to learn new concepts and overburdening students with too many essay papers every semester only interferes with that natural learning process. Unfortunately, some educators do end up doing just that. They forget about the purpose which college essays are supposed to serve in a healthy educative environment. Instead, they will often use frequent assignments to shrug off some of their teaching responsibilities.

Despite the unfairness of it, grades do depend on every essay’s timely submission and overall quality. Therefore, excess of essay assignments can become a cause for severe anxiety among students. Thankfully, students who feel that they are being overwhelmed by their teachers can easily find an expert essay writer to help relieve some of the pressure.

EssaysWriting provides students with the opportunity to work with expert writers across all fields of education. The chosen professional will write unique, customized essays for the client according to the student’s present academic standard (undergraduate/bachelor’s/Master’s).

As we can see, essays are indeed an important part of college education, but it should at no point become something that causes unfair stress to even diligent students. Therefore, a need to reevaluate the frequency and number of essays being assigned to students at their respective institutions is most certainly present.

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Spreading Awareness About Various Diseases Through Blog Posts – Narayana Health

Spreading awareness and helping the blog readers is what Narayana Health’s doctors believe. By treating the patients in the hospitals, they serve their purpose. But by sharing additional information about various diseases and educating their readers, they are taking extra steps to spread health awareness. The expert doctors at Narayana Health are keen to share critical information about various illnesses, its causes, and the available treatment options with its patients and their loved ones. In July, the doctors shared some vital information on various topics like Oncology, Pulmonology, Orthopaedics and many others.

For the patients dealing with Cancer, the doctors have shared an important thing about COVID-19 vaccinations. With precautions, dosage, and after-care procedures, the doctors at the Oncology department helped the patients with essential knowledge. Dr. Nitin Rathi, a Senior Consultant at the Pulmonology department, shared knowledge about the advanced treatment options and healthy habits for people suffering from Asthma.

Golfer’s Elbow is a common issue with the bones of the Elbow, and many people suffer from it. With its causes, symptoms, and available treatment options, Dr. Atul Shrivastava, Consultant at the Orthopaedics department, shared his wisdom on this topic. Dr. Atul Shrivastava also talked about Torn Meniscus injury in athletes and discussed the causes and the available treatment options for the same.

Dr. Manish Garg, Consultant in the Neurosurgery department, shared his pearl of wisdom on post-COVID complications on spine health. He shared that people should take care of their posture to be safe from spinal injuries post-COVID. Dialysis awareness is pretty important, as the number of people suffering from Kidney ailments is increasing in India. Dr. Sudeep Sing Sachdev, Clinical Lead and Senior Consultant at the Nephrology department shared all the information on the dialysis process, its risks, and precautions.

Having issues with the Liver causes Hepatitis infection. There are multiple types of Hepatitis in the world, and you should stay safe from the same. As July is celebrated as World Hepatitis Awareness Month, Dr. Sanjay Goja from the Hepatology department shared his bits of knowledge on Hepatitis, its types, symptoms, and the available treatment options.

Narayana Health Blog is the gold mine of knowledge for those willing to learn about medical issues and to stay safe from the same. Not just in English, doctors at Narayana Health do share information in Hindi and other languages. It’s a pretty innovative thing to share knowledge in the blog so that people are not deprived of medical knowledge.

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How Narayana Health’s YouTube Channel is Proving Beneficial for People?

Helping the patients and even healthy people is the main motive of the doctors. The doctors at Narayana Health are helping thousands of patients in the hospitals. They are also spreading awareness about the various topics to educate the viewers. In July, Doctors Day was the occasion that helped us to thank the doctors for their contribution to society. Also, the doctors discussed more topics in Neurology, Oncology and many other departments.

The first video in July is about Oral Cancer. Dr. Shilpi Sharma from the Oncology department shared all the information on Oral cancer. She shared her views on the treatment and management of the same. For the audience in Gujarat, Dr. Rakhil Yadav shared information on how to identify the symptoms of stroke and get treatment for the same.

Gastrointestinal cancer is pretty rare in India, but the number of patients suffering from the same increases daily. Dr. Sumit Sanyal, Consultant at the Gastroenterology department and Oncology surgeon, shared information on the symptoms, causes, and available treatment options for such patients. Cardiac abnormalities in a child are common nowadays. Dr. Mahua Roy, Consultant – Pediatric Cardiology shared a success story of treating a four-year-old baby with a hole in the heart.

Dr. Pratik Das, Senior Consultant – Nephrologist at Narayana Health, shared information on COVID-19 vaccination for people undergoing dialysis treatment. He shared the details on what precautions should be taken before taking the COVID-19 vaccine. There were some other videos about vaccination and the patients having various ailments. Also, Dr. Sandip Pal, Consultant – Gastroenterologist from the Hepatology department, shares bits of wisdom on Mucormycosis, its symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

Kidney Stones are very painful, and they should be treated immediately. Dr. Sumit Bansal, Consultant – Urologist at the Nephrology department, spreads awareness about the treatment for Kidney stones. Dr. Dilip Dutta, Consultant at the Neurosurgery Department, talked about Brain Tumor and the available treatment options.

