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Color Changing Witch Mugs For Couples/Friends – Halloween Themed Gifts Launched

Fun Gifts 305 has created the playful gifts to celebrate Halloween and bring friends together. For instance, one of the candles included in the new range features a reference to the movie Mean Girls. This gift will appeal to friends who have watched the movie together and use the reference in conversation.

View the range in full here

The newly launched versatile range of gifts from Fun Gifts 305 includes fall, witches, and ghost designs. One example of the latter is the Forever Together Boo Magic Color Changing Mug, which shows two ghosts holding hands.

This gift could be given from one partner to another, or from best friends. It has the potential to be given as a birthday, Halloween, anniversary, or “just because” gift. It is designed to bring people together through a shared love of Halloween and coffee.

Another mug that is available to purchase online says Big Witch Energy, which is a play on a popular phrase that many consumers are familiar with. The light-hearted nature of the gifts and fun approach to the designs means they are popular gift options for a variety of ages.

The new Halloween themed release also includes more mature Halloween presents for party-goers and wine lovers with a red “Happy Hallo-wine” Wine Glass and several other drinking phrases in order to serve as the perfect housewarming gift for the wine-loving best friend this Halloween season.

In addition to the newly added Halloween line, the company is currently offering a deal of 20% Off on all purchases over $35 until October 22. There are also promotional discounts available, which consumers are encouraged to make the most of before the items return to full price. They make the ideal gifts for anyone with a birthday or anniversary around Halloween or an appreciation gift for party hosts.

Aside from selling Halloween-themed items, the online independent Etsy store sells a range of comical, sentimental, and cute mugs. The team behind the store has earned the coveted Etsy rating of Star Seller, which means they provide exceptional customer service, regularly achieve 5-star reviews, respond to customer queries in a timely manner, and ship their goods on time.

Other gifts are also available from the Florida-based seller. This includes personalized sentimental jewelry, tumblers, wine glasses, travel mugs, and more.

A five-star reviewer wrote: “Sister received her mug and loved it! They shipped it in plenty of time for her birthday. It was very nice of them. Great present.”

To find the ideal gift for family and friends this holiday season, whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or a any special occasion, interested parties are encouraged to visit this link


1825 Ponce de Leon

Coral Gables
United States

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Vancouver BC Residential Geotechnical Engineering – Site Investigation Expanded

The expanded service includes the performance of geotechnical investigations for the development and construction of residential properties. This forms a key foundational element in the planning process.

For more information, please visit

Industry experts explain that in-depth geotechnical investigations are required on site prior to any building work beginning. Through the expanded service, more clients can benefit from expert testing, risk assessment, and more.

Arya Engineering has years of experience in the field and understands the importance of building a solid planning foundation for any construction project. By connecting with the expert team, Vancouver builders and developers can complete their projects with added peace of mind.

Geotechnical investigation is an important part of the residential construction process. Arya Engineering provides insight into the viability of a site for ongoing construction work.

The professional team will carry out detailed investigations, and if they determine that the site is unsuitable for building work, they can outline the necessary steps to ensure a safer and more robust project.

Developers considering a residential project in Vancouver are encouraged to get in touch with Arya Engineering. An expert analysis of the chosen area can determine contamination hazards, the full history of the site, and the likelihood of enjoying a sustainable future.

The company is headed by Masoud Mohajeri, who has 28 years of experience in the field. His previous work includes over 300 dams, airports, and bridges, and more than 600 residential construction projects.

Along with both civil and geotechnical engineering, the team also provides material testing for clients. Field testing can determine nuclear or electric density, while concrete testing ascertains the compressive strength. Soil testing provides clients with detailed analytics regarding water content and gradation.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information about our geotechnical engineering services for your residential project. One of our experienced and knowledgeable professionals will be happy to provide all the information you need to make the best decision for your project.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit

Arya Engineering Inc.
Arya Engineering Inc.
212 – 980 West 1st Street

North Vancouver

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US Grayton Beach State Park Vacation Tips – Family Activity Guide Launched

With the latest announcement, travel enthusiasts can begin planning their next coastal vacation by making a more informed decision about the trip. Xperience Traveling provides detailed information about each option, whether readers want to escape this summer or are planning for next year.

