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How Handy are Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are essential to maintaining all your smoking accessories and herbs in one place. If you are one of the woke smokers, you can’t skip such tools at your house or your rising place. In addition, they serve a useful purpose in any smoker’s accessories kit.

Trays help store tools such as papers, filters, lighters, and other rolling items that are consistently ignored and misplaced. This helps you find your smoking supplies easily when you are ready to roll.

Besides, you can gather any stray smoking herbs on rolling trays before they swift away, making you waste your money. Trays with raised edges and concave surfaces help build the perfect shape to hold loose herbs. They also save your house or place from being sticky or dirty with smoke particles when used over time.

Keeping rolling trays also reflect your personality; manageable and well-behaved smoking habit. Moreover, some customized or extravagant trays can also become genuine and attractive collective art pieces. Not to mention that they can end up becoming tremendous or endless personalized gifts for your smoker friends.

You can find rolling trays ranging from a simple flat surface to a broad platform with intricate builds consisting of sections and compartments. Custom rolling trays have several different designs and sizes. Still, you can usually find rectangular pieces in the majority as this is the standard shape.

Types of Rolling Trays

Rolling trays can be categorized based on the materials featured in their manufacture, so we have a list of some popular rolling trays with their pros and cons.

Metal Rolling Trays:

Made out of metal sheets, these trays are durable and affordable at the same time. They come in several sizes and various designs to leave you with plenty of options to choose from. Though metal trays can be less fancy or attractive, they are pretty functional.

Plastic Rolling Trays:

These trays are pretty affordable and all purposeful. They are made of plastic, so you can not expect such trays to be durable like wood and metal. However, they can still function well. You can find some plastic trays with intricate features and good storage space. These trays are pretty light, so you can easily carry and travel with them.

Wooden Trays:

Wooden trays cost a bit more than plastic and metal because of their intricate nature. They provide a wide variety of colorful designs and artworks with elaborate features and details. As wood tends to be curved easily, trays made out of it can deposit more customized facilities. Bare wooden trays seem less attractive, so you can find at least a compartment curved in the wood piece. However, it may be challenging to carry and travel with complicated wooden trays. But if you have some rooms to take such trays, wooden trays can house lots of supplies and accessories.

Glass Rolling Trays:

The transparent texture of the glass rolling trays can attract your eyes. Of course, not every glass piece is made equal, but you can still find thick and durable glass trays. No need to elaborate that these pieces impress your guests and remain outstanding for the rest of the time. These pieces come in many different sizes, but it is less practical to think about these trays to travel with.

In Conclusion

Rolling trays are essential whether you are a casual smoker or an experienced spliff puff. They can spice up your rolling experience and enhance your rolling schedule. But before you jump into buying some random rolling trays, you can select great pieces considering the size of your workspace and how much you roll.

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Advantages of Using Custom Essay Writing Services

College students have to deal with a ton of essays and term papers to get through their academic year. It is inconceivably challenging to put in the same amount of focus, research, and dedication in each essay. It is because students are required to work on multiple essays at a time. When pending essays start to pile up, and you feel concerned for your GPA, it is time to stop pushing yourself and seek help.

At, you can find an unmatched and reliable custom essay writing service that has a team of highly qualified academic writers. A professional essay writer can be a great source of relief that college students can use to redeem their peace of mind. In addition, an instance of relaxation will certainly increase the students’ productivity.

Advantages of Custom Essay Writing Service

If you are unsure whether it is worth hiring professional essay writers, check out the following indispensable advantages you can gain with the help of a custom essay writing service:

  • Time Efficient

Time is the most sought-after entity by college students as they struggle to meet deadlines. When you have multiple pending essays to work on with the same date of submission, it is only natural for students to complain about the lack of time in their lives.

If you are feeling stressed out lately and craving some relaxing time for yourself, you can always rely on the assistance of a professional essay writer. Hiring an affordable essay writing service can buy you considerable time to relax, do research, or work on some other project.

  • Professional Writing

Not every good student is a great writer. If you are one of those people who have confidence in their ideas and research but struggle to write in a concise and compelling manner, you need to contact the best custom essay writing service right now!

With the help of highly qualified and skilled academic writers, you can write quality essays that will certainly impress your professors and improve your grades.

  • Reduces Stress

College demands constant energy from the students. If you work on your essays during the week and also on the weekend, you are eventually going to exhaust the hyper-focused student inside of you. Before you reach your breaking point, contact a professional essay writer and let them reduce a little bit of stress from your life!

