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Growler Power’s Innovation Revolutionizes the Refillable Growler So Craft Drinkers Can “Pour Proudly”

Growler Power System

by Eco-Friendly Beer Drinker | Sep 15, 2022 | Eco beer news, Eco-friendly consumer, Sustainable design |

Hartford, Connecticut Sep 15, 2022 ( – Don’t call it a comeback, It’s been here for years

Like the once-popular song lyric by LL Cool J, it’s been a while since the refillable growler was front-of-mind for most craft beverage consumers. Rob Zielonka and Louis Westfall want to change that. They aim to do it with an innovative new device called Growler Power TM that turns any standard growler into a portable kegerator, keeping oxygen out and carbonation in to ensure that your beer stays fresh and cold. About the size of an overnight bag and weighing just 9 pounds (15 or so with a full growler, Co2 cylinder, and ice), its ultra-portable design allows beer, cider, kombucha, or even cold brew coffee connoisseurs to “bring the tap with them wherever they go,” and along with it the environmental credentials of reusable containers and the social appeal of sharing your favorite beverages with friends.

The patented Growler Power system elevates your growler into a sleek draught-keg with a healthy layer of CO2 to keep oxygen out and your drink as fresh as the day it was born.

While attending a holiday gathering several years ago Zielonka noticed that the handful of growlers there – hidden in the fridge or sitting on the counter getting warm, some with their caps off – weren’t getting the love from most of the party guests the way they must have from the craft enthusiasts who brought them. “The stories of those beers were never told,” remembers Zielonka, who went home that night determined to find a better way to showcase growlers and the local breweries they come from. “We lost a lot of good beer that night,” he lamented, “but the idea of how to better respect the growler was born.”

Growler Power’s unique design prolongs the life of a growler by maintaining carbonation and pressure for weeks from the time the growler is opened and attached to the gas line cap and its food-grade Co2 cylinder (available online or at most home-brew shops). Ice or ice packs are placed at the bottom of the unit and will typically keep beverages cold for 24 hours. Once your growler is inserted and the top of the unit closed, you pour from the tap and enjoy. If you’re pouring from a gallon-sized growler or festivities last into the next day, you can fit your Growler Power into a standard full-sized refrigerator.

At the core of Growler Power’s mission is championing small businesses, helping reduce the carbon footprint of off-premise consumption, and celebrating the social component of sharing locally made beverages with friends and family. Arguably the most meaningful decision a thoughtful consumer can make is to choose a hyper-local brand and opt for a refillable container. Not only is it best for the business’s bottom line, but it’s less impactful on the environment. The carbon footprint of a refillable growler is just 5% of what it takes to recycle all those cans or bottles, and washing it for its next fill even uses less water than recycling does.

The Growler Power beverage system turns a standard growler into a portable kegerator, keeping your favorite beverages fresh, cold, and respected.

The Growler Power experience will retail for $250 but won’t be available for delivery to consumers until spring 2023. In the meantime, the team is calling all party starters, gadget lovers, craft beverage aficionados, and small business enthusiasts to support their recently launched Kickstarter campaign which runs through mid-October.

Among the socially and environmentally motivated businesses that have already partnered with Growler Power are Little House Brewing, Thimble Island, Urban Lodge, Elicit Brewery, Myrcene Ale Co., White Lion, and Cross Culture Kombucha. The start-up’s business is based in Connecticut and it plans to open a facility in Hartford, but the goal is to market its innovation to both old and new growler enthusiasts everywhere. Part of its mission and values will be to hire people that have historically had difficulty finding suitable employment, especially those with previous incarcerations and the homeless population.

Craft beer drinkers can see the Growler Power system in action at the 7th Annual Crazy Brew Bash at the Mount Southington Ski Area in Plantsville, Connecticut on September 17 or the 8th Annual Stadium Beer Fest at the Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket, Rhode Island on September 29, where members of the team will be pouring proudly.

About Growler Power

We believe in growlers, and that consumers deserve a pub-grade pour wherever they go. Based in Connecticut, our team also believes in showcasing the products of breweries, cideries, kombucha makers, and coffee shops everywhere. We’re also proud that our innovative device provides a sustainable way to enjoy craft beverages and a unique social experience in which to celebrate them with family and friends.

