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Mango Power Union sells $312,094 worth of its Home-and-Portable battery in its launch week


Anchorage, Alaska Dec 2, 2021 ( – Nov 20, NEW YORK – Mango Power Union, the most sought-after battery system of the year, has posted a successful first week of sales, amassing as much as $312,094 out of the campaign’s initial $20,000 goal. The super early bird price announced by Mango Power is a very competitive USD2,799 for end consumers.

“Having the support of campaign backers validates our product belief. There was a product gap in-home energy for a stylish and ultra-functional battery that could both power our homes and our active lifestyles with a portable option. Now, there’s Mango Power Union to cover both needs. With our detachable design, users can have the best of both worlds”, says Steve Wang, CEO of Mango Power

Indiegogo campaign backer Chandi Wansa, commented: What excited me the most is the built-in inverter, which makes it easy to use and move. Also excited about the 6900 Wh. Would probably be buying a couple of more units to use together!

Mango Power Union is a modular power station consisting of two parts: a large, heavy-duty home base and a smaller, detachable unit designed for portability. When the family is out of power, you can use the main module alone or attach the power move to bring 4,000W/6,900WH emergency power to the family, enabling devices such as refrigerators, kitchens, heating, or aircon to work as usual. You can stack up to 10 units, multiplying by 10 the backup energy capacity.

This high-power but stylish and at the same time detachable design has captured the minds of backers in the Indiegogo campaign. Werner writes: I already own a bunch of battery backup units, most of them 1kWh, 1.6kWh, 2kWh, and I expect the Delta Pro soon. All of them have Solar input, etc. But none of them come at even half of the specs of the Mango product. As an Electric Car owner, I needed a big capacity emergency battery if the car would run down.

But it’s not just about capacity and a modular design. Mango Power Union boasts 19 output ports, including AC, USB-C, wireless charging, and EV charging. It is also possible to stack up to 10 devices to reach a capacity of 69 kWh/43.5kW.

The Power Union promises fast charging through the roof or portable solar panels and supports 2kW MPPTx2 solar charging (16V-150V) and 3.3 kW wall charging. Weighing in at 68kg, it measures 44.6–34.6–68 cm and comes with a 24-month warranty.

Mango Power Union also tracks power data via the company’s app, including available power, charging rate, temperature, and charging mode. Meanwhile, a series of social functions, such as a leaderboard sharing function, allows you to compare how sustainable you are compared to other users; and provides data to track environmental impact footprints.

The app displays the conversion of solar energy in KWh, while carbon emissions are expressed in tons and tree planting equivalents thanks to the partnership of Mango Power Union with One Tree Planted. The app further estimates how much you’re saving by utilizing solar power, in comparison to just using the grid.

But if there’s a first impression that really stands out of this product is its design. Batteries tend to have a rather industrial and functional design. However, Mango Power Union puts design at the center of the product conception. It understands that it’ll serve the purpose of a home, and provides a design that can fit beautifully in so many spaces.

About Mango Power

Mango Power is a green energy brand focused on developing home power supply solutions, portable power devices, and related accessories. Mango Power’s mission is to bring smart green energy products into every home, and help every family realize a zero carbon emission future. The Mango Power Union, its first product, is the world’s rst battery system to integrate both home and portable power solutions. Its iconic look and all-in-one detachable design are expected to make a successful launch in late 2021 through Indiegogo. More information here or visiting

Press Contact

Sale, Distribution, or Commercial Enquiries


Source :Xihe Future Technology co., ltd

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The Da Vinci Fraud – The True Story of Dan Brown and the World’s Greatest Literary Crime

The Da Vinci Fraud Paperback 1

Dan Brown and The World’s Greatest Literary Crime

New York City, New York Dec 1, 2021 ( – New Book Release – The Da Vinci Fraud by Jack Dunn and Jonathan Coad reveals the true crime story of how Dan Brown became one of the most successful authors of all time by not writing The Da Vinci Code.

This book reveals the journey of an author who finds out that his book has been copied and his quest to get Justice, first in the United States and then in the United Kingdom where he meets a muse.

