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How a Custom Healthcare Software Development Services Can Help Medical Centers?

Healthcare has revolutionized the way patient care providers and healthcare providers communicate. In fact, it has changed the way we do business, how we deliver healthcare services, how we pay for healthcare services and how we monitor healthcare outcomes. All these changes are occurred due to the custom healthcare software development services provided by a reputable healthcare software development company. Custom healthcare software development has become a topic of much discussion in recent times, with the advent of modern technology, that has literally jump-started the seemingly never-ending quest for innovative, highly cost-efficient business practices here or abroad.

How can this help your business?

Imagine if you could develop custom healthcare software development services that allowed doctors and staff to focus on actually providing care rather than solving problems. If you’re a doctor who works as many as three or four times a day, how can you possibly care for your patients? You can’t simply stop at filling their prescriptions, can you? Healthcare software development services can help you to build workflows that work with your team. This will lead to optimization of processes, productivity, and ultimately the bottom-line.

As a matter of fact, some of the most cutting-edge custom healthcare software development services are developed internally by healthcare institutions themselves. In other words, your doctors and staff aren’t just using external solutions. Rather, they are using their own solutions. In some cases, these include things like secure health records, integrated electronic billing systems, and accurate patient data collection. As a result, you can bet that these solutions are HIPAA compliant, secure, and optimized for patient management.

Opt for HIPAA Deploying Solutions:

There are many healthcare software development services out there, but how do you know which will be best for your organization? This is where it becomes imperative to utilize a provider that has HIPAA certification, has experience developing and deploying solutions, and has created easy interfaces for easy integration with your existing software. You want to know that your solutions are going to be easy to use, intuitive, and able to optimize the information that you are presenting.

With the right service, you can have everything you need in place. These solutions allow you to make the most of the information that you are presenting, whether it is via electronic patient records, hospital files, or insurance information. The software should help your hospital or office maximize the potentials of those resources. These solutions also need to allow you to manage and maintain your database, so you can make the most of what you have. This includes making sure that your medical software developers understand the needs of your healthcare organizations.

Telemedicine Option:

Another option for developing custom healthcare software development solutions are through telemedicine. This is where a patient can talk to a trained telemedicine professional on the phone about their condition. With this service, doctors are able to see a patient more than just a physical location. Telemedicine can help medical centers cut down on unnecessary delays and can increase patients’ satisfaction.

Concluding Words:

Remember, a custom development company can help you achieve more than just getting you up and running with an electronic filing and scheduling system. They can also help you understand your needs, help you design solutions that are easy to use, secure, and optimized for your healthcare organizations. Custom healthcare software development solutions are the wave of the future, and with them, you’ll be ready to move forward. In order to get the best software, it’s important to find a best healthcare software development company that has extensive experience with these health care apps and has developed a reputation for designing quality healthcare software development services.

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AioNFT Marketplace: catching up with the trend and launching its All in One ecosystem

In October 2021 following FTX and Binance, Coinbase will also launch its own NFT marketplace. After the success of Binance and FTX, Coinbase did not miss the opportunity to participate in this billion-dollar market. Therefore, this fiercely competitive market is expected to explode in late 2021.

Coinbase’s plan to launch NFT is later when compared to Binance and FTX; however, with its available advantages such as allowing users to trade NFTS cross-chain via Ethereum and Solana, reputation or user base, it’s not too late.

Coinbase allows its users to trade NFTs cross-chain via the Ethereum and Solana blockchains, with Binance as Binance Smart Chain, with FTX as Solana.

AioNFT Marketplace: catching up with the trend and launching its All in One ecosystem

With the goal of becoming an NFT Station and creating its own ecosystem including NFT Issue, NFT Collectible, NFT Marketplace, NFT Earn, NFT Launching, NFT Gaming, AioNFT is expected to become one of the leading projects perfecting a closed ecosystem that makes it easy for users to own and issue their digital NFTs.

What is AioNFT?

AioNFT is the first NFT marketplace for digital arts and goods built on top of the Binance Smart Chain, followed by platforms like Solana, Polkadot, Polygon, etc. It is 100community-owned and functions as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). AioNFT’s goal is to structure the token economics of the network to incentivize creators of digital art and collectibles to create NFTs and sell them.