More information can be found at:

Travel experts estimate that 87 million people visit a beach throughout the US every year. For almost two years, the pandemic has impacted travel and placed restrictions on vacations, but the new guide from Xperience Traveling has been announced as restrictions are lifted around the country.

With more families able to travel again and visit America’s most popular coastal attractions, the travel resource site aims to meet demand with its latest beach guide.

Popular beach activities among vacationers include surfing, snorkeling, viewing and photographing picturesque locations, and picnicking with the family. With the new guide, readers will be able to pinpoint the right coastal location for their needs and find highlights to visit during their stay.

Some of the beaches discussed include Grayton Beach State Park in Florida, Coronado Beach in San Diego, and Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Whether families want to create a memorable occasion for Labor Day or plan a quick trip before fall arrives, Xperience Traveling can help.

The resource platform has established a reputation for expert wellness-focused traveling advice. It includes several detailed reports on top-rated vacation destinations, and the site’s writers focus on a range of travel topics.

Readers will also be able to gain tips on which airlines are historically safest to fly with, the most popular Mexican resorts to visit, and more.

A spokesperson for the travel site states: “Our purpose is to help you by providing tips, tricks, resources, and other information from our travel experiences. The what-not-to-do items might be especially helpful. If you need help figuring out your next vacation, reach out to us via the Contact Us section, and we will be glad to lend some assistance.”

Interested parties can learn more at:

Xperience Wellness LLC
Xperience Wellness LLC
324 W St Louis St
Suite 97
United States

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Mount Royal Calgary Diamond Engagement Ring – Custom Jewellery Range Updated

The jeweler’s updated range provides Calgary locals with four major categories of engagement rings, namely, solitaire, halo, three stone, and fancy rings. Within these categories, customers can select from myriad styles and types of gold.

More details can be found at

Halo rings are a celebrated feature of the collection. These rings offer diamonds set in either yellow, white, or rose gold. The halo ring is named for its appearance, with small diamonds encircling a larger, central diamond to create an illusion of augmented prominence and splendour.

Diamond engagement rings are iconic around the world, with the precious stone being inseparable from the concept of betrothal. They have been the muses of countless love songs and romantic films over the last century. Those in the market for an engagement ring naturally wish to see the product in person, hence the enduring importance of local, trustworthy jewellers.

Mount Royal locals have the opportunity to visit Breslauer & Warren to see their range in person and make any enquiries necessary before committing to what may be one of the most important purchases of their lives. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are able to offer expert guidance to customers, ensuring a comfortable and fully informed shopping experience.

In addition to engagement rings, Breslauer & Warren offers diamond earrings, bracelets and pendants. Wedding rings are also available, as well as plain wedding bands. Those looking for brighter colours will find a variety of gemstone jewellery featuring rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Pictures of the range can be found at

Breslauer & Warren is a downtown jeweller located near Mount Royal in the city of Calgary. The company specializes in diamond engagement rings and boasts a 100-year history in Canadian jewelry retailing. It buys directly from Canada’s largest diamond cutter and some of the biggest names in jewellery manufacturing worldwide to ensure both competitive prices and optimal quality.

A satisfied customer said: “This store is beautiful and has a great selection in the display cases and so many options available for custom jewellery. Very helpful staff too.”

All interested parties can contact the jeweller by visiting this page:

Other references –

Breslauer & Warren Jewellers
Breslauer & Warren Jewellers
202 6 Ave SW #104


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Giant Baby Elephant Pillow & Plush Toy – Newborns/Babies Premium Range Launched

The latest release makes a great cuddle-buddy for babies and toddlers, as it is made without chemicals or dyes, ensuring that the soft children’s pillow is also safe.

More details can be found at

Recently added to KuddlyKid’s Huggable Plush Friend selection, the Baby Elephant Pillow is ideal for snuggling a newborn or supporting an early sitter, thanks to its softness and size.