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KuCoin Referral Code for $500 and 40% discount off all fees

Use the KuCoin Referral code QBSSSPH1 to get $500 in rewards and a 40% discount off all your cryptocurrency trades

KuCoin has become one of biggest crypto exchanges in entire world and with such great offers for new users, it is no wonder they have just celebrated their 10,000,000th customer.  

How to get the trading fee discount and claim rewards?

  1. First just copy our discount code QBSSSPH1
  2. Then head to the KuCoin signup page link here
  3. Paste the code into the ‘referral code’ section at the screen 
  4. Complete the signup details
  5. Then you can enjoy your 40% discount off trading fees!

If you need to know more about how to use the KuCoin referral code and the rewards, take a look here for more information. 

How do I get the extra rewards?

First, you can claim a ‘mystery box’ which will give all users a chance to earn a cash prize at signup! Then you can earn rewards for tasks such as making your 1st deposit, making your 1st trade, referring friends and even learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain!

Does the exchange have mobile support?

Yes, Android and Apple users can both join KuCoin and use the referral code at signup to claim the discount and rewards!

What are the trading fees?

The exchange already offers some of the most competitive trading fees around. Starting from 0.1% per trade, active traders are also rewarded with additional reductions in trading fees. KuCoin also offers its members the chance to purchase the exchange’s native token known as ‘KCS’. This allows customers who purchase the token to receive additional discounts on trading fees, as well as the chance to earn a daily dividend for holding 6 or more KCS.

Is the code just for new users?

Yes, only new signups can use the code, as it can not be applied to existing accounts.

To ConcludeKuCoin offers low fees, huge rewards, potential for passive income, a wide variety of both trading options and new currencies, as well as fantastic welcome offers and by using the referral code QBSSSPH1 you can save even more on all your crypto trades.

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Reasons to Consider Getting an Accidental Death Benefit Rider

Accidents can happen anywhere whether you’re in your car, on a plane, or in your home. Many accidents can be prevented, while some simply can’t. But one way you can prepare for the unexpected is by leaving your family with as much protection as possible.

Getting an accidental death benefit rider can provide you and your family peace of mind and financial security. Let’s dive deeper into what an accidental death benefit rider is and some reasons why life insurance policyholders should consider getting one.

What is an accidental death benefit rider?

An accidental death benefit rider is an additional payout your beneficiaries can receive if you die from a covered accident. This benefit can give you and your family an extra layer of reassurance in a worst-case scenario.

An accidental death benefit provides a payment to your beneficiaries if you die from situations like a slip and fall or being the victim of a crime. These benefits can sometimes also cover traumatic injuries like loss of sight, dismemberment, and other non-death-related injuries that could happen in a covered accident.

Like the death benefit of a life insurance policy, your family can use the payout for anything they need, including paying for your children’s college tuition, your mortgage, household bills, or debt.

Typically, accidental death benefits are available to people between the ages of 20 and 65 years old, and this benefit can be tacked on to an existing life insurance policy. You can receive the accidental death benefit rider insurance without a medical exam, and you may be able to extend your policy to your spouse and children.

Reasons to get an accidental death benefit rider

An accidental death rider benefit isn’t a regular part of a life insurance policy available through most life insurance providers. So, you can select it as an additional provision to your base life insurance plan to get extra life insurance coverage for less without purchasing another policy. An accidental death rider can be a good idea for any life insurance customer, but it may be a particularly important option to consider if one of these situations applies to you:

You work in a dangerous profession

If you work in a high-risk occupation, there is a higher probability of accidents and fatalities while on the job. Some more dangerous professions include construction workers, airplane pilots, miners, welders, and first responders. Getting an accidental death benefit rider can give you peace of mind knowing your family will have added financial protection.

You drive frequently

Those who are on the road often, whether they commute to work or drive a vehicle professionally, are at a higher risk for accidents due to the possibility of mechanical issues, extreme weather, and other problems. This is where an accidental death benefit can provide the coverage you and your family need.

The bottom line

Accidental death benefits can give your loved ones financial security if you pass away unexpectedly. If you have any questions about what accidents are covered, you can contact your insurer to find out what the accidental death benefit includes. You can never be too prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

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Elrond Blockchain – The Future of Newcomer Tokens?

Ethereum is one of the most common blockchains that new tokens utilize. Using someone else’s infrastructure allows token developers to build on top of existing blockchains instead of creating their own, significantly cutting down development time and challenges. While using ETH for the infrastructure is a popular choice, other public blockchains allow for token distribution.