With more than a few million views, the videos on the YouTube channel have already educated the viewers. With the awareness about the diseases and the common health issues, the confusion and fear among normal people have been reduced. Narayana Health’s staff will keep uploading the new videos on various topics on their YouTube channel.

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Kenes Rakishev celebrates first XFC 4680 cells

There is an obstacle on the way of total electric vehicle adoption. It is a finite and rather low energy density of cell technology. It’s true that a huge progress has been made – but the limits are set by the chemistry itself. It’s likely that we’ll never have a pocket cell with equal mass/energy ratio that fossil fuels do. Kenes Rakishev, one of the early StoreDot investors, celebrates the launch of the new product – StoreDot’s XFC (Extra Fast Charging) cells in an increasingly popular 4680 format. The product is used as a building block in automotive applications e.g. scooters, bikes and cars.

Kenes Rakishev assumes that the best practical way to increase the adoption of electrical vehicles is to decrease the charging time. Now EV’s need an overnight charge to cover a daily range of 300-500 kilometres. It makes EV’s unpractical for many customers. Imagine if the charging time would be reduced to 10 minutes. In this case, Kenes Rakishev considers, there will be a breakthrough for the EV mass adoption. StoreDot XFC’s do exactly what’s needed – their total charging time is five to ten minutes.

XFC is based on the patent pending technology invented by Israeli StoreDot startup. It uses semiconductors to increase charging speed. The mostly silicon based cells are available now. The batch was made in China by EVE Energy at the request of StoreDot. The cells undergo testing in real life conditions and are scheduled to be tested in space. Kenes Rakishev hasn’t specified estimates of market availability of the XFC battery cells. Testing and refinement of the product is an important step to get it to market.

About Kenes Rakishev

Kenes Rakishev is a Forbes Top-50 Kazakhstani businessman with wide interest in mining and refining battery metals, banking and financial tech and high-tech including EV’s, robotics and AI. Kenes Rakishev is an early StoreDot investor. He is the head of Kazakhstan Boxing Federation and Saby charity fund co-founder.

Name Bol Mut

Phone +7749324427



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Celebrity super agent & 2017 RTVAS ballot award-nominated reality television star, Mr. Barry Mezey has created B1GBTV OTT Television Network in an independent strategic partnership deal with Roku

Mezey Holdings has announced today that its founder and CEO Mr. Barry Mezey has created a new independent strategic partnership deal with Roku for B1GBTV OTT/ CTV Television network on smart devices including web-based, tablet, smart tv, iOS, and Android capable technologies. is the official website of the new OTT/ CTV B1GBTV platform. B1GBTV Membership is free on Roku and is advertising based with distribution worldwide for unlimited highly energetic, hysterically funny, and entertaining upbeat content with all while, 10% of the network’s total yearly net profits go to directly benefit autism charity.

Mezey Holdings, today announced a new independent strategic partnership deal with Roku for a new state-of-the-art platform for Mr. Mezey to showcase his funny, energetic, entertaining, and crazy daily life on the OTT/ CTV network’s platform for Roku. Mr. Mezey will feature his upcoming smash-hit reality series “B1G B” as well as daily life and live content in segments where you can see his genius and madness being the perfect disrupter as he has always been to the sports and celebrity marketing industry. Mezey is currently looking for other low-budget finished films and television series to sign for distribution deals as well on his newly mind-blowing and insane OTT/ CTV Network platform. Mezey is focusing his content on the individual or small business owner that needs a platform to showcase their voice on minority and mental health issue-based film and television projects. Mezey has always been a mentor to those with special needs being high functioning Asperger autistic, special needs, and bipolar himself struggling with mental illness his entire life. Now Mezey wants to give a voice to film and television projects that focus on combating mental health, autism, racism, and antisemitism in our society today.

Mezey was recently wrongfully incarcerated for 18 months and coerced into signing a sloppy unconstitutional plea agreement for misdemeanors in a misunderstanding with federal authorities due to his lifelong struggles with mental illness and was wrongfully targeted by the U.S. Department Of Justice. Mezey while incarcerated saw the injustices going on in the broken federal and state prison systems that have failed the mentally ill and saw massive amounts of racial inequality. While inside federal detention from 2018 – 19 Mezey was sexually assaulted by being groped by a lieutenant in FMC Butner and had his face bashed in so badly by federal officers and inmates in each FDC Miami and FMC Butner that Mezey now suffers from the permanent brain, knee, spine and shoulder injuries which the Federal Bureau Of Prisons has refused to make restitution on. Mezey, now a free man, is now focusing his efforts on prison reform for the mentally ill as well as racial injustices he personally witnessed. This is precisely why Mezey has created B1GBTV to give a voice to the voiceless through the medium of film and television series that focuses on inequality and mental illness so the world can hopefully become a better place for all of us in our own individual right to shine and be that bright star we all want to be. B1GBTV focuses on all genres of entertainment, sports, and the fine arts for distribution, programming, and we offer the best advertising based revenue share model in the industry for our content licensors, creators, and owners.

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