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ELIRA Apparel is changing the game for women outdoors

For women who find themselves outdoors often, having apparel that is comfortable, strong and made for them is vital. Whether out for leisure and exercise activities or being on the job, women all too often find themselves in uncomfortable situations when nature calls – and they’re in nature. The options are typically limited and less than ideal, and in some cases, compromise the health, safety and dignity of women.

Kelly McCombs, a successful entrepreneur with years of experience, is changing that. Based in Seattle, she is the Founder and CEO of E LIRA Apparel , a brand dedicated to empowering women and making their experience in the outdoors easier and more comfortable. With years of experience in design, McCombs channeled her passion for nature into her brand and developed the successful, revolutionary Elira Explorer pants.

With passionate conviction, a love of nature and the right experience, McCombs was the perfect person to create ELIRA and start helping women feel more free, empowered and dignified – no matter where they are or what they’re doing in nature. With ELIRA, McCombs is working to encourage women to explore and reach their full potential – all while feeling comfortable and free.

About ELIRA Apparel

ELIRA Apparel is a clothing company with pants for both men and women, but it was designed specifically with women in mind. The brand sells patented pants for the outdoor woman who is seeking workwear that is more functional. Whether it’s for a job or leisure, many women often find themselves in uncomfortable situations when they need to use the bathroom outside. To solve this problem, McCombs started ELIRA.

A businesswoman who had built a successful career in interior design, McCombs eventually ventured into apparel. An avid hiker and lover of nature, McCombs was inspired by a friend at the end of a hike, who said, “Why is it they can put a man on the moon, but they can’t make a pair of pants for a woman to squat and pee without her pants down around her knees?” A lightbulb went off for McCombs and she quickly got to work.

McCombs then began to develop prototypes and eventually secured a utility patent. She made her way to outdoor retailer shows in Utah and studied technical fabrics, fabrics with stretch,waterproofing, spandex and more. She hired a company to run a Kickstarter and saw herself expanding past millennial buyers.

“It’s like building blocks,”

Currently, ELIRA sells two pieces of apparel with more planned for the near future. There’s the Adams pant, named after a famous female explorer, which is a pair of multipurpose, multifunctional pants with a patented invisible two-way auto-locking zipper technology. With a zipper that zips all the way around from front to back, or back to front, women can be discreet and free from the restrictions of traditional pants.

McCombs said she wanted pants that weren’t constricting, and also one that stylistically could be worn while hiking or working and then to meet friends for dinner.

“I wanted one that looked sharp with great stitching and a four-way stretch, just in case you needed to sleep in them on that camping trip,” she said.

The pants are made to be tear-resistant with large, deep pockets and designed to be flattering to shape. There are also no labels or logos. ELIRA pants look like a regular pair of pants. They provide you the freedom to pee without your pants down around your knees. That freedom is going to stay that way. There is also a zipper guard sewn in on the inside, to provide you protection and additional comfort. The store additionally sells the ELIRA panties, which part gently in the middle for squatting. Products coming soon include a boxer brief and long underwear.

A brand rooted in freedom

The name Elira has a significant meaning – in Albanian, it means “to be free.” Much of the brand’s mission is rooted in breaking down patriarchal constraints and unleashing the power of women. As many women are looking to build careers in fields that aren’t confined to an office job, their attire must be suited to them. Ultimately, women’s workwear has fallen significantly short of functionality and practicality.

Often, patriarchal workforce dress codes have boxed women into wearing certain clothing, and even in more blue-collar fields, workwear for women was not designed with them in mind. For example, uniforms have traditionally been designed to be bulkier and heavier, making it more difficult for women to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. The creation of ELIRA was based partly on the importance of women having attire that fits their needs.

McCombs is looking to break through these norms and standards. She said ELIRA’s brand is about the freedom to empower women. Its mission is to illuminate the path toward ensuring equality and kindness by celebrating every individual’s needs in active environments.

“Our mission is to create the most revolutionary products that promote personal freedom and empower a natural experience when nature calls us into action,” she said.

The pants at ELIRA Apparel are like no other – mainly due to the patented two-way invisible zipper. McCombs said, not only do they look like a regular pair of pants, they have a great four-way stretch. No matter what the activity is, “This is long overdue for women in active outdoor environments.” ELIRA pants have been tested on horseback, bike riding, on

cross-country trips while sitting on the saddle for hours.