Beverages pour fresh and crisp

Media Contact

Growler Power / Jax Higgins

[email protected]

Source :Growler Power

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New Book Presents, Is There Any Love Down Back?: The Four Boys, by Alexander O’Neil!


Alexander Robert O’Neil was born in Connecticut, United States. Son of Charles Cranshaw and Madeline Elaine O’Neil.

Cheyenne, Wyoming Sep 15, 2022 ( – A book that is everything you would not expect it to be. An insightful and provocative account detailing the lives of four African American boys placed in foster care in the late 1940s. In this age of innovation, there are still vulnerable young people lurking around the corners in danger of homelessness, worrying about food insecurity accompanied by unimaginable abuse and neglect. What’s the price of freedom for these children?

A storybook was written from Alexander O’Neil’s genuine perspective of growing up in four Draconian foster care homes in Massachusetts, starting in Richmond, Pittsfield, and two homes in Springfield. Here comes a narrative crafted to touch and make a difference throughout someone else’s life. In this book, Is There Any Love Down Back?: The Four Boys comes to relentless strategic advocacy to put an end to child abuse and cruelty.

Here’s a fascinating glimpse of survival from a difficult childhood filled with adversity only to endure the agonies and traumas from vicious human beings. Nevertheless, kindness still exists in this world with a powerful affirmation from people you never thought would have made a difference in the life of someone else.

Moreover, let’s embark on this epic extraordinary journey of four small “colored boys” certainly designed to fill in the gaps of confronting the promise of living the American dream along with the perils of modern American society.

Foremost, the author received critical praises and invites from prestigious literary foundations, specifically: New York Times Article to be published on October 20, 2022, Book Signing at Boys And Girls Club Family Center on October 15, 2022, and the Upcoming Movie Adaption Project with Lionsgate.

Alexander Robert O’Neil spent the first sixteen years of his life in foster care being shuffled from one home to another. In 1961 he was removed from the Massachusetts State welfare system and placed with his biological relatives in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1963 he enlisted in the Marines, serving four years including a tour in Vietnam. Upon his discharge in 1967, he settled down in Springfield, Massachusetts, working odd jobs and just “hanging around.” In 1973 he joined the Springfield Police Department and served 32 years in law enforcement.

Media Contact

Pen2Paper Press, Ltd.

[email protected]


1603 Capitol Ave, Ste 310 A169, Cheyenne, Wyoming U.S.A. 82001

Source :Pen2Paper Press, Ltd.

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Vehement Media Network Announces Board of Advisors

Picture1 adds six seasoned professionals to its Board of Advisors as it continues to expand into new markets and launches crowdfunding campaign

Chesapeake, Virginia Sep 15, 2022 ( –, a short-term and vacation rental platform specializing in college and university towns, announces that it has finalized its Board of Advisors. Since its relaunch in 2019, CollegeWeekends has expanded its presence to markets across the country, adding several new markets and over 500 new listings in 2022 alone. In securing a well-rounded and diverse Board of Advisors team, the company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign and plans to continue to expand and add new markets. The company has also teamed up with StubHub to provide renters with easy access to tickets and Affirm, the leading provider of buy-now, pay-later financing.

“Our focus from day one has been to continue to build an innovative platform focused on the needs of short-term renters and owners,” says Co-founder, John Cunningham. “We are excited and look forward to leveraging our high caliber Board of Advisors as we continue to expand.”

CollegeWeekends’ Board of Advisors includes a team of seasoned and well-balanced professionals with experience in technology/SaaS, start-ups, finance, business development, and marketing:

  • Terry Kirby – Co-founder of Ultimatesportsinstitute, a performance training center in South Florida. Kirby was drafted in the 3rd round by the Miami Dolphins and went on to play 9 seasons in the NFL.
  • Lori Carcich – Founder & CEO of Country Smooth Spirits, a national premium spirits brand, including Country Smooth Whiskey, that she launched in 2015 and has built into a multi-million-dollar business.
  • Maureen McDonnell – Seasoned executive with extensive marketing and leadership experience – including business development, fundraising, communications, and government relations in healthcare, higher education, and technology sectors.
  • Hailey Brooke Weiss – Founder & CEO of Power Move Marketing, a national digital
    marketing agency located in North Carolina but servicing companies worldwide.
  • Rick Cunningham – Senior Vice President at Bread Financial with broad financial services executive experience with expertise in sales leadership, business development, enterprise selling, M&A, and commercial lending in a variety of industry verticals.
  • Stuart Van Houten – Senior Vice President at SAP with extensive executive leadership skills and significant enterprise SaaS software and sales leadership experience.