Why choosing Binance Smart Chain instead of Ethereum or Solana?

This October, Binance just announced a $1 billion fundraiser for its Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Besides, BSC also offers its users low gas fees, fast transaction volume, and direct Binance support. Most of the projects which are built on Ethereum face the problem of gas fees and speed. Therefore, AioNFT chooses BSC as the starting point and next will be Solana, Polkadot, Polygon, etc. 

What is AioNFT’s goal?

AioNFT aims for maximum simplicity to reach users and becomes a platform that allows anyone to create and list NFTs without any difficulty. This means that no matter your age, gender, or influence; users can own, create NFTs as well as increase income from their digital assets.

As a creator, what do you think NFTs will look like in the future?

In the past, people only knew about classical arts, but now everything has changed. NFTs offer a more open online space that literally connects the world. NFTs will become more and more popular in the future and an integral part of activities about culture, art, and people’s beliefs.

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Why Do Business Leaders Prefer Golf than Other Sports?

You may have seen some business tycoons are more passionate about golf than other sports. They say that it is the perfect sport that lays down the foundation for personal growth and corporate networking as well.

According to a report, 55.1% of billionaires prefer golf as their favorite sport. As an example, Japan’s richest man, billionaire Tadashi Yanai, is a huge golf fan and purchased two golf courses in Hawaii. He spends a couple of weeks in Hawaii every year.

Check out this list of Golf-loving CEOs of Fortune 500 companies including Goldman Sachs, IBM, Pfizer, Berkshire Hathaway, Cisco, Chevron, Comcast, etc.

So, what are the reasons behind the popularity of this game among the business moguls? Let’s find out below:

1. Practicing Focus

The ability to focus is essential not just for golf, but also for every aspect of your life, including corporate hustles. Having the club in your hands, the ball in position, and knowing how to hit the ball, all you have to do is focus on hitting the ball. 

Forgetting any miss-shot that occurred earlier or how the consequences would come later. Sounds a lot like dealing with corporate decisions, doesn’t it?

2. Stress Management

Attending meeting after meeting and signing NDA papers is not easy. At times, it makes you feel overwhelmed.

The tranquility of a golf course for a couple of hours with like-minded people can greatly improve your mental health. Putting your daily hustle aside, you can breathe peacefully for a while at least.

3. Better Understanding

There is a common belief that you can understand someone’s personality just by observing his playing style on the golf course. Fortunately, this is true since it is an extremely versatile game with a wide range of gameplay characteristics. It reveals someone’s personality and taste in things such as clubs, bags, apparel, shoes, etc.

For instance, though most golfers bring a stand bag or cart bag, some prefer the newly developed hybrid golf bags which can serve both purposes. It proves that they stay ahead of the curve and can get the most out of anything.

4. Mastering the Art of Discipline

It is one of the most important practices for being successful in any sector, whether it is golf or business.

During golf, you will learn how to prepare yourself for every shot when minor changes can make a huge difference. Every element of the game, from standing to holding the club to hitting the ball, requires your disciplined dedication in the right way.

5. Networking

Last but not least, playing golf offers the chance for networking. When you play golf, you will have the opportunity to meet the top business executives. Spending time with them regularly will help to establish a personal relationship with them, which will ultimately enhance your business.

Final Words

Finally, we can all agree that golf is a highly beneficial sport for both business and health. If focus, dedication, and discipline aren’t enough to help you succeed in business then I’m not sure what will.

Nothing beats spending time on the golf course with business partners or potential clients. This is why business leaders prefer to play golf over other sports.

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Travel Expert Turned Entrepreneur: The Story Behind Kfir Amos

Kfir Amos started thinking about traveling while he was still in the military. It was one of the first things he did upon completing his service in 2003, traveling to places across the globe, including different spots throughout America, Europe, and Asia. He experienced the rich history and culture of some of the most amazing places on the planet and has hundreds of unique travel stories to tell because of it. While his stories are entertaining and engaging, they’re not the only thing he has to offer. In addition to his travel expertise, he’s become a successful entrepreneur with much to offer the public.