The pants, the brand recently launched are made with nylon bamboo spandex, are coated with a breathable Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating so they are perfect for any unexpected rainy days, or wet based expeditions. The Polartec Power Dry underwear sets a high standard for moisture management with a four-way stretch. This promotes fast drying, breathable, moisture-wicking performance fabric. And it’s recycled fabric! McCombs said the material on the pants and underwear use less energy in washing and drying, promoting sustainability.

The women who are wearing ELIRA

As McCombs was building her company and perfecting the pants, she said she did a lot of reading and studying, especially about farm women in the midwest. She found that women in fields of science, such as archeologists, had a need for the exact type of pants she was creating. At the time, many women were using feminine urinary devices. In some cases, women working outside had to remove their pants – often in front of male coworkers. This only fueled the need and passion for ELIRA.

“Pants were designed for men, and it’s simply degrading no one has ever considered a woman’s needs once she started wearing pants.”

McCombs said she receives many letters from customers saying these will be a game changer, a dream come true. She said, the women wearing ELIRA Apparel include women who are active in outdoor environments, such as campers, hikers, firefighters, law enforcement, military, border patrol, farmers and more.

She found women are guilty of holding in the urine due to those embarrassing moments while in outdoor active activities. Embarrassment of having to pee with their pants down around their knees exposing themselves. As a matter of fact, women will avoid hydrating for this reason causing urinary tract infection (UTI)

McCombs said she hopes the women who are wearing ELIRA will find their freedom and feel empowered. “Go where no woman has ever gone,” she said.

The passion behind the project

McCombs fostered an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age and quickly decided that she wanted to work for herself. She started initially in product development and interior design and opened several successful lifestyle shops early on in her career. McCombs has also worked in visual arts, doing sculpting and being featured in the Philadelphia Museum of Art Trade shows. She has been featured in local, national, and international magazines, newspapers and television. She also holds multiple patents and trademarks.

Another one of McCombs’ passions is providing customers with excellent service and being open and honest with them. She said she’s received inspiring and encouraging feedback from customers in various fields, and it only fuels her desire to empower women and expand.

At the heart of her mission with ELIRA is to give women a voice. As a woman in business, she said she’s experienced firsthand the double-edged sword of working in a man’s world. This is especially true for women who are working in male-dominated fields and have found relief in ELIRA.

To McCombs, it’s very evident that women have and will continue to have a crucial role in turning around the planet’s health – a cause that she is also passionate about.

“I believe in the preservation of nature and working with the environment instead of against it,” she said. “Everything I do is all about nature.”

The future of ELIRA

When it comes to the future of ELIRA, McCombs said her focus is the upcoming products as well as some more patents that are in the works. Her current priority is women working in the outdoor fields.

“Women are in all kinds of fields,” she said. “Women are pushing the envelope.”

She’s also keeping a finger on the pulse of trends and what the outdoor space looks like, including women who are embracing nomadic lifestyles and “van life.”

Ultimately, making a difference is the biggest mark of success for McCombs. And with the response she’s received from countless customers who are loving ELIRA Apparel, it’s apparent

that she is making a change and helping women feel stronger, more free and comfortable doing their work and what they love.

“We stand to empower women,” she said.

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Fan Club Platform FanCircles partners with Paloma Faith, The Levellers, Saul and Bon Jovi’s Phil X

The subscription site has signed up more than 40 artists of all genres so far

Fan engagement platform FanCircles has expanded its ranks by securing partnerships with Paloma Faith, The Levellers, Ed Harcourt and Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X. 

The artist-centric company, which was previously known as GigRev, has provided musicians, YouTubers, TV shows and other celebrities with a new, sustainable income stream via their own private social network, and has attracted more than 500,000 users to date.

FanCircles founder and CEO Kevin Brown said the platform was the latest evolution of the classic fan club model.  

“Fancircles provides a platform for a wide range of artists and personalities in music and beyond, which essentially gives them their own direct to fan channel away from social media and the major streaming services,” he said. “That’s not to say we’re on some crazy mission to bring these companies down – quite the opposite, we want artists to have somewhere for all those roads to lead to rather than taking fans around in circles.”

Brown, founder and former CEO of tech giant, the UK and Europe’s biggest affiliate network, which was acquired by Axel Springer in 2012, added: “We’re all creatives ourselves and wanted to make it easy for artists to control their own content without getting bogged down in tech and the analytics that go with it – more time to create and share. 

“We are the missing link in the ecosystem. FanCircles bridges the gap between social media, streaming and retail. A perfect solution for artists at any stage of their career with support from a team of music obsessives who have complete understanding of the evolving music and tech marriage.”