“I have been very impressed with CollegeWeekends’ continued growth and industry-leading innovation”, says Terry Kirby. “As a former college and pro athlete, I return often to my alma mater (University of Virginia) and I see real benefits to CollegeWeekends’ focus on the entire visitor experience, and I’m very excited to help the company as it continues to expand.”

“I am excited and very honored to have been invited to serve as a Board of Advisors member for CollegeWeekends. I strongly believe in the company’s mission and believe the company’s founder and leadership team have effectively created a unique platform, along with a strategic marketing gameplan, targeting the massive world of college sports”, says Lori Carcich. “As an entrepreneur and a lifelong supporter of college sports, I am excited to enhance the expansion efforts of the company with my background in business growth strategy and execution.”

With the support of its Board of Advisors, CollegeWeekends has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign ( in which it plans to use the proceeds to fund the expansion of its marketing initiatives and as well as continued development and platform enhancements.


Founded in a college town, CollegeWeekends connects alumni, fans, parents of students, and other travelers with short-term lodging options in or near college and university towns. From simple studio rooms to luxury homes, we connect renters and owners through a platform that enhances the rental experience. CollegeWeekends offers easier searching, a two-way rating system, secure and easy payment, instant booking, and local recommendations to make an unforgettable rental experience.

Contact Info:

John Cunningham

President & CEO

[email protected]

(757) 470-9991


Media Contact / John Cunningham

[email protected]


1245 Cedar Road


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Retina Associates opens a new Ophthalmology Clinic in Jacksonville Florida

Doctor Mughal of Retina Associates

Retina Associates, P.A. is a clinic located in Jacksonville Florida, focused solely on the treatment of Retinal Diseases & Neuro-Ophthalmology.

Jacksonville, Florida Sep 15, 2022 ( – Retina Associates, P.A. has recently opened its 5th Retina Clinic in the Duval Station Office Park, in order to improve the patient experience and reduce wait times. Retina Associates, P.A. has grown steadily over the past 28 years, and the new Retina Clinic will help meet the increasing demand for retina services that have stemmed from population growth throughout Northeast Florida.

Dr. Mansoor Mughal joined Retina Associates, P.A. in 2020. He grew up in England where he received his Master’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge graduating with Honors. Dr. Mughal and the staff are pleased with the opportunity to serve the Northeast Florida community in a bigger way than ever before. Retina Associates, P.A. now has 5 locations to choose from and offers Next Day Appointments.

For More Information Visit

or check out their locations on Google below

Retina Associates PA LogoDoctor Mughal of Retina Associates

Media Contact

Retina News Network


Source :Retina News Network

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Dr. Evangelos Viazis | How Orthodontic Technology is Changing the Way We Improve Our Smiles ?

viazisevangelos london typodont course

Time is the ultimate luxury for both the patient and the doctor. Invented and founded by Dallas orthodontist, Dr. Anthony D. Viazis, Fastbraces(R) Technologies, is a true American Original.

Athina, Attiki Sep 15, 2022 ( – Providing products that help dentists and orthodontists straighten teeth safely, fast, and easily even in about 100 days, this technology is becoming so popular with both children and adults that doctor providers even co-brand their dental offices. Fastbraces(R) Technology is now globally known and used by doctors in over 50 countries where thousands of patients have been successfully treated.