Facts that are not facts are found out to be the key to this puzzle, and answers are revealed that will finally expose the plagiarist for his international crimes.

Media Contact

John Dunn



515 Granby Road

Source :JD Group

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BEAUFOND PLC : Rated – “AA” by “S-P” Global Company- “CRISIL”


Mumbai, Maharashtra Dec 1, 2021 ( – BEAUFOND PLC: Rated – “AA” by “S&P” Global Company- “CRISIL”

Mumbai, India – November 30, 2021 – The International Rating Agency, “S&P” Global Company- CRISIL Ltd (“CRISIL”) assigned Beaufond Plc as an”AA” rating company. :- “THE OUTLOOK IS STABLE”.

These ratings confirm Beaufond’s “High degree of safety regarding timely servicing of financial obligations and carry very low credit risk” provides investors and stakeholders with an increased diversity of independent opinions.

S&P – CRISIL is a global analytical company and Credit Rating Agency, regulated by various regulators all over the world. It is the second international credit rating agency to rate Beaufond Plc as “AA”. Apart from the two ratings, the company is already rated 5A1 continuously for the last 3 years, by Dun & Brad Street’s. All ratings have very stable outlooks.

S&P – CRISIL observes the rating as “Positively notes its asset-light model of operations which enables the company to scale up operations without incurring significant capital expenditure and offers high flexibility and lower overhead cost” and remarked the upward factors as “The company has a well-diversified product portfolio in each of its business divisions and in order to have limited dependency the company buys products from a geographically diversified supplier base. These suppliers range from large corporate businesses to smallholders and also manufacturing contractors”.

The ratings in total reflect Beaufond’s balance sheet strength, which the credit agency assesses as strong, as well as its strong operating performance and ample liquidity, excellent business profile, and appropriate enterprise risk management.

The full report can be accessed in the below-mentioned link;

About: Beaufond PLC

Beaufond PLC is a Global company registered at DIFC, Dubai. The company has evolved into a market-leading international business to maximise the value created by the company over the last 12 years. Beaufond Plc is one of the largest international trading and distribution company, having a presence with operation in six continents across the globe, enjoys a dominant position in the various business verticals that it operates, apply world-class practices every day and expand into adjacent technical insulation end markets, continuously extending its temperature range and equipment verticals. Since the inception of Beaufond, it has developed breakthrough category-leading products that have helped to shape the industry.

For more information, please contact:


+91 22 2846 2626


Media Contact

Research Rating Inc

+91 22 28462626

Source :S & P – Crisil Ltd

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Technicolor Connected Home Describes Emerging Trends Spurring an Evolution of the Set-Top Box

Christian Lefebvre Technicolor

Atlanta, Georgia Dec 2, 2021 ( – The past few years have seen a major shift in how set-top box (STB) technologies are being designed and deployed to support the evolving needs of connected home subscribers. New consumer attitudes that favor choice and control have prompted network service providers (NSPs) to reevaluate the efficacy of proprietary customer premises equipment (CPE) strategies and explore the benefits offered by a more open approach to bringing new STB value propositions to market.

We caught up with Christian Lefebvre, senior vice president of Technicolor Connected Home’s video product unit, to get his perspective on the emerging trends driving the evolution of the set-top box.

Here is what he had to say:

Q: What does the current connected home consumer landscape look like for entertainment?

Christian Lefebvre: In terms of global consumption, entertainment and media have steadily increased over the last five years and even accelerated in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Dedicated over-the-top (OTT) services and video gaming continue their upward trajectory in terms of consumption. Traditional TV viewing, on the other hand, has slightly decreased.

Half of the consumers remain attached to linear TV programming, while the younger generation migrates to subscriptions, OTT services, gaming, social networks, and e-sports that can all be called upon demand.

While TVs remain the favored screen for home content consumption, mobile phones are quickly gaining ground and will be an area to watch as the consumer landscape continues to evolve.

Q: How are the consumption trends affecting network service providers (NSPs) and their business objectives?