For a monthly or annual subscription fee, fans can unlock benefits such as exclusive content and competitions, early access to tickets and premium-only giveaways. Popular features have included band chats, song masterclasses, cooking, wine tasting and film reviews, while exclusive merchandise and products have sold out with no promotional costs incurred. Artists also get their own experience store at

Based on streaming revenue estimates, clients need to sign up just 50 annual subscribers to make the same money as one million streams, with the added benefit of having the data of 50 people and an engaged fanbase in a like-minded community where they can be reached 100% of the time away from the increasing toxicity of the established social media sites. 

Through FanCircles, The Levellers have already amassed more than five times’ the amount of members of their existing fan club.

Jon Sevink, the fiddle player in The Levellers, said: “The app is the most creative and immediate way we have of communicating with fans. We think of it as an interactive online magazine where we can express our creativity using music, artwork and videos. Combine that with live video, a fans-only ‘wall’ and ticket and merchandise links and there really is something for everybody. 

“It has become a vital communication tool for us while there are no live concerts and once we’re back out on the road again it will be invaluable for passing on information and a place where fans of the band can come together.”

Contact Media Detail:

Name: Julie Caxavendra

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Ditch The Monotony: Tons Of Fun And Easy Wins With PROs

People play video games around the world. It is constantly evolving, and now there are many exciting games available in the market like Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Fortnite, etc. It is perfect for entertainment and getting a great experience. You can team up and talk with other players to complete missions and increase your rank. Unfortunately, sometimes our mates are offline, or we do not have anyone to team up with. The good news is that now you can pay for teaming up and learn from professional players. Nowadays, there are platforms like Legionfarm that are providing game companions. With Legionfarm play with pros and level up your game. 

If you like to play games like Call of Duty: Warzone, you are at the correct place. We will tell you everything about Legionfarm and its services. So below you can check all the details about this platform:

Legionfarm Play With Pros

Legionfarm is a platform where you can purchase gaming companions. They have multiple professional players, and you can make a squad with them in games like Call of Duty: Warzone. So, Warzone is a battle royale game popular around the globe. It allows online multiplayer fights among 150 players. For having better gameplay, you need to team up with a professional player. Now you can play with the world’s best Warzone players, and they will help you to increase your KD. You will have a good number of wins and kills in Warzone after playing with Legionfarm pro players. Legionfarm also provides services for coaching; you can learn from the experts regarding various things related to Warzone. It is a complicated game, and a player takes years to become an expert in it. But you do not need to worry as LegionFarm is there for you. They will train you to play Warzone like a professional. 

Their professional players know and everything about the game. The process is simple to take the service of Legionfarm. You have to first sign up with them and pick a professional player to team up. The best thing about Legionfarm is that you can play at the time whenever you are ready. You can improve your skills and level up in the game through their companionship and coaching services. Having a high level in Warzone will give you an excellent feeling. You can also unlock various items in the game. If you want to become a professional player in Call of Duty: Warzone without getting bored, you can purchase Legionfarm gaming services. They are providing the same services for the Apex Legends game as well. 

Why Should You Choose Legionfarm?

You will get multiple benefits after taking the service of Legionfarm. You will be going to learn a lot of things through them and improving your skills. So below you can check why you should choose Legionfarm, have a look at it:

Improvement In-Game 

If you do not have much experience in Warzone and want to make progress, you can learn from the experts. With Legionfarm play with pros and learn from the professional players. They are providing coaching services to teach you each and everything regarding the game. You will learn plenty of new things as the pro players will share their experiences with you.

Squad Up With Friendly Pro Players 

If you do not have anyone to team up with or you want to play with an experienced player in Warzone, you can purchase the Legionfarm gaming companion service. You can pair up with any friendly professional player, and you can play the way you like. You will also receive guidance from the expert.

Affordable Service

The price of the Legionfarm gaming services is similar to the price of a few cups of coffee. You can play with the professional players in Warzone for $15/pro-hour. One thing we can assure you is that you will not be going to regret spending money.

24×7 Support 

If you want to ask a question from the pro regarding anything related to the game, you can talk at any time. Legionfarm provides 24×7 service for Support. So whenever you feel like talking with the experts, you can contact them.  

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5 Ways to Get More Likes On Instagram

Every day, a vast majority of business owners kick off their Instagram journey with the hope of getting noticed by 1 billion active users of the platform. Yet, most of their posts fail to fetch the desired numbers of ‘Likes’ very often.

One of the essential metrics for gauging engagement, Likes on Instagram, also helps you understand how your content is performing. Moreover, a post with a higher number of Likes signals the algorithm that it is a valuable piece of content users would enjoy. As a result, the algorithm boosts these posts, and they show up on the feed of more users. This makes your account discoverable and fetches you more Likes organically.