Teeth are crooked because they didn’t erupt properly (maleruption) and came in tilted, sideways, overlapping, or spaced apart, as a result, the alveolar bone demonstrates hypoplasia or hyperplasia (orthodontists). Tested in vitro and in vivo by universities in the 1990s, Fastbraces(R) Technology’s high-performance bracket systems upright the roots of the teeth towards their final position (orthoeruption) from the beginning of treatment with just one square wire and thus reestablish the natural alveolar bone morphology with the teeth straight. Decreased discomfort is another benefit of Fastbraces(R). In fact, the inventor never prescribed pain medication to his thousands of patients.

Fastbraces(R) Technology is supported by three new patents. Two of these patents pertain to the restoration of the alveolar bone and the treatment of crooked teeth gingivitis (orthodontists). These are landmark seminal patents that will have an impact on how clinicians treat malocclusions and periodontal disease. The Fastbraces(R) patented technology enables dentist providers to grow the alveolar bone around the malerupted teeth in order to straighten them and avoid tooth extractions or sometimes even jaw surgery. In addition, Fastbraces(R) Technologies makes it now possible for hygienists and dentists to diagnose and treat this stubborn form of gingivitis even in less than 100 days with good patient cooperation.

Fastbraces(R) providers use a simple 7-step plan to control the entire treatment to give their patients a quality finish without relying on patient compliance, as with aligners. Fastbraces(R) Technology bracket systems consist of uniquely designed brackets that are esthetic clear or metal and a light force flexible high tech nickel-titanium wire designed to provide immediate root movement from the onset of therapy that can also open up spaces for implants even in about 100 days. This proprietary technology is taught at the Campus in Dallas, Texas, and at seminars around the world. The Fastbraces(R) Campus, founded in 2006, is known to thousands of dentists around the world as the home base of Fastbraces(R) Technologies training programs.

Who is Dr. Evangelos Viazis (@dr.viazisevangelos) ? Dr. Evangelos Viazis, brother of the inventor, graduated from the University of Athens, School of Dentistry, in Greece. He ranked fifth on the national examinations for entering dental school among thousands of candidates all over Greece. In 2000 he brings Fastbraces Technology to Europe with great success. In January of 2000, he opened his first private office in Athens, where he began practicing both general dentistry and orthodontics. He took on every orthodontic case and in almost all instances was able to successfully treat the patient without extractions and treatment time ranging from 3 months to about a year. His finished cases were so impressive and his patients were so happy with the results that in 2004 he made the big decision to limit his practice to orthodontics exclusively. He opened his second location in Athens in 2011 and his third location in 2016. He is the author and the editor of the book Fastbraces(R) Greece, Atlas of Clinical Cases. His professional orthodontic page on Facebook has over 120000 fans. As a member of the international support team at Orthoworld, Dr. Viazis consults and teaches dentists worldwide on the use of Fastbraces(R) Technologies. He has treated cases that have been published as well as presented by Fastbraces(R) speakers all over the world as examples of what Fastbraces(R) Technologies can do for patients. Finally, he has demonstrated the capabilities of Fastbraces(R) Technology, especially for the treatment of skeletal cases without jaw surgery, which was previously unknown.

the viazi brothersDr Evangelos Viazis speech about the EVANGELOS AWARDFASTBRACES OFFICES ARROUND THE WORLDDr Evangelos Viazis presentation 1 USA

Media Contact

Fastbraces Greece

[email protected]

Source :Fastbraces Greece

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Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care supports NDIS participants all over Sydney with their superior services

Approved flyer

Sydney, New South Wales Sep 15, 2022 ( – Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care, a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) service provider with offices in Sydney and Blacktown, is pleased to deliver its services to NDIS participants around Sydney. We have our support coordinators in almost all the local councils in Sydney.

The goal of Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care, an NDIS provider, is to give NDIS participants the finest health, lifestyle, and other supports so they can achieve the greatest degree of independence.

Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care, invite any family member or friend who needs the help of a reputable NDIS service provider to drop by and take advantage of the high-quality care of their skilled support workers. The following are the services that Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care, offer to participants:

  • Assistance with household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and personal care (showering, dressing, etc);
  • Assist with travel and transport such as driving participants to medical appointments and shopping.
  • Community participation such as fishing, going to movies, bowling, soccer, planned cruises on Sydney Harbour, etc
  • Development of life skills
  • High needs personal activities
  • Behaviour supports
  • Community Nursing
  • Accommodation/Tenancy
  • Many others

We are experts in providing care for those with mild and moderate disabilities, to those who have complex care needs and require our help. Whether someone has a permanent or temporary physical impairment or a learning disability, our support workers can help them live to the fullest in the comfort of their own home.