Elrond is one of the most powerful blockchain technologies available and still relatively new in comparison to BTC. The Elrond mainnet, released in July 2020, has seen a massive increase in traction, with all of their ERC-20 and BEP-2 tokens swapped onto their blockchain, with a transition of 1,000 ERD becoming one eGLD.

How Does the Elrond Blockchain Help Token Creators?

While Bitcoin was the beginning of the cryptocurrency market, Elrond has created a completely different infrastructure, providing many benefits over the two most significant currencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For example, Elrond is currently the only blockchain that uses a Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus. That eliminates the Proof of Work computation waste and uses random validators and a consensus group compared to Proof of Work (PoW) that both BTC and ETH use. Furthermore, the Elrond blockchain allows for 15K TPS, which is huge compared to any other blockchain. A real game-changer when you consider Bitcoin can handle only 7, and Ethereum, 15.

Not only is Elrond at the peak of technology and performance, but the extremely low network fees also allow for easy adaption and huge transaction rates.

Continuing to look at the benefits Elrond’s blockchain can offer, they have an approximate 5-second latency for the transaction to be set in a block, plus four rounds (24 seconds); thus ~27-second finality, and the blockchain is highly scalable, too. Compare those figures to the top two blockchains now; Bitcoin needs six confirmations or 60 minutes. And Ethereum TX is considered final after 25 confirmations or 6 minutes. Therefore, you can see that Elrond has created some significant improvements.

Not only do Elrond help token creators, but they also provide some considerable benefits to the users too.

Elrond’s network allows for fast, intuitive, and inexpensive token issuing. Integration of the Elrond authentication and TX signing is effortless. The Maiar Wallet Connect enables hundreds of thousands of users to sign in through Maiar Login and instantly pay for services in any dApp, whenever and wherever they need.

BH Network – The Newest Token Planned for the Elrond Blockchain

One of the newest tokens planned for release on the Elrond blockchain is BH Network. Elrond is quite picky when it comes to tokens being released on their blockchain. With only 171 tokens on the blockchain at the time of writing, compared to well over 200,000 on ETH, it is a good sign that BH Network has significant potential.

Still early in its development, BH Network has just seen its one-month birthday and already has over 1400 users on its Telegram group. However, their use case for the token is proof that they aim to change the way people buy digital goods.

Buying and selling with cryptocurrencies is nothing new. However, while some businesses are dipping their toes into the “crypto-commerce” scene, freelancers are left behind. Fiverr started to accept BTC payments pre 2017, but January 2017 saw the end to that due to the Israeli government changing its regulations. Those regulations classified all profits from cryptocurrency as barter transactions, thus subject to capital gains tax, starting at 25%.

BH Network, a worldwide team of freelancers, is not ruled by Israeli tax laws. Therefore, they aim to fill the void created by the demise of other freelancer website’s ability to take cryptocurrency payments.

The Elrond blockchain allows for near-instant transactions and much lower fees than any fiat payment system. That could potentially see a reduction from ~25% fees down to a meager ~5% fee, with the benefits of decentralization and anonymity.

That is not where the benefits end, though. While there is no official release of the whitepaper yet, the team has released information showing their goals are more than just a marketplace for freelancers. They will run the marketplace themselves, all as seasoned freelancers specializing in different areas of digital production. Here are some of the benefits they promise:

No services unaccepted – providing they are legal

  • Highly moderated marketplace
  • Escrow system
  • Multi-payment options
  • Extremely low fees
  • And more.

The amalgamation of BH Network and Elrond is a revolutionary movement in progress, and we can see why.

Why Are There No Crypto-Commerce Sites?

Other than the reason already mentioned about Fiverr, a few other businesses have tried to implement cryptocurrency payments into marketplaces. However, for various reasons, they have failed or backtracked. Searching online for cryptocurrency marketplaces will show you well over ten different websites that have attempted the feat. However, most of them are small businesses with no backing.

One of the larger companies that have tried it is Rakuten, but in 2016, they didn’t even get through the start-up. Some of the executives left the businesses, and others were laid off, making the transition to crypto payments impossible. Since then, there are no other updates from the e-commerce giants about revisiting the idea, giving the impression that it is not something they will reconsider.

Therefore, it appears that there is a lack of interest for larger companies to incorporate crypto payments and an inability for smaller teams to complete such a large project.


With the team that BH Network has, the involvement of MG Staking, and their plan to launch on the Elrond blockchain, this project should be the perfect opportunity to see a brand new cryptocurrency marketplace. We look forward to them entering the scene to help all freelancers and corporate businesses bypass some of the excessive fees and difficulties that other platforms cannot remove.