Even though Instagram gives you the option to hide Like counts of your posts, Likes continue to be an important part of your analytics. After all, more Likes can help you to bag more followers and receive quality traffic.

Having a hard time getting your audience to double-tap? Try out these five effortless tips:

1. Add compelling captions

A witty caption provides context to your post. It is the perfect medium to convey the tone and voice of your brand that helps you connect with the audience at a deeper level.

But writing a good caption that piques the interest of the reader is an art. While Instagram provides a generous 2200 characters for captions, don’t make them too long. Lengthy captions are a terrible idea for an audience with an ever-shrinking attention span.

Traders Joe’s painted a delicious picture with this short but effective caption about a new cheese they are stocking. Peppering it with words such as ‘buttery’ and ‘nutty’ draws in the users waiting to get their hands on the product.

2. Tag the location

Tagging the location on your posts is an effective way to boost local engagement and get more Instagram Likes, especially if you have a travel, F&B, or retail business.

When the location is tagged, your post shows up on the discovery feed of users who stay nearby or at the exact location. It nudges them to check out your feed and engage with the posts. As users can also lookup posts from a particular place, your geo-tagged posts have a higher chance of getting noticed and collecting more Likes.

For instance, anyone keen to learn more about New York by filtering posts through location will discover this beekeeper’s account filled with geo-tagged posts. Those who fancy honey and other beeswax products are also sure to add on to the likes.

As you can see, it’s best to tag a general location over a specific one to maximize the chances of getting noticed.

3. Maintain a healthy mix of different content formats

If your feed posts are not receiving enough Likes, it’s time to experiment with other content types. Reels, Instagram Stories, IGTV, Guides — there are plenty of options to try. You can also drive the users to your feed through Stories or Reels.

These formats are a great way to drive the audience right to your feed. If they find the content worth engaging, they’ll hit the Like button without much persuasion.

If you have the budget, you could also try boosting your post and generating more likes. This is especially necessary if you have few followers. If you want to quickly gain followers, you an account with thousands of them from a site like Fameswap.

4. Use the right hashtags

Using hashtags is a no-brainer — it is one of the easiest ways to get discovered on Instagram. Posts tagged with popular hashtags ensure that they get noticed by more audiences and maximize their chances of raking in more likes.

Even though you can add up to 30 hashtags per post, spam tagging posts with irrelevant hashtags can ultimately backfire and drive away the audience. Make sure to create a strategy to choose relevant hashtags for your industry to know what’s trending for your target audience.

Notice how NYX Cosmetics has added two brand hashtags and a popular hashtag associated with the brand. The rest of the hashtags have been added in the comment to keep the caption clutter-free.
5- Ask the audience to tag a friend

When you prompt your audience to share your posts with their friends, the posts reach more people and have a better chance of getting Likes. But instead of waiting for them to share the post via DM or texting the post’s link, you can drive more engagement by simply adding ‘tag-your-friend’ as a CTA in your posts.

As long as you post relatable content and give the viewers a solid reason to tag a friend, you will find it easy to receive plenty of likes.

Check out how this brand encouraged its followers to tag a friend to participate in the live workout challenges, resulting in a flurry of activity.

Lastly, remember that posting high-quality photos and staying active on Instagram is non-negotiable if you want to increase engagement.

Now that we have shared our top tips, it is time to implement them and enjoy more Likes per post!

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Refurbished iPhone in Cape Town, South Africa”

Of course, you can buy a reconditioned iPhone in Cape Town, you just have to know how to buy. A refurbished phone is a cell phone that has undergone a series of tests before being put back on the market. Phones that are returned to Apple for system failures are checked, modified, and put up for sale again.

If you know how to search the sales pages well, you can find the ideal iPhones to buy in Cape Town. The technology that iPhone has surpasses any other phone on the market because its security is better. The elegant design and beautiful cameras of the IPhone make it worth buying a cell phone even if it is used.

It is necessary to follow some purchase steps to buy an iPhone and that it is a good choice for you. The reconditioned iPhone before going to the market are tested and passed through different break-in tests to replace the damaged. Gorilla Phones offers a 6-month warranty on every iPhone it sells so that people have confidence in it.

To buy a semi-new iPhone follow the following tips:

– Buy your IPhone from Responsible Companies.

You should avoid buying your iPhone SE in stores where they will not be responsible after subsequent failures that the equipment presents. Companies are more responsible than cell phone stores, being more appropriate to choose better colors and models. Most companies offer you better alternatives to buy your reconditioned cell phone in excellent condition.