Being a new parent is daunting at the best of times, but with helpful resources and all the items they could need readily available, this online retailer helps to make the journey a little easier.

Founded with a desire to help new parents find quality products, KuddlyKid provides a great shopping experience and offers valuable tips and advice when needed. The company was created by a team of “mompreneurs” who wanted to share their own experiences and solutions.

Learn more about KuddlyKid at

The Baby Elephant Pillow can be used as both a pillow and as a stuffed animal friend: large, soft, and floppy enough to be huggable, tuggable, and cozy too. At an enormous 24 inches (60 centimeters) in height, it’s large enough for babies to snuggle in, lay on for all-important tummy time, and lean against for support as they start to sit up.

Made without chemicals or dyes, the Baby Elephant Pillow is available in soft grey, pink and purple, to complement most tastes and nursery decor. Stuffed with polypropylene cotton, the pillow is cushion soft, yet large enough to offer proper support for newborns and young toddlers.

KuddlyKid’s elephantine friend is conveniently machine washable, provided a delicate cycle setting is used. However, it should not be dry cleaned, bleached, or tumble dried.

With the latest announcement, KuddlyKid continues to provide premium baby items and accessories, valuable help and advice, and excellent customer service online and worldwide.

“Super happy with this purchase,” said one satisfied customer. “I bought this for my newborn niece and it’s so perfect and very soft. It looked great when it arrived, and it was huge–even bigger than I was expecting. She’ll be able to use it for years.”

Interested parties can find out more by visiting


6600 Sugarloaf Pkwy
Ste 400 #306
United States

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Livermore CA Slipped Disc Therapy – Pain Relief Chiropractic Service Updated

With the center’s upgraded offering, patients can get relief from slipped discs using all-natural therapy. Unlike other treatment options, chiropractic uses manual manipulation of the spine and does not involve invasive procedures.

More information about Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center is available via

This newly revamped service is specifically geared towards people who have tried conventional treatments to no avail. The clinic uses the flexion-distraction technique, in which a special table and manual flexing of the spine are used to return the slipped disc to its normal position.

Slipped discs occur when the discs between the vertebrae develop a crack, which causes the soft inner cartilage to protrude outside. For this reason, this condition is also often referred to as a herniated disc.

The protruding cartilage can compress or irritate surrounding nerve endings, causing significant pain. Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center subscribes to holistic treatment, which is why it utilizes non-surgical therapy to resolve this issue.

Further details about slipped discs and lower back pain are available through

Each consultation begins with a thorough evaluation to diagnose the presence of a slipped disc. If the condition is verified, patients are usually treated two to three times a week over the span of three months.

To facilitate proper healing of the injured site, the chiropractor will also provide lifestyle and nutrition advice. This ensures that underlying causes are addressed, preventing the slipped disc from recurring.

First-time patients are entitled to a complimentary consultation. To take advantage of this offer, they simply need to fill out a short form on the practice’s website.

About Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center was established to provide clients with holistic healthcare options. It is headed by Dr. Jag Dhesi, who has over 20 years of experience in treating patients.

Dr. Dhesi says: “We are dedicated to helping you achieve your health objectives by combining skills and expertise that span the entire wellness spectrum. Our team is committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic care.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the chiropractic clinic and its services.

Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Springtown Chiropractic & Wellness Center

947 Bluebell Drive

United States

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Vacation Rental Insurance Policy With Commercial Liability Coverage Launched

The updated policy has all-risk coverage for the owner’s buildings, contents, commercial business liability, and business income. Many vacation rental owners think that a home or landlord policy will be sufficient if their property is damaged or someone is injured. That may not be true; they need a policy that covers the gaps in those traditional policies.

More information is available at

Vacation rental owners can now get comprehensive coverage policies with no limit on damage caused by a renter. Besides the actual property, the policies include liability coverage for amenities that may be included with the rental, including bicycles, golf carts, small boats.

Liability is the biggest risk the owner faces. This risk is present whether the owner is renting out a room in his home or the entire property. If a guest falls or injures himself, the owner is exposed to what could be a huge payout. Owners can avoid this problem with this company’s policy that provides liability coverage, both commercial and personal when the property doubles as the insureds primary residence.