When you choose Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care, we will offer you a kind and skilled support worker who can help with whatever you require, including lifting and handling. Our team of support workers can help you maximise your life to the fullest!


About Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care,

Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care, is an NDIS-approved Provider located in Sydney and Bankstown areas. We are proud of our staff and our initiatives to always create a better future for children and people with disability by providing what support individuals may need to increase their capacity for independent living.

Our mission is to respect every individual participant and appreciate their independent goals and aspirations, enabling independence, connection, and community and creating a plan that will build the steps towards eventual happiness.

For more information on Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care, please visit our website: If you’re an NDIS-approved participant, parent, family, carer, or an NDIS provider interested in our services please contact us by phone, chat, email, or visit our office at:

Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care Pty Ltd

Level 2, Suite 207A/30 Campbell Street, Blacktown, NSW 2148
Ph: 1300 112 709
Email: [email protected]

Media Contacts: Dr. Dickson Simeon/Ralph Okonkwo

Media Contact

Sunshine Disabilities & Home Care Pty Ltd

[email protected]

1300 112 709

Suite 207A/30 Campbell StreetNSW 2148 Blacktown 2148


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Spapp Monitoring version 16.9 has been released

Icon 512

Spapp Monitoring version 16.9 has been released and there are some important new features, a new install method and some new payment options.

Limassol, Cyprus Sep 14, 2022 ( – Starting from version 16.0, Spapp Monitoring has many new interesting features for anyone, no matter your needs or budget.
Starting from version 16.0, Spapp Monitoring added many Voip call recordings. Voip call recordings* mean call recordings for social media app calls. Spapp Monitoring started with Whatsapp call recordings, Facebook (Messenger) call recordings and continued adding many more Voip features: Viber calls recordings, Telegram call recordings, Snapchat call recordings, Skype call recordings, Zoom call recordings, Instagram call recordings, Google Duo call recordings, Line call recordings and IMO call recordings. Voip call recordings are available for both, video and audio calls made on these social media apps, but you’ll receive only the audio recordings. Thanks to Voip call recordings you’ll be able to check not only the chat content but also the content of the call.

Starting from the same 16.0 version, Spapp Monitoring now has more ways in extracting social media messages for Whatsapp, Facebook, and Snapchat. You can see the full content of these chats no matter if the phone user is in the chat so you’ll be in full control.

Starting version 16.3, Spapp Monitoring introduced another important feature – Live streaming. This is available on all Android versions and includes video streaming and audio streaming with either a front camera or back camera and screen capture. Thanks to the video streaming you can see around the target phone depending on the camera you connect and thanks to screen capture you can see the screen activity of the target device. No matter the option you choose you’ll always have the audio streaming so you can hear the ambient sound around your target device. More than this, starting with version 16.7 you are able to record the Live streaming. You practically have a Surrounding feature with no time limits** – Live streaming recordings.

Live streaming recordings lead to the next important feature that Spapp Monitoring introduced in version 16.7 – File manager. Using File manager you’ll be able to browse folders from the target phone and download files from these folders. You’ll have access to real videos, not only a selection of pictures from the specific video; you’ll be able to see pdf files and more.

Starting from version 16.6, Spapp Monitoring introduced another important feature: Gmail tracking that includes more sub-features like incoming Gmail app emails, Gmail inbuilt chat messages and group chat messages, and of course Gmail meeting recordings. More than this, even if your target device is using Yahoo or Outlook for emails, these also are in our features list and you’ll be able to see the incoming emails from these 2 apps as well.

Except for these important features, Spapp Monitoring made a lot of improvement work on the existing ones: there were added some other Whatsapp app variations in the tracking list such as GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Omen, along with improvements in WhatsappBusiness and the official Whatsapp app; changes for the Instagram tracking, added hidden Viber messages, improved browser logs and many more.