Although the Gorilla Phones store offers their cell phones virtually, they are fully checked before they are shipped. Avoid receiving surprises on your cell phone when buying a device that looks like new inside and out. The phones that are sold in store bring discounts and promotions to carry credit that are not obtained with third parties.

– Choose companies that ship quickly.

Depending on the service they provide, companies may take a while to send your cell phone. Receiving the cell phone you bought in Cape Town should take less than a week. For Gorilla Phones, their customers are very important that is why they ship in three business days.

Choose the cell phone you like and make the payment with your credit card or another means of your choice. The Gorilla Phones team will notify you when the team is ready to ship. To avoid setbacks, it is necessary that you enter your addresses and contact numbers correctly.

How to make the purchase?

Check the cell phone catalog which one you like according to what you are looking for and preference. Visualize the memory capacity of the cell phone and choose the one you like the most according to your tastes. There are several colors of cell phones that can attract your attention, so Gorilla Phones has a variety.

After choosing an iPhone 6 of your choice, make the payment and fill out a form with your data. For example, to send to Cape Town you must enter the exact address by entering your house number. Please allow three business days to receive your equipment and if you experience delays contact Gorilla Phones.

You can get the best reconditioned IPhone in South Africa from Gorilla Phones at low prices and with financing.

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Mintmark round table on Artificial Intelligence conducted successfully

On July 26, 2021, MINTMARK organized a round table on artificial intelligence, having invited technology companies from the UK, Israel, Japan and Canada. All companies which arrived from the UK, Israel, Japan and Canada shared their ideas and experience of using AI and their research in this area.

The honored guests invited to the forum expressed best wishes and support for the MINTMARK global charity campaign.

At the same time, according to the statement of the BC Fund representative, it became known that both parties are under way of developing the next major strategy in preparation for the start of the new stage 2.0, in order to ensure better safety of capital and revenue of each user, not only in the cryptocurrency circle, but also covering securities, stock, futures, foreign exchange and other markets.

During the speech, the MINTMARK representative also shared the current research trends and results of research by MINTMARK, and also made it clear to everyone why MCbot is able to provide income sheltering for the majority of users. Through state-of-the-art research using Granger Cause and Effect Analysis and a Self-Organizing Fuzzy Neural Network (SOFNN) to model the relationship between the seven types of sentiment values on Twitter, the relationship between the seven sentiment categories and the DJIA was modeled and analyzed. If one wants to use public sentiment on social media to support investment analysis, one should not just focus on the positive and negative polarity of sentiment in tweets, but consider the more complex and multidimensional sentiments and expression of feelings in tweets. MINTMARK research in this area has been used to predict the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is proving to be accurate and feasible.

Company: MINTMARK 

Contact Person: Charlie




Location:New York

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UK : Is it a good idea to invest in stocks during the pandemic?

Stock markets have been bumpy for quite some time now, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, predictions of an economic recovery could mean that now would be the right time to invest in stocks and shares.

Today, we will look at whether or not it is a good idea to invest in shares. We will also discuss if we can predict a stock market crash this year, the best stocks to invest in right now and some helpful tips for investing during uncertain times.

Is now a good time to invest in the stock market?

While the future of some businesses looks great, we can’t say the same for all the companies. So, it all really comes down to what you invest in. Make sure you always do enough research before you decide to invest, especially if you are buying individual shares. Never invest in a company just because a friend, a family member or a colleague said you should invest.

There are quite a few reasons why investors are starting to feel hopeful about the stock market this year. For instance, success in the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines could mean that we could see a massive increase in trade, spending and movement. Closed industries, such as travel and entertainment, are now starting to reopen. 

Moreover, it is expected that takeovers will continue and this will provide investors with more opportunities to make profits. For instance, Morrisons shares rose 30% after a US private equity firm made an offer to buy the supermarket group for £5.5 billion. Other industries which are relatively new, such as biotech, e-commerce and fintech, have thrived during these uncertain times and it is expected that these will continue to grow.

However, there are also a couple of reasons why investors might feel cautious about the stock market in 2021. For instance, you might have already heard about the new strains of the coronavirus. Moreover, Brexit and there is a possibility that leaving the EU will have a negative impact on the stock exchange market.

Can we expect a stock market crash in 2021?

A stock market crash refers to a sudden and significant drop in the price value of stocks. This often causes stock market speculators to panic and sell their shares because they fear that the price value may fall further which could cause them to lose more of their investments.