The Start of New Ventures

When Kfir Amos first began traveling, he headed straight to Thailand, where he would stay in Bangkok for nearly a month while working part-time at a restaurant. After that, he started earning more and visiting more tourist spots but quickly realized he needed to earn much more to survive. “I wanted to keep traveling while making money, so I found a job as a travel agent while in Phi Phi Islands. And, while I got the opportunity to do what I loved for a living, it still wasn’t enough. So, I yearned for more,” shared Amos.

While working as a private trip planner in 2015, he thought about selling products on Amazon and quickly started a successful e-commerce business, Fresh Fashion Design. Upon building a website, selling products, and scaling the company for four years, he decided it was time to sell and move on to bigger and better things. “After selling Fresh Fashion Designed, I established Bay Tech Media, an expert media agency available to help companies create brand awareness through social media. My company works hard to create a buzz around businesses, helping them get the attention they want and need to have to survive in a competitive industry,” said Amos.

And, while Bay Tech Media is a successful business that Amos is passionate about running, he continues to develop other incredible companies while making a name for himself as a dedicated entrepreneur. “In addition to Bay Tech Media, I own a travel and art magazine, ATA Magazine, and have recently started working on a new project, @nftcreators_. While it’s only been around for a few months, we created a community that discusses and shows art beforehand to make it more successful. The goal of this project is to provide artists with an opportunity to showcase their talents. It’s already started to take off!”

Handling Entrepreneurship Like a Pro

While some may think that Kfir Amos has his hands full while running four businesses and traveling when he can, he’s proud of all that he’s accomplished and looks forward to continuing his hard work and effort to keep his businesses thriving. If he stays on the path he’s on, Amos plans to retire within the next five years. “I think it would be nice to retire within five years after putting so much effort into my businesses. When I retire, I plan to continue helping people with their businesses while doing what I can for humanity,” said Amos.

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John Denley’s Route To Overcome Mental Illness Without Medication

Depression, anxiety, and awareness of the prevalence of mental hardship in modern society have become hot topics. But people often look for quick, straightforward, and cheap solutions to what can become a complicated and deep-rooted problem. John Denley, however, has a long, storied history with depression and believes the answer lies in taking charge of your own mental wellbeing through simple daily habits, skills and techniques.

Informed by the lessons he learned the hard way, John Denley is now a bona fide Anti-Depression Coach. Denley, a firm believer in an array of solutions, including mindfulness and meditation, first gained a passion for studying the subject back in 2012. It now empowers him in his work teaching emotional wellbeing.

John Denley’s pursuits no exception to the complexities of the past year and a half, the COVID-19 pandemic threw a spanner in the works of his plans to deliver in-person workshops as a trainer for Nonetheless, Denley employed the silver lining mentality he had developed over a decade and acknowledged that he would be left unable to connect with people face-to-face. Thus, as in so many other aspects of life, Zoom became the eventual savior of John Denley’s biggest passion.

But what qualifies Denley to approach such a complex issue with confidence? Stretching back to before 2005 when he was working as an IT consultant, John Denley’s regular struggle against depression and anxiety was one he initially attempted to remedy with prescribed antidepressants – a practice he now believes is not a good long term solution.

Other more misguided origin stories may point to a prompt epiphany, but John Denley faced a series of sizeable hurdles before reaching his current contentment. Following his first departure from IT consultancy in 2005, Denley was made redundant after just three months in another company and proceeded to help a friend set up a children’s indoor play center business that landed him £400k in debt by 2007.

Ever resilient in the face of adversity, in 2009 Denley launched, an online booking platform, and worked with the forerunner to But in early 2012, Denley suffered a devastating panic attack. What would seem like rock bottom to those unversed in mental wellbeing became the turning point that Denley needed.

After being prescribed antidepressants for a fourth time, it became clear to Denley: nothing was going to help him but himself. “I decided enough was enough. I wanted to find a way never to have to struggle with depression, or rely on anti-depressants, ever again.”

Taking control first involved educating himself, as John Denley read everything from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness and meditation, to hypnotherapy and neuroscience. This eventually led him to begin to run events for those struggling with depression and anxiety in 2015. However, this still taboo subject made it tricky to gather an in-person audience.

Frustrated and unsure how to move forward, Denley decided to walk the Camino de Santiago – a 500-mile journey across Spain – in the spring of 2016. It turned out to be the perfect detour for Denley to get back on track, influencing the decisions he makes to this day.