Spapp Monitoring’s new install method – track by phone number or the invite link option

Now Spapp Monitoring is possible to install remotely***. Some would name it tracking by phone number as you need to send the invite link to the phone number you want to track on a social media app like Whatsapp or as an SMS message. A simple name would be the invite link install method. You practically will have the option to send the invite link to the wanted phone number and the phone user will receive a simplified app version to install it him/herself without account login or any such details. Easy to install and easy to monitor without any extra headaches.

You still have the old option – to install the app on the target device yourself. You need to download and install from the download apk page. When you install it for the first time you’ll register it using an email and password that you’ll use later to log in to our website to check your logs, so make sure to remember these and use a real email for easy communication with us.
During the installation make sure to enable all permissions one by one, administrator rights, push notifications access, and of course accessibility. All these settings are important for some features so skipping something means missing logs or recordings.
Immediately after the installation disables the inbuilt task killers by following the steps from the article for your target device’s model and Android version.

No matter the install option you choose, it is good to know that Spapp Monitoring is now Play Protect compliant. That means no more blocking or even unwanted uninstall from Play Protect. Just make sure to do the proper install: enable all the required settings and disable the inbuilt task killers and you are all set up to track your device.

All about Spapp Monitoring’s payment options

Now Spapp Monitoring offers 3 payment gates on the website. You can pay with PayPal, JCC, or Payssion:
1. On Paypal you can pay with a credit/debit card or with your Paypal account (you have more options on the PayPal website on how to add money). More than this, if remembering to renew your subscription was an extra headache, you can use now the recurrent payment on PayPal. Do it once and the auto-renew is done in the next time period, depending on the subscription offer you chose (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year basic or full subscription). The even better news is you are able to disable the auto-renew whenever you want so your last payment will stay a one-time payment.
2. On JCC you can pay with a credit/debit card that is Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro.
3. On Payssion you can select a local payment method depending on your location. For India, you have many local options like UPI and many more. Local options allow national cards only and based on the Indian bank system that is great news for most Indian customers. For Turkey please choose the BoaCompra option. Bitcoin is NOT enabled.

The 3 payment gates cover most of the globe now with small exceptions (like Russia due to bans).

* In order to receive Voip call recordings your target device must be at least Android 10 or upper. On lower Android versions only Whatsapp NOtes and Telegram Notes are available.
** Live streaming recordings can be downloaded only using the File Manager feature. The maximum limit for remote upload of files using File manager is 500 Mb. If the file is bigger, you can continue the Live streaming recording but you’ll need to save the file directly from the target device.
*** If the phone user does not install the app using the invite link, you’ll need to do it yourself by having physical access. More than this, physical access is still needed for the target device’s Settings troubleshooting steps no matter the install option you choose. Spapp Monitoring is not hidden and is intended for legal use only.

Media Contact

Spapp Monitoring

[email protected]

Source :Spapp Monitoring

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Detroit Award-Winning Filmmaker Returns with Another Hit

Detroit, Michigan Sep 14, 2022 ( – On Saturday, November 5, 2022, The Shoe Lady Productions will premiere its latest film. “Rotten” debuts, at 6:00 pm at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema in Detroit, Michigan. If you know anything about independent film, you know Detroit filmmakers have taken over digital streaming platforms nationwide. With their insurgence of indie film content, the creator Tonja Ayers is next up to contribute to the arsenal. Rotten was filmed primarily in the metropolitan Detroit area, with local actors. The soundtrack features native musicians and songwriters.

Rotten is an urban-themed tale focused on a mentally tormented young lady named Apple and her hatred for her mother, Tami. Her primary goal in life is to be nothing like her mother, but is that even possible? Apple’s childhood has made her rotten to the core.

This groundbreaking project features Tierra JaCole starring as Apple and Brandy Tahnora as her mother, Tami. The film is inspired by the book “The Apple Don’t Fall Far from The Tree” penned by Tonja Ayers aka The Shoe Lady. She is a serial entrepreneur and author who is producing her novels into film. Tickets for the film and trailer are available at

Media Contact

The Shoe Lady Productions

[email protected]


Source :The Shoe Lady Productions

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Sawyer Springs Vineyard has a new look! Come check us out

2204069E F4A9 40BA 908E CA539C9D7B32 4 5005 c

Updated & Expanded Seating Areas

Asheville, North Carolina Sep 14, 2022 ( – Sawyer Springs Vineyard has improved the original outdoor seating area by updating our picnic table to be more comfortable for customers. We have also leveled the area to add ease of walking about and curb appeal.