The second-largest risk is the damage to the physical property, including the structure and its contents. The Proper Insurance policy provides coverage whether the damage or theft was accidental or intentional. In fact, the policy pays the actual replacement costs, not a dollar value based on the age of the items.

Another risk is lost rental income in case the property is damaged and cannot be rented for a length of time. With a policy at Proper Insurance, the owner can choose the insurance limit for lost rental income.

Airbnb and its imitators have changed the vacation rental industry forever. Today, any property owner can rent out a room in his home and compete with mainstream hotels. Ten years ago, the U.S. had only 200,000 short-term rental properties. Now there are over 2 million.

Having written over 50,000 policies, Proper Insurance is the country’s leader in short-term vacation rental insurance and has received several commendations. The company, which has an A+ rating on the BBB, is backed by Lloyd’s of London and exclusively endorsed by Vrbo, the #1 website for vacation rentals by the owner.

A satisfied client gave Proper Insurance five stars and wrote, “I was amazed at how efficient, patient and honest Alexa was. Got double the specialized coverage for 1/3 of the cost.”

Interested parties can find details at

Proper Insurance(R)
Proper Insurance(R)
1203 North Rouse Avenue
United States

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Milton Keynes SEO/Marketing Agency – Local Brand Visibility Service Launched

Businesses can optimise their brand promotion through the advanced SEO options available as part of this unique service to achieve more substantial ROI. The agency is experienced in providing full-service content solutions and strategically drives engagement across channels.

More information can be found at:

Research shows that 51% of all shoppers say they use Google to research a purchase before committing. The new service expansion from Choobooloo empowers businesses to get found when these searches take place locally.

Further compounding the importance of reliable SEO services is the latest data on Google’s clickthrough rate. Studies reveal that websites on the second page of search results only receive 6% of clicks.

Choobooloo’s SEO exploits professional keyword research, which provides the foundation for a more successful marketing campaign. Additionally, on-page optimisation services and bespoke content creation ensure clients rank more effectively.

There are several benefits to getting in touch with a local marketing agency for SEO. Digital marketing is a more affordable solution compared to traditional advertising methods and is highly measurable.

This method enables businesses to develop and optimise their campaigns for the best results. SEO campaigns can also be targeted at a specific audience, leading to more precise brand development.

Clients can rely on the Milton Keynes-based agency for reliable inbound marketing solutions that target quality leads. Their services are consumer-centric and are based on results-backed practices.

One of the most impactful ways Choobooloo can help clients is through conversion-optimised page design. They implement the latest strategies to help businesses launch, scale and grow across sectors. The highly trained marketing specialists can oversee automation, develop social media ad campaigns, and more.

In-depth analytics tools ensure that each campaign is monitored carefully, and customers can tweak individual elements to ensure their messages reach the widest audience.

A recent client said: “I’m glad that I worked with Choobooloo on our product omnipresence, and I am confident I will come back in the future.”

Interested parties can learn more at:
Shenley Church End, Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

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Restaurant Online Ordering/Reservation System Design – Mobile Services Launched

The recently launched ordering system requires no special devices or hardware and can be accessed from any Android or iOS device through an app. The company can design entire websites, or integrate their ordering service into existing sites using widgets.

To learn more about customized food ordering widgets for restaurant websites, please visit

Alongside the launch of their restaurant ordering widgets, the company is also offering reservation booking modules. This option allows customers to reserve seats in real-time and also order their food in advance if they choose, all through a restaurant’s existing website.

Restaurant owners can use the company’s drag and drop online menu editor to create highly customized menus for their customers, using either their own images or a wide selection of stock pictures. The system allows for multiple food size options, add-on items, and online payments.

Customers can use coupons or discounts provided by the restaurant through the ordering service, which is available using a desktop computer or mobile device, and save their addresses or other information for return visits. All the data collected belongs to the restaurants, and will not be shared with other companies.