After a brief time back in IT setting up, John Denley had another breakdown and while using his own ’15 Pillars of Happiness’ to recover, he designed and created, an ingenious puzzle (based on the Rubik’s cube) that encourages users to rely on their patience, mindfulness, and positive mental habits to reverse engineer their own mental health. Denley now knew that these ‘15 Pillars of Happiness’ would form the foundations that, he suggests, allow an individual to free themselves from depression and anxiety for good without pharmaceutical assistance.

Working with coaches from and during 2020 and 2021, John Denley had finally arrived at and grasped his true calling: that of an Anti-depression Coach, striving to spread his understanding of mental strength with individuals in their homes through group and one-to-one coaching over Zoom.

Moreover, John Denley had learned to incorporate the past into his future, with the inception of an ambitious plan to run a seven-day walking retreat across North West Spain, from Santiago to Finisterre. It’s a journey on which Denley purports to become a ‘personal trainer’ for the participant’s mind, enabling them to escape the ‘hamster wheel’ of their daily lives.

In short, John Denley proposes an alternate, more active view of one of the most significant perils of modern living. As Denley says, “In order to change your life, you have to become ACE: be Aware, Choose & Execute”, and the best place to start is with his ‘Create Happy’ process.

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How can Small e-Commerce Entrepreneurs Use Shopping Apps to Boost Profits?

The pandemic has transformed the shopping experience, forcing retailers to redefine their strategies. How can retail app help entrepreneurs increase their revenues and cut costs in the post-COVID era?

According to BigCommerce, nearly 63% of consumers do all of their shopping online. By launching an app, you could increase retention rates, take care of your customers’ private data, and provide them with a better shopping experience. Here are several ways that shopping apps benefit e-commerce businesses:

Increase every day repeat purchases

Almost 32% of customers say they purchase from a particular brand’s online store. Creating your own app allows for targeted messages and real-time alerts on hot deals, discounts, and new products. Most app builders, such as Vajro, EasyMobile, KUKApp, Tapcart, and many others offer push notifications as one of their features. Increasing repeat purchases could keep your business afloat in the post-pandemic world.

Provide better service to your B2B clients

Apps are also helpful if your customers include other businesses or bigger retailers. First of all, a B2B shopping app for distributors and wholesalers could speed up order processing. Second of all, it’s a useful tool if you are planning to introduce automated fulfillment. And, finally, apps reduce the costs of engaging with your B2B clients. Last year, digital ad spending for B2B grew 32.5% in the US and is expected to exceed previous estimates by another 20% in 2021. Competition in the consumer segment tends to be even tougher.

Improve customer retention

With retail giants and small businesses both aiming to increase their presence online, the digital market is getting crowded. In 2021, the pandemic continued to drive the cost of customer acquisition. For example, Facebook advertising costs have exceeded pre-pandemic highs. With online competition increasing, it’s becoming difficult for small retail businesses to attract new customers. For this reason, most brands are now focusing on retaining the shoppers they have, rather than constantly acquiring new clientele. Apps are a great way to keep your loyal customers and provide them with a seamless experience.

Facilitate contactless pickup

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you could follow the lead of big-box stores, many of which turned to curbside pickup during the pandemic. With the Target and Nordstrom apps, customers receive an alert when their order is ready. They can let the store know they are on the way, check-in upon arrival, and receive a contactless delivery directly to their car. With their own apps, small businesses could provide customers with a similar service.

Know your customers

Given the ever-growing competition for consumer attention online, people value privacy more than ever. They are reluctant to share their personal data and put pressure on businesses to keep their information safe. Google has even started phasing out the use of third-party cookies, making it harder to target consumers with ads. In addition to an online store, a shopping app could be a great tool for learning more about your customers’ preferences. At the same time, apps are inherently safer than websites.

Shopping apps are more affordable for businesses than ever. With so many app builders available on the market, e-commerce entrepreneurs can choose from a vast selection and launch their own customized apps for less than $100 a month. And it’s fast, too. With a ready-made solution, it only takes a few hours to build a customized app for your business.

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Will more UK operators look to muscle in on the booming US iGaming market?

It’s no surprise that, since the United States Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, many individual states have been scrambling to pass legislation to legalise various forms of online gambling. And, as we all know, the US is a highly lucrative market, which means all the big operators want a slice of this pie.