In addition, a completely new patio area has been added that has a concrete floor and 8 new patio tables with umbrellas.

Sawyer Springs Vineyard has now increased the capacity for customers by 50 additional seats! All of this has been made possible by our contribution along with the Henderson County Tourism Development Authority (HCTDA). We are very pleased with the outcome of this project and would like to thank and publicly recognize HCTDA for its contribution!

Sawyer Springs is a family-owned and operated business that produces and make our own award-winning wine. Come see us Thursday – Sunday.

Media Contact

Sawyer Springs Vineyard

[email protected]


124 Sandy Hill Ln Hendersonville, NC 28792

Source :Sawyer Springs Vineyard

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Earthdance Prayer For Peace Events Worldwide

Earthdance  Prayer for Peace Event

Worldwide & Virtual events Sept. 17

San Francisco, California Sep 14, 2022 ( – Earthdance Giveback Festival Happening Across the Globe this Weekend

Earthdance celebrates 25 years through evoluting, a.k.a. evolving our consciousness to serve the greater good.

We are evaluating and celebrating our 25th anniversary of tapping into the power of synchronized intention to help heal the planet–and we’d love to have you with us!

The annual “Giveback” weekend is a series of global Earthdance festivals, which culminate in a synchronized moment of intention — “The Prayer for Peace” — is coming up on the weekend of September 16. That moment will be Sept. 17 at 4 pm Pacific — when multiple events around the world play the Earthdance “Prayer for Peace” music track at the same time. To find out more, join the “Prayer for Peace”, and go to:

The Prayer for Peace is a moment of deep reflection and connection, and a powerful affirmation that unifies our intentions for peace, on all levels. Additionally, a portion of each event proceeds “give back” to a local charity of the organizer’s choice.

In-person events around the globe include are: Porto Alegre (Brazil); Turtle Creek and Los Gatos (California); Johannesburg and Nelson Mandala Bay (South Africa);

Brisbane and Perth (Australia) Auckland (New Zealand), Norton (Zimbabwe), Budapest (Hungary), and streaming from Florida (Radio Cave Foundation). Additionally, you can stream online and join in from anywhere in the world.

While the festivals will be going all through the weekend worldwide, the synchronized “Prayer for Peace” will be streaming from the Earthdance Florida Radio Cave event at this link: The Radio Cave event benefits The Ark Wildlife & Care Sanctuary. You can donate directly to the sanctuary here.

Other Earthdance happenings & info:

Deep Green Genetics: Earthdance is also affiliated with Deep Green Genetics (DGG). DGG is a collaboration network of multi-generation craft cannabis farmers and breeders from all over the world. It offers the global community some of the world’s best heritage craft cannabis genetics available. Additionally, it offers monthly specials on heritage Cannabis seeds. Go to to get 25 percent off seeds with code: “EDDG420”

Music: To celebrate our 25th year of producing transformative, conscious festivals worldwide, Earthdance is celebrating its anniversary with a music compilation by Muti Music. The compilation can be downloaded or streamed on several music services. Here is the link:

Merchandise: Now you can show your support for world peace with Earthdance’s new “Promoting Peace” t-shirts available at Earthdance Global:

We love to see the Earthdance tribe! Please tag us on social media @Earthdanceglobal

Giveback Event & Synchronized Prayer for Peace: Join us online or in person for the September 17 Giveback & Synchronized Prayer for Peace event. For more information, go to, or for information about music and merchandise go to:

Earthdance Peace T shirts Prayer for Peace Event Earthdance Los Gatos Prayer for Peace Event Earthdance Zimbabwe Prayer for Peace Event Earthdance Evoluting Prayer for Peace Event

Media Contact

Earthdance Global

[email protected]


Source :Earthdance Global

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