In recent weeks, the FTSE 100 share price, which measures the performance of the largest UK companies by full market value, has been reaching new skies. However, it is worth noting that when share prices rise rapidly, there is always a risk that they could fall just as quickly.

Since slumping in March 2020, Stock markets have already risen a lot and this could mean that they are due a fall. Stock market crashes can come out of the blue and the cause only becomes apparent later on. But there looks to be limited possibilities of a big crash with the global economy opening up as the year progresses.

The truth is that no one can guarantee whether or not we will see the stock market crash in 2021. All that investors can do is assess which factors could have an impact on the stock market.

Tips to invest during uncertain times

Investing during such uncertain times can prove to be a challenge for a lot of investors, especially those who have little knowledge and experience of the stock markets. If you are new to investing, you might want to read about how and why you should invest in the stock market. Visit Buy Stocks UK to learn more about buying and investing in stocks.

There are a few simple rules that you should follow when it comes to investing during a financial crisis. Try to stay calm. We understand that the pandemic has stirred up a lot of emotions, but it is important for investors to stay rational about their investments. 

Remember that investing is a personal choice. Your aims should be realistic and they should depend on your objectives, needs, circumstances and tolerance. Many successful investors have made it clear that the key to success is diversification.

Moreover, you should look to invest with ISAs and all the profit that you make will be tax-free. With a lifetime ISA, and also a pension fund, the government will usually add extra funds whenever you make big enough transactions.

If the markets experience a fall, you can buy shares and stocks for cheap which could help smooth out your returns. Once the markets recover, you will realise you made the investment at the right time.

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Musk and Saylor to Meet ElonTech (ETCH) Team in the Upcoming Texas Tech Valley Event

The two most influential crypto personalities, Elon Musk and Michael Saylor are set to meet the ElonTech (ETCH) team in the blockchain and mining systems event set to take place through the final quarter of 2021 in Texas.

Alongside Musk and Saylor, the Texas Tech Valley event will be headlined by other leading crypto personalities. Some of the key figures from tech giants Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft will also be meeting with developers at ElonTech to discuss the project in depth. 

A source privy to the information revealed that Musk is especially impressed by the ElonTech project and even holds some $ETCH in his crypto portfolio. Another influential crypto personality said of the project, “The ElonTech crypto project is designed optimally for the blockchain needs of tech firms, and by filling this gap, the project has become a favorite among Tech Valley companies.”

A Bright Future

The ElonTech team has embarked on an intensive brand and marketing initiative to enhance user acquisition beyond tech companies. The team aims to bring in more individual users and small groups of investors to join its journey to the moon. 

The project lead also announced that the token’s journey to reach $1 by the end of 2021 is still on course. This statement owes to the fact that ElonTech spends 5% of its revenue to burn tokens each month, cutting supply as token demand rises.

For early adopters and $ETCH holders, reaching $1 will be a Christmas gift for the ages. This explains the overwhelming interest in $ETCH from big tech companies and influential crypto personalities. 

What’s more from the insider source is that $ETCH has massive potential for adoption by big tech. Its camaraderie with influential crypto personalities will potentially influence their firms to adopt the token as an investment or payment option. 

In one case, the source cited Tesla’s suspension of Bitcoin payments as an opportunity for $ETCH as the electric automaker starts accepting alternative crypto payments. The source added that Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy could add $ETCH to its crypto portfolio to diversify its crypto investments. Both cases will drive $ETCH to new heights. 

Revolutionizing Crypto

The ElonTech development team consists of seasoned tech developers with comprehensive experience working at Silicon Valley companies. The team understands the crypto needs of big tech and end-users alike. So, the $ETCH token is the first of its kind to power adoption at a global scale by making a product that works well for tech firms and individual users.

The ElonTech project runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and leverages the platform’s seamless transactions, low fees, and cross-chain interoperability. The project is audited frequently and deploys the DXSale Standard contract to secure investments. Its tamper-proof code and decentralized governance have drawn interests from the who’s who in the crypto space. 

ElonTech’s project lead said, “Our aims not only to put investor confidence but also improve its infrastructure to meet the constantly evolving blockchain needs for individuals and tech firms.” Unlike many tokens in the booming DeFi space, $ETCH offers practical applications that will see its demand grow exponentially soon. 

About ElonTech

ElonTech launched in April 2021 with token pre-sales on three rounds already launched and a final stage will be announced later for the Binance Launchpad listing. Currently, the token is listed on coin trackers CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. As of July 2021, $ETCH is listed on PancakeSwap, with applications for listing on Binance and Coinbase already submitted. 