Not only are there home-based brands eager to expand, but several UK operators have tested the waters across the pond. According to casino comparison sites like, the number of licensed operators is growing globally. Take a look below to see which UK gambling giants have already headed west. Will others follow?

Flutter Entertainment

Over the past 20 years, Flutter Entertainment has grown into a gambling behemoth. It operates A-List brands, such as Paddy Power, Betfair, and Furthermore, since its majority merger with The Stars Group, it now has PokerStars, Full Tilt, Sky Betting and Gaming, and Fox BET under its umbrella. In 2018, Flutter announced its plan to acquire FanDuel, which signaled its intention to claim a major stake in the US market.

Interestingly, one of Flutter’s most prominent brands, Betfair, launched its market-leading sports betting exchange in New Jersey in 2016.However, it decided to close operations in 2020, citing poor numbers.

On top of that, there was a Betfair US online casino that accepted players from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Although, in 2021, it rebranded into Stardust Casino, which was the name of a well-known Vegas casino. Flutter is currently pushing only FanDuel (which operates DFS, sports betting, and casino gaming) and Stardust.

William Hill

William Hill is a legendary gambling company with 1,400 betting shops in the UK alone. It’s been working stateside for some years, building up its brand name by operating several sports betting lounges and kiosks at some of America’s top casinos. Since PASPA was overturned, it has launched a mobile sportsbook in several states and a couple of online casinos.

Yet, instead of taking over the US, it was taken over by the US. In April 2021, Caesars Entertainment dived in and bought the William Hill Group for $3.7 billion. A few months later, Caesars announced the rebranding of William Hill’s US sportsbooks and casinos into its own label.


Entain Group, formerly known as GVC Holdings, owns Coral and Ladbrokes – two of the UK’s biggest bookmakers. It also operates Party Poker, Gala Bingo, Foxy Bingo, Sportingbet, Neds, and several other well-known brands. While Entain has never chosen to take Ladbrokes or Coral to the US, it did enter into a 50/50 partnership with MGM Resorts International to launch BetMGM and Borgata online sports and gaming websites and apps.

Seeing value in Entain’s portfolio and expertise, MGM Resorts International tabled an $11 billion bid for Entain in January 2021. However, the board and shareholders firmly rejected this for being too low. Upping the ante, DraftKings entered the frame in September 2021 with a colossal $22.4 billion bid. We’re waiting to hear how this will play out. Of course, there are obstacles due to Entain’s partnership with MGM that will also need to be thrashed out before they complete a deal.


The latest arrival from the UK is Betfred. Established in 1967, Betfred boasts more than 1,600 betting shops in the UK. Its first entry in the US only came in 2020 when it launched a land-based sportsbook at Grand Falls Casino in Iowa. Since then, it has created a US-specific betting app – Betfred Sports. Additionaly, it has obtained licenses in six states, including Nevada, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. It’s too early to tell whether Betfred will have the magic formula to crack the US market.


From what’s unfolded so far, our opinion is that UK iGaming (specifically online casino) operators won’t be charging across the Atlantic to set up shop in America. Clearly, Betfair, a household name in the UK, tried the branded casino route, but wasn’t successful.

Bet365 and Unibet are also present, but neither is as popular as any big US brand like MGM, Caesars or DraftKings.

In terms of sports betting, there will always be a place for UK operators, as they are highly skilled in that niche. However, online casinos will struggle to compete against the legends of Vegas. More partnerships will be the most likely way forward, but some of these gambling corporations are not overly keen on sharing the spoils, which could lead to future takeover bids (as we’ve already witnessed).

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Attorneys for Truck Accidents in Houston, Texas

Truck crash cases are usually pretty difficult, and not only because the wounds are so difficult. Two judgments for the complicated application methods are. First, the truck drivers are normally are Texas citizens. Next, the corporations that recognise these wheelbarrows are commonly out-of-state organisations. Given these geographic features producing the most reliable Houston truck accident attorney examining the problem can create everything go a minute more reasonable.

Among so many trucks on the way these days, there are no accidents. If you discover yourself in this position in Houston, TX, you require someone who understands what you’re progressing within and will support your priorities! Including truck collisions on the increase, producing a Houston Truck Crash Lawyer Houston in your curve is more essential than regularly.

