Author: Meghana Awhale

  • H.Skywalker: Taking DiB World Records To New Heights

    H.Skywalker has been making his presence known within the music industry. He is an artist under the label DiB World Records.He’s recent single “Out The Park” has been circulating around the world so much that it has recently charted on iTunes, but let’s dive into how H.Skywalker the brand began. In his early teenage years […]

  • Kor-eta(k-eta) announced a more convenient entry for travelers into Korea

    Seoul, South Korea — The Korea Electronic Travel Authorization, or KOR-ETA(K-eta) is an electronic travel authorization to Korea. Korea is well-known for K-Pop, K-Food, and K-Drama. As K-Culture is going viral throughout the globe each month, more and more people are looking to visit Korea this summer. The Korea Electronic Travel Authorization KOR-ETA(K-eta) system is […]