Lefebvre: End users are very demanding regarding new services and experiences in the home. This is forcing NSPs to move fast to anticipate trends. The pace of change and the many sudden shifts in preferences mean that multi-year product or service development projects are no longer options. Consumers expect new applications and services within six months of hearing about them, which means that innovation initiatives today must be tightly interconnected with speed-to-market.

As a result, NSPs are evolving their business models to bring additional value and services to consumers on top of their existing OTT services. This is creating a complex, competitive landscape. NSPs are in fierce battles for the hearts and minds of consumers, with each other, and with disruptive OTT players. However, they are also creatively identifying opportunities to establish partnerships with streaming providers and PayTV Operators.

For those that do it correctly, this may be a winning combination. It can give streaming providers access to PayTV’s ready-made audiences while enhancing subscriber value-proposition and reducing churn. It is an exciting development because the relationship between NSPs and PayTV had been antagonistic in the past–on both sides. Now, many executives are seeing the advantages of working together.

Consumers are the big winners because they gain access to a much richer array of content and services.

But again, as we move forward, the tension point will revolve around the question of speed. How quickly can these new partnerships be integrated to deliver compelling new value-added services?

Q: What role will set-top boxes play in this evolution?

Lefebvre: While STBs operate as the primary in-home devices for video consumption, they can also play an important role in managing the growing complexity of content and services in the home.

Enriching end-user experience and increasing audio and video quality is very important because these factors reduce churn. As a result, operators are demanding more out of STBs.

Modern set-top boxes will need to concentrate on four key areas to remain relevant in tomorrow’s home environment:

  • Facilitate access to OTT services,
  • Provide smarter connectivity to streaming content–which includes connecting to other devices within the home,
  • Rely on open systems, and
  • Deliver smarter interaction, improved search capabilities, and improved user interface to deliver positive customer experiences.

An open approach to integrating new innovations on standards-based platforms can address problems driven by the constant introduction of new services that must somehow be managed.

Consumers have two options for managing the growing complexity of their digital lives as new services disrupt key interdependencies:

  • The first option is to manage and resolve issues that come up on their own using consumer electronics they have purchased online or at big box stores.
  • The second option is to let a third party address–and secure–the growing complexity of today’s connected home environment.

There is a market for both of these approaches. However, the second option is a major opportunity for NSPs to redefine and refine their relationships with subscribers. NSPs can leverage their existing presence in the home through customer premises equipment–such as STBs–to offer managed services that integrate, optimize and protect the content, privacy, and security of subscribers.

Q: What are some of the challenges of deploying open environments on set-top boxes?

Lefebvre: Operators will need to maintain some control over the content and experiences provided to connect with end-users. They will also need to monitor consumption to be aware of what people are watching to monetize how the user interacts with the environment.

Technicolor Connected Home has developed a set of advanced analytics capabilities to help operators understand how consumers use their STBs. Gaining this knowledge is a crucial step towards improving end-user experiences and reducing subscriber churn. NSPs have an opportunity to harness these insights to guide and inform the development of new content, services, and technologies.

For example, Technicolor leveraged input from our advanced analytics service to help NSPs develop set-top boxes that can be fully managed by voice. These devices have received highly positive feedback from consumers.

Q: Data and content security is emerging as a key area of concern for consumers alongside privacy protection. How do open CPE technologies address these issues?

Lefebvre: Security is a concern on multiple levels. Operators will need to put additional security measures in place to ensure content security and implement anti-piracy initiatives for video library owners while also protecting subscribers’ personal information and privacy.

There is also a growing proliferation of new OTT services around verticals, including cloud gaming, IoT, banking, and virtual health applications, all of which require robust security measures.

The real issue, however, revolves around trust. If NSPs want to roll out and monetize a set of managed services to address the many moving parts of consumers’ digital lives, then “trust” will be a major success factor.

Once security is compromised, trust is broken, and the brand is damaged. It can be challenging for a service provider to recover from a severe breach of security.

Q: What are the long-term opportunities for NSPs that embrace open platforms?

Lefebvre: There are three key opportunities for NSPs using open platforms.