Why are there so numerous misfortunes involving trucks?

There are various causes why there are so many accidents including trucks. One big understanding is that characters do not recognise how big a transportation they are and can induce critical injury if required in a Houston truck accident injury attorney. The other primary idea would be because truck operators have to develop their programs as secure as reasonable due to possessing complicated transmissions to prepare completely the time, which directs them to encourage much more acceleration than what could ordinarily be recognised as reliable for private or capital roads where more modest wheels regularly drive on.

The judicial method for arranging set opposite the operator of the truck

The constitutional means for finishing a series toward the operator of the vehicle, the group of the vehicle, and any other companies associated with your accident can be complicated. A car accident damage attorney Houston with practice describing sacrifices of important accidents may support you in completely recognise what is occurring throughout this time. They will also support your drive within the manner as completely as defend your rights through this season.

Who should you reach later a collision with a truck?

The most suitable point to increase after a truck happening is by reaching an experienced Houston individual damage attorney. Truck operators are attached to severe federal management, and the instructions intended to preserve them also operate into car crash sufferers who have meant damaged or misplaced relished unities because of their carelessness. You require someone in your view that recognises what requires to work for you appropriately, continuously supporting this sort of accident. Our trained truck accident damage lawyer Houston can support you see by all the paperwork required in good claims with varied companies so that you don’t possess any combined anxiety suffering about it – concentrate on growing more beneficial.

How do I get payment for accidents acquired from an accident with extensive transportation?

In the chance of a truck accident, it is necessary to understand who was to blame. In half of all deadly collisions requiring generous produce and customer transportations, the operator of the more modest vehicle plunges into or performs communication with an enormous commercial carriage on a domestic interstate or different important road systems. It’s always sufficient to become guidance from a Truck Crash Attorney in Houston, TX while registering for breakages acquired by meaning included in an occasion with a semi-truck.

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How to use san antonio business lawyers

Our site has constant great accomplished that somebody wounded and their enjoyed ones level challenging and various restrictions after an occasion, outside the judicial method. This supplements a stressful condition and can influence the restorative method after a disaster. We also accomplish that additional purpose in receiving attention to resolving queries that can considerably assist the customer. With times of knowledge and our extensive recognition of the difficulties that can develop an occasion, we survive available to accommodate our buyers discover answers to the difficulties and barriers that can arise after a severe accident.

The best site for san Antonio business lawyers

You’ve reached the appropriate position. Whether you are facing 500 companies or more, a short profession or a start-up, a marketing and investment attorney can cooperate with all features of managing a business.

San Antonio business lawyers can support the development of a transaction, the marketing of a business and everything in among. While they decide to limit conflicts, they can also assist with practical prosecution.

Use and find San Antonio business lawyers to choose a local business & financial lawyer to defend your business benefits.

It is constantly an immeasurable purpose to investigate your lawyer previous to employing. Each time has a disciplinary system that advises attorneys, their excesses, and consumer accusations. By investigating lawyer self-control you can. Secure the attorney is currently authorised to follow in your situation. Achieve an agreement of his or her historical disciplinary experience, if unspecified. Discover the importance of objections/effects which could extend from modern session fees to more severe problems demanding disciplinary commission.

How do prefer a lawyer?

Recognize the accompanying:
Comfort Level – Are you enough to describe the individual particular knowledge?

Does the lawyer look responsive in resolving your difficulty?
Credentials – How prolonged has the attorney been in preparation? Has the attorney worked on other crises related to yours?
Price- How are the lawyer’s charges structured – regularly or extended fee? Can the lawyer determine the price of your problem?

City – Is the lawyer’s assistance conveniently determined?

It is constantly an immeasurable approach to analysis your lawyer previous to employing. Every event has a disciplinary structure that advises attorneys, their arrogance, and consumer complaints. By studying lawyer development you can:

Guarantee the attorney is currently authorised to follow in your country

Obtain an opinion of his or her past disciplinary background, if any.

Determine the seriousness of complaints/issues which could range from late bar fees to more serious issues requiring disciplinary action.