The Elrond blockchain technology provides many benefits, and maybe this is the start of more tokens appearing there; it is certainly something worth keeping an eye on!

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Type of Custom Socks

If you are in the market for custom socks, I’m sure your head is probably spinning right now. There are tons of sock companies out there claim to be the best but you really cannot tell until you start ordering from them and nine out of ten, the socks you ordered are probably crappy. So what can I do you asked? I’ve done all the homework for you so you don’t have to. Let’s dive in.

​First off, before you even consider producing your own socks, you should know the basics such as composition, the structure and material. There are mainly two types of custom socks, one is knit and the other is dye sublimation. If you are looking for simple yet stretchable designs I would suggest knit because with knitted socks, the yarns are already dyed with color before stitched together hence when you wear the socks, the graphics holds up better when worn; however, if you have more intricate design which you often do. Dye sublimation socks are much better in that regard because dye-sub is basically heat transfer from paper to fabric. Every little detail will get transfer during the heat transfer process. The con is you can only print on polyester socks. The choice of material is limited.

​With knitted socks, there are only a handful of companies willing to do small volume orders, so unless your order is 100+ pairs more than likely your socks will have to be made either overseas in China or a company that’s will to do small runs at a higher price. As oppose to dye-sub, you can order as little as one pair and the wholesale pricing is much lower to start. If you’re looking to sell your design and want to test the market, dye-sub would be a good starting point.

​I personally went with dye-sub since they are made here in USA and can scale at a much lower price, prosocks where I get my custom socks from offers 4 types of different dye-sub socks. They have ankle, crew, dress and even knee high socks. I highly recommend their dress socks as they are great quality at a great price. If this style of custom socks fits you then dye-sub socks is the way to go. Knitted socks are also good but you’ll have to order in large volume to make up for the unit cost.

​At the end of the day, it’s all about what your preference is and who is buying your socks. Every type of socks has pros and cons, you weight it against your customer’s need. Most importantly, you want to ensure you get your custom socks from a reliable source. If you decide to go overseas, make sure you give yourself enough time for shipping because it’s going to take awhile before you received your order. In my experience, keep it USA. Easy to deal with and quality ensured.

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Where To Get Best Custom Socks

​If you are looking for a reliable source to create custom socks for your company or an event you are planning this year then you really have the work cut out for you. There are many factors to consider when you are creating your own socks. It took me quite a bit of time to sort out which companies were trustworthy and which were unreliable. Upon my research, I realized most online socks retailers nowadays are either print on demand companies or worst overseas whereas the quality of the socks is a bit skeptical.

​In order to find a reliable and high quality online company, I ordered samples from each company to see how they compared. I base my experience on quality of the socks, the delivery time and price. To my surprised, most the samples took a long time to arrive and the quality was subpar. The socks are either from china or elsewhere outside of USA. The print quality was very poor and the colors faded after a few wash. Not very good experience so far until I found one company based in New York, USA.

​The first time I dealt with was after ordering samples from them with my own graphics, I was very specific with the design elements and the placement of each graphic, they were able to accommodate me and the samples came very quickly. The designer was very nice, she even resend mock ups to me before full production. I felt confident with the product so I placed a fairly large order of 100 pairs with them, it arrived within three business days (since I needed it quickly). The socks came out perfect and the colors were very vibrant. I was so impress with them now I’m thinking of ordering more custom socks for my clients going forward as marketing material.

​All in all, if you are looking to create custom socks, do your research and make sure you’re buying from a reliable company that’s based in USA. Don’t make the same mistakes I did and waste your budget, there are so much noise in the space, make sure you do your due diligence before committing to an order. Try ordering samples, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably doesn’t.

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4 Tips for Choosing the Ideal High-Risk Merchant Account Provider

A high-risk business is prone to excessive refunds or chargebacks, takes parts in risky business practices, or sells products that are part of a high-risk industry. 

Thus, high-risk merchant account helps merchants considered high risk to accept debit and credit card transactions. They are made for merchants whose practices are may result in a potential loss for merchant account providers and banks that grant them account services or are susceptible to high chargeback ratios. 

These businesses include money transfer services, travel operations, CBD, vapes, telemedicine, etc.

In this article, we discuss the tips to help you choose the ideal high-risk merchant account provider. Let’s discuss.

  • Secure processing

When choosing a high-risk account provider, security is paramount. That is because there is nothing more vital for a business than the safety of its funds. You want to choose a provider who offers the best high-risk merchant account by ensuring that all your financial transactions get protected. And one that is proactive and has the best fraud-prevention services. 