Join the ElonTech community and learn more about the project:

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Home Loan In Tennessee 2021

Buying a home is a complex financial decision for a significant number of people in their life. While most people prefer to purchase a home over renting, getting a home loan is not that simple. Many factors in play will determine your mortgage loan’s interest rate, the total amount you can receive, and what documentation you will need to provide.

Unfortunately, most people lack information regarding the formalities that they need to get their home loan approved. Buying a house is an important decision that many people will only make once in their lifetime. As such, you must select the right home AND the right loan product. You need to know what to do pre-loan application and what to look for in the best mortgage loan products. 

Here are some of the tips you need to consider before taking a home loan:

  1. Credit score

Almost all banks consider credit score one of the most important factors to consider before giving a loan to customers. Before you begin home shopping and applying for loans, you will need to make sure your credit is healthy and in order. Credit scores affect interest rates, and a good credit score will get you a lower rate. Take the time to run your own credit report. If you have any bills in collections, pay them. Lower the balances on existing credit cards and make sure to make those payments on time every month. Don’t open any new lines of credit or purchase a vehicle either; these will lower your credit score and make your Debt to Income ratio higher. These positive changes can take months to show up on your credit report, so planning is critical. 

2. Interest rate

It is always important to check the interest rates that banks or financial institutions charge on home loan in Tennessee. When looking for a home loan, compare different lenders to see what interest rates they offer. Different loan products will give you different rates, and sometimes a product with a slightly higher interest rate will make sense for your financial situation. You must consider the relationship with your lender, how long the loan term is, and if the interest rates are floating fixed. Some loan products require certain downpayment amounts to receive better interest rates. 

Loan products to consider are: 

Conventional mortgage loans

Nonconforming mortgage loans

FHA loans

VA loans

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3. Home Loan Tenure – Amortization

The amount of years it takes to pay off your mortgage loan is its tenure. The rate you pay off your home will determine how high your monthly payments are and how much total interest you will pay over the course of the loan. Paying your house off as quickly as your financial situation allows will save you money. Most banks offer home loan products to applicants who would like a shorter repayment period than the standard 30-year mortgage. When you make monthly payments, the payment mainly applies to the principal and some to the interest accumulated each month.

In essence, a short repayment period is favorable for you because it minimizes the home loan interest burden. While shorter tenure increases your monthly payment amount, it eventually helps to lessen the cost of your home loan. 

4. Processing Fees or Origination Fees

When you apply for a mortgage, it is important to be aware of all the costs involved. While some third-party fees are not optional (credit reports and appraisals), there may be one that can vary: The Loan Origination Fee. As a borrower, processing fees are charges that you are expected to pay the lender once your home loan application is approved. 

Generally, different financial institutions or lenders often charge a loan processing fee approximated at around 1% of the total loan cost. The origination fee may also be referred to as an origination “point.” A point is simply mortgage jargon for a percent of your loan amount. For example, one point equals 1% of the total loan; half points are 0.50%; and so on.

Take time to look for the right bank or financial institution that charges fair and competitive origination fees. 

5. Home Loan Documents

Ask your underwriter what documents you will need to show to qualify for your loan. Every bank has a different qualification requirement, and each product may have varying needs, too. The quicker you can gather paperwork on your end, the faster an underwriter will get your loan approved. It is common for an underwriter to request additional paperwork than what was initially stated during your loan application. Do your best to retrieve what is needed, although it can seem daunting at times.

Before signing on a home loan, go through the lender’s terms and conditions. Make sure you understand your payment terms, so there are no surprises with fees, PMI, escrow, interest rates, payoff terms, and so much more. A closing disclosure will sum up the final terms of your loan; please don’t sign it until you have reviewed it!


In the end, buying a house is a huge financial decision, and you should always shop the market, get informed, and make a decision that feels right for you. The more information you can gather on loans before making a final decision will help ensure that you find an option that is best suited to your needs. We hope the tips mentioned above have helped provide some valuable insight into what it takes to take out a home loan successfully.

Market Watch

LetYouKnow lets new car buyers set their own price, uses data to implement new generation matching models

LetYouKnow, Inc. ( is a platform that is changing the way people buy new cars. Created to match new car buyers with dealers, LetYouKnow is empowering buyers to set their price for their desired car to be instantly matched to a dealership willing to sell at that price.

In a world increasingly focused on e-commerce, LetYouKnow is gaining traction at a perfect time. After officially launching in late 2020 after years of perfecting the matching model, the team at LetYouKnow is only getting started with its menu of cutting-edge pricing tools that add value to people who get an adrenaline rush from getting deals on their terms.