This part of a little business’s accomplishment is having the best lawyer on its top. For new venture buyers, being prepared to candidly open your access can just repeat back completing numerous justices such as Juridical Existence Modification and Conception. Providing company agreements and managing agreements. Qualifying Records, commissioning adjustments and skill divisions too frequently, new venture partners strive to handle these responsibilities on their personal, following in disturbing and impressions, while consuming a lot of experience and currency in the method. By choosing a San Antonio business attorney, you’re supporting and acknowledged performing the job perfectly and efficiently. Setting a sergeant in command of the right product not entirely ensures obligations will be reached, but also enables the business partner to concentrate on what’s most significant.

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Will Bitcoin Continue to Eat into Gold’s Market Cap? Kyle Mufti Believes It Is Imminent with Massive Upside Potential

Kyle Mufti is a gold bullion collector, entrepreneur, and Bitcoin bull. Mufti Holdings is providing todays investors with a balanced perspective on two merging markets.

1. Kyle, thank you for joining us in this week’s interview. We’re looking forward to discussing gold as an investment in 2021 along with the future of Bitcoin in a competing space.

Thank you for inviting me to discuss the topic, I know that a lot of people are interested as it’s something I’m asked often and for good reason. U.S inflation rates have risen to a 13-year high of 5.4% and are growing alongside Canadians 18-year high. Higher food costs, gas prices, and supplemented taxes are pushing people towards a secure asset they can hold amidst the turmoil. As an entrepreneur and investor, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting on both ends of panel discussions debating this very topic.

2. How long have you been investing into gold bullion, and at what point did you decide to focus on cryptocurrency along with other digital assets? 

I’ve owned physical gold bullion, growing from grams to ounces to kilograms over the past decade, primarily as a hedge against inflation. My roots began with international development which created a clear perspective of economic instability in my teens. Being at the forefront political corruption, laundering, and propaganda it was hardwired into me that owning stable currency was critical. Bullion gave me a hedge against inflation and stability during uncertain times.

Ironically, as “volatile” as Bitcoin is, I entered cryptocurrency for the same reason. In recent months it has been dubbed “digital gold” and has institutions around the world sinking their teeth into it as an alternative to traditional positions on gold. Bitcoin’s decentralized and limited supply of 21 million tokens along with blockchain technology appealed to me. My first involvement with crypto was in 2018.

3. With changing regulations and hackers accessing exchanges and wallets, which would you consider safer with regards to security?

From a security and privacy perspective, Bitcoin is arguably much safer to hold. Instead of storing physical bullion in a safe or the redundant act of purchasing speculative gold (as a hedge), you keep your crypto in the blockchain on a ledger which is much harder to compromise with the right measures in place. People who forgot their passwords years earlier or trusted unsecure wallets are not a fair comparison. As for regulations, it’s exciting to see. That’s a ship that sailed in December 2020 without results to speak on yet.

4. As a store of value and hedge against inflation, what makes you certain Bitcoin will be the future choice of investors?

Gold has a stronger reputation across the world which as a store of value dates back hundreds of years. Bitcoin on the other hand was launched just over a decade ago with rapid volatility amidst institutional accumulation. Regardless of this, Bitcoin’s growth continues due to the opportunity at hand in this early adoption phase with impressive upside characteristics.

Show me another hedge-worthy investment that has a year-over-year percentage of 308% in 2021 while under the scrutiny and uncertainty of politicians worldwide. Still, Bitcoin continues to gain institutional adoption. It offers better liquidity, a guaranteed limit of circulating supply, and actual utility value unlike gold. There is tremendous baseline value for Bitcoin that solves for issues with our banking structure whilst ushering in new technologies to the blockchain.

5. Any final thoughts on the battle between gold and Bitcoin?

I see a $500,000 Bitcoin in the future. I think for the next 10 to 15 years, Bitcoin will compliment portfolios with an additional hedge and greater upside value. Gold holdings will remain but with reduced budgets sharing the light with blockchain counterparts. In my opinion the long-term outcome remains imminent – It is not if gold will be replaced, but when. If you are doomsday prepper concerned with an apocalyptic event that wipes out electricity and the financial system as we know it, physical gold bullion is for you. However, if you’re embracing a changing world with an alternative store of value as both a hedge and sound investment, Bitcoin will be the opportunity of the century.