Employees can be notified on their devices when a new order arrives and may provide real-time confirmation and fulfillment times. Using an Epson or Star printer, receipts can be printed directly from mobile devices.

The company does not charge for orders processed through their online system, and charges no per-use commissions or fees, regardless of how much the service is used. Their widgets are compatible with most website building services, and they also offer a snap-in widget for ordering through Facebook.

Clients who wish to set minimum order and delivery fees can do so through the application. It also supports multiple restaurant locations, varying hours for opening and closing, and a wide variety of payment options. Interested restaurant owners can fill out a form on the company’s website and should expect to hear back within 24 hours.

For more information about online ordering services for restaurants, please visit

7328 Abelardo Dr

United States

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Victory Karate and Afterschool Program Will Be Giving Away 50-$200 coupons.

Victory Karate and Afterschool Program in the Bronx, New York is beginning our DONE-FOR-YOU/Martial Arts Afterschool Program. Our company will commemorate the launch by giving away a $195 discount to the first 50 people who sign up.

Victory Karate & Afterschool Program in the Bronx, New York, has taken a unique approach to afterschool. Our DONE-FOR-YOU martial arts after-school program will mark the occasion by awarding a $195 coupon to the first 50 parents who register their children between October 15 and November 15, 2021.

Unlike most businesses, Victory Karate and Afterschool Program have chosen to take things a step further. Our launch, in my opinion, is one-of-a-kind. This is the first time a Martial Arts and Afterschool Program will be combined to offer two fantastic services for one reasonable price. With it, we’ll be releasing the first of our Done For You/Martial Arts Afterschool Program.

Mr. Sands, Director of Martial Arts and Afterschool Operations at Victory Karate and Afterschool Program, says: “We wanted to stand out from the crowd. This is the first time a Martial Arts and Afterschool Program will collaborate to offer two fantastic services for one reasonable price. We’re starting our Done For You/Martial Arts Afterschool Program this way because we wanted to achieve something no other afterschool or martial arts program has attempted before.

It should be beneficial, and unless no one shows up to redeem a certificate, The promotion should go well!”

Victory Karate and Afterschool Program have always worked hard to set itself apart from other Bronx martial arts and afterschool programs. It does it in a variety of ways, Victory Afterschool and Karate offers several innovative programs for instance a beginner coding program for kids, several language cohorts like Spanish, Japanese…, Leadership Training, Critical thinking games that help kids improve their decision-making process and so much more.

Shihan Frazier-Chief Instructor mentioned” Victory is always looking at ways to over-deliver, The team is constantly thinking “how can we serve our community better”,

We understand that our community might not have access to those other programs based on finances, because each one of those programs by itself can be very expensive. So what we try to do is to give the kids a balanced understanding of certain skills so they can have an advantage when it comes to their counterparts.

The thing that makes us unique is that other programs are funded with grants, which is great for the community, but since we’re not, this gives us the ability to move quickly without so much bureaucracy.

This is a celebration of the parents’ and shopkeepers’ resilience in supporting our local businesses despite last year’s tragic event. Victory Karate & Afterschool Program is a community-based, family-oriented program that aims to help children develop leadership qualities while also improving their academic performance.

Victory Karate and Afterschool Program have been serving the Bronx, New York community since 1997. It has now served over 1000 clients and is one of the most well-known in the area. We are located on the second floor of 740 East 233rd Street, directly across the street from the fire station.

Mr. Sands went on to say: “While Victory Karate and Afterschool Program is not the only company that offers this service, locals prefer us because We Give Back and Our Customers Know It. V.K.A.S is always looking for new methods to put our resources back into the community’s kids and the parents we help.”

When asked about the debut of our DONE-FOR-YOU/Martial Arts Afterschool Program, Mr. Sands said: “Team Victory feels it will be a success since it will allow local parents to enroll their children in a high-quality program at a low cost. There is no other program in the area that can offer two such high-quality programs for such a low price “…

Visit for more information on Victory Karate and the Afterschool Program

Victory Karate and Afterschool Program
Victory Karate and Afterschool Program
740 East 233rd Street 2nd Flr
2nd Floor
United States

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