Three different products and features

Currently, LetYouKnow offers three products to car buyers looking for their perfect match. LetYouKnow is the signature product, where buyers call the shots and name their own price in order to eliminate time-consuming negotiations. The second product is called UnlockedCarDeals, which is designed for people who would rather browse through a prepared list of deals than input their own price. The third product, LightningCarDeals, offers one customized deal near you for those buyers who do not want to drive outside of a 100-mile radius to pick up their new vehicle.

For all products, the dealer is revealed once the price is accepted. At that point, buyers have 10 days to go to that dealership to complete their transaction and pick up their car.

Aaron Shao, CTO, said the steps are the same for all the products – the first step is to build the car and the second is to view a list of prices or set a price. Then, buyers initial a disclosure document and go to the checkout page. There, buyers input their information for verification, enter their payment information to pay the prepayment of $799, if the price is accepted and then receive the dealership’s name. If the price is not accepted, buyers do not prepay anything and can try again.

“We want to give flexibility to all kinds of users,” he said. “We used buyer-related data to optimize the functionality of our platform in terms of features to make the user experience streamlined. For instance, we modeled buyer distance preferences to give buyers the most relevant search radius options and modeled matching techniques incorporating buyer distance preferences, as well as other search related variables.”

In the case of LetYouKnow, competitors often contribute to its success. Buyers use competitors as research tools in order to get their best price offer before visiting LetYouKnow to submit their own lower price to get an instant result. So, the more competitors LetYouKnow has, the more information buyers will have available to them to make an educated price bid to maximize their deal-matching success. Essentially, one can treat competitors as research mediums before visiting as their checkout platform!

New features on the horizon

Despite having just launched in late 2020, LetYouKnow is already working on new features and has big plans for the future, including new matching features that will become part of its upcoming apps. One of these new features is an active matching program.

“One feature we plan to add is Active Matching, where dealers can adjust prices based on nearby, real-time and buyer-submitted pricing information,” said Boris Zhukov, CEO. “Buyers will also get real-time notifications on price fluctuation which will allow them to strike a win-win deal without setting foot on a dealership lot.”

Zhukov said that LetYouKnow’s goal is to perfect the matching process, as well as to eventually apply their sophisticated model to other types of vehicles and recreational machines, such as RVs, jet skis, boats and more. He said LetYouKnow will continue to scale and eventually they will take it to an international level, so people across the globe can set their own prices and have negotiating power.

What the market looks like and current trends

As far as current new car-buying trends, Zhukov said the priority continues to be online shopping and e-commerce, which falls perfectly in line with the premise of LetYouKnow. 

“Right now, the focus is on online shopping, flexible return policies and convenience of home deliveries, but these convenience features add to the cost,” he said. “We have a totally different approach.”

Zhukov said LetYouKnow focuses on people who love deals and works to give them the power to seal the deal on their terms. He said in the constantly changing market, it’s important to be dynamic as a company, which means they’re looking for ways to evolve and level up their entire infrastructure to add value to the overall society.

Right now, the company is collecting data on consumers and how they bid in order to channel that information to dealers to give them price ranges that buyers are looking for in real time. These efforts are important to strike deals that both parties are ready to execute without them incurring extra search and marketing-related expenses.

“Many companies nowadays focus on online shopping and delivery with added convenience factors such as flexible return policies,” he said. “But all those extras cost money. We are laser-focused on deals and savings by giving buyers price control to name their own prices and get instant results.”

The future of the car-buying landscape

When it comes to the future of car buying and dealerships, Zhukov said there will still be a need for the physical dealership space, and it won’t totally go online. However, online shopping is dominant, and people want final and transparent prices. That notion is here to stay in this never-ending cycle of technological improvements that will continue to elevate a playing field, given how technology is constantly evolving.

“People want their price,” he said. “That’s what we envision in e-commerce. People like convenience. Not all people like to negotiate, but they love to reap the benefits of the negotiation process. Getting deals on their terms is the shift we envision to transpire across the entire e-commerce sector. This dynamic is at the heart of our business model. We let buyers submit their prices whenever, wherever they want, and on their own terms.

He also said LetYouKnow is helping to change the optics from leads to buyers, and by using the program, dealers won’t have to spend as much time and money chasing leads anymore. Instead, highly committed buyers will be funneled directly to dealerships through LetYouKnow’s innovative matching platform.

“We want to perfect matching buyers and dealers in the new car space and scale our rigorous matching models across other industries,” Zhukov said. “Let’s simultaneously unleash the supply side and empower the demand side!”