To confirm this, do your research before making a final decision to ensure that the provider has not had any safety issues. The best provider will have a proven track record of guaranteeing zero fraudulent activities take place and have top-of-the-line security to keep your business and customers safe.

  • Fast and high approvals

Choose a high-risk merchant account provider who prides themselves on fast approvals. The application and approval process should be quick so that your business can begin accepting credit cards right away. 

You also want to consider a provider with high approvals. That ensures that your application gets submitted to banks that work with businesses like yours. And this will save you so much time. 

  • Industry experience

A high-risk merchant account provider who has been in the industry for a while will help you set up the best high-risk merchant account. That is because they have, over time, created a massive network of high-risk banks in the industry and has staff experienced in strengthening and formulating their network of international and local banking partners. That means they can offer diversified solutions for almost every kind of high-risk merchant account. 

Additionally, a high-risk merchant account provider who has been in the industry for a while has tried and tested most banking institutions to understand the perfect fit for your business. 

  • Excellent customer support

The truth is, it might be effortless to spot a high-risk merchant account provider. Yet, if their customer service is wanting, all their other best features will not matter. You want to ensure that their customer service is outstanding so that the application process is as seamless as possible. 

Final thoughts

The ideal high-risk merchant account provider is out there for you, meaning that finding the best high risk merchant account should not be a challenge. All you have to do is do thorough research and due diligence to make the right decision for your business. The tips discussed above will come in handy!

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Best Custom Face Socks We’ve Seen

Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you should’ve seen custom socks with pet faces around by now. Whether you received a pair from Christmas gift exchange or you gotten some for your love ones. They are everywhere on social media. Personally, I’ve seen them all over my Facebook (meta) feeds. There are like numerous ads on my wall and to be honest I love them but don’t know which company to order from. Fortunately for you, I’ve done all the research for you so you don’t have to.

For my research I’ve basically ordered from the top 5 companies that came up on Google, I judged them based on ease of purchase, price and quality of socks. From what I’ve gathered, for the most part the socks quality varies in a wide range. For the most part, the ease of purchase was neck to neck amongst the companies. Price wise, I find that certain companies will price it very low to attract you to click on their website and then add a bunch of fees at the end of checkout. The total cost came out to be more or less the same as expensive socks.

The only criteria that stands out for me was the quality of the socks, from start to finish I found Furbabysocks to be better in terms of color and feel. The face crop was crisp and they even added an outline to enhance the effect of the face making the socks more fun and pop. I had slight issue with my photo and their customer service was top notch. Not only did they offer free revisions they even send me a new mock up to prove before production. I had a really great experience with them and I’m planning to order in bulk for my company.  

I can’t say which was the worst or the best but I can say that based on my experience they really stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for custom socks, make sure you do your research before placing your first order because the last thing you want is a pair of crappy custom socks as a gift for your love ones. 

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Best Custom Pet Socks

Are you in the market for some cool-looking socks but don’t know where to get them from? Are there too many companies offering them but can’t find a reliable one? I know it’s not an easy feat but lucky for you. I have some experience to share with you to make your search much easier.

Like many of you, I’ve seen all of the custom pet socks advertisements on my FB feed, I kept seeing them until I finally make the move to purchase one. Little did I know, not all sock companies are the same. Initially I ordered a pair from a well-known company. I thought with all the reviews and comments on their ad, it would be a safe place to start my custom socks journey. I ordered it in November, and guess what it never came! I was so frustrated with the order, I emailed and called them but no one responded despite numerous tries. At this point, I’m out of money and out of xmas gift.

With the holiday winding down, I desperately tried another company Furbabysocks, without any expectations this time around, I placed another order with them on Monday and much to my surprised it came on Wednesday. I was so impressed with the delivery time and gotten my hopes back for our family gathering.

Finally, the day of gift exchange arrived and I nervously handed my gift to my brother in law, I didn’t know what he would think of it but I kept my calm. I anxiously watch him unbox the gift (since I didn’t see the socks yet myself because I ordered it in gift box) as he was ripping through the gift wrap I warned him that this would be a hit or miss but as soon as he lay his eyes on the cropped faces of his beloved pup, I knew it was a hit. He jumped up as he was still holding the socks and gave me a hug and whispered this was the best gift I ever gotten in awhile, thank you! I couldn’t have been happier myself.

He tried the socks and loved the quality and the pup’s face on it, everyone else who unboxed after him couldn’t top my gift, and guess what? I was the hero that day. All in all, I was really glad that I made the decision with furbaby socks, what I realized is that the gifting experience doesn’t end until the person receiving it is happy!