  • Speed: Open platforms provide the absolute best option for increasing speed and ease of use. If NSP operators are looking to keep pace with new user consumption and new service applications, open platforms are the best avenue.
  • Complexity: As operators aggregate new services while simplifying the user experience, open platforms will play a crucial role in stitching together a diverse array of offerings.
  • Security. Trust is at the heart of reducing churn and holding on to the customer base. Operators will need to constantly revise and update their security measures to protect their content, their customers’ information, and the customers themselves.

These three areas represent a fantastic opportunity for operators to monetize their new services. These are key areas in which Technicolor Connected Home focuses its research, design, and development efforts in our quest to be the partner of choice to NSPs worldwide.

To view a video interview with Technicolor Connected Home’s Christian Lefebvre, visit:

The Evolution of the Settop Box

Source :Technicolor

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Nixon Gwilt Law Welcomes Seasoned Food and Drug Attorney Mark Mansour to Firm

Mark Mansour Esq

Mansour fills the growing need for expertise in the Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) market

Washington, D.C, District of Columbia Dec 1, 2021 ( – Mark Mansour, Esq., joined Nixon Gwilt Law (NGL) as Senior Healthcare Innovation Counsel on December 1, 2021. Prior to joining NGL, Mansour served as in-house counsel to two major multinationals, gaining a sterling reputation for his innovative, business-focused approach to solving problems as well as his strong client relations skills.

Mansour is highly experienced in securing FDA approvals for drugs and devices, working through drug and device safety issues, managing recalls, solving market access challenges, and addressing food and nutrition issues. He also advises biotechnology, nanotechnology, dietary supplement, agribusiness, and cannabis product clients on state and federal regulatory compliance. With extensive experience working with clients to address social media regulation and corporate website FTC compliance, Mark also helps clients resolve advertising issues involving the National Advertising Division (NAD) and the Federal Trade Commission.

Mark received his BS from Georgetown University, an MA from Harvard University, and his law degree from Georgetown University. Mark is admitted to practice in the District of Columbia and Michigan, and he will serve clients from his office in the DC area.

NGL Partner Rebecca Gwilt says, “Mark’s decade of experience in FDA law and his deeply pragmatic approach to client service is a perfect fit for Nixon Gwilt. We’re eager to incorporate his creativity and deep industry knowledge to help drive growth for our innovative digital health, medical device, and decentralized clinical trial (DCT) clients.”

Managing Partner Carrie Nixon adds, “Mark really gets the direction we are taking the firm– and that is straight to #1 as the top healthcare innovation firm in the nation.”

Mansour says that he not only chose Nixon Gwilt Law because of the quality of the firm and its lawyers but also because of the quality of their customer service, which he values highly.

NGL seeks attorneys who are forward-thinking, tech-savvy, and entrepreneurial, just like their clients. With his broad experience in Food and Drug Law and multinational experience, Mansour is uniquely positioned to create a bridge between the FDA and innovations in Life Sciences, Distributed Clinical Trials, and Medical Devices.

Media Contact

Nixon Gwilt Law

1 703-591-3166

Source :Nixon Gwilt Law

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Post-COVID Recovery Program Available for People Experiencing Persistent Symptoms from COVID-19 for Longer than 4 Weeks

post covid 1200x628

Most people recover from COVID-19 completely, but for reasons still unknown a percentage of patients continue to suffer long-term effects of the virus. The Kaplan Center Post-COVID Recovery Program can offer a path to recovery.

Mclean, Virginia Dec 1, 2021 ( – Post-COVID syndrome may be referred to as long-COVID or long-haul COVID. Post-COVID syndrome is a wide range of new or persisting symptoms that COVID-19 sufferers experience weeks after they were first infected.

By now, an estimated 3.2 million Americans are thought to have post-COVID syndrome – a figure that translates to approximately 10% of COVID-19 cases. But this is just an estimate. The true number is likely much higher.

Post-COVID Syndrome is sometimes referred to as Long COVID, Post-acute COVID-19, Long Hauler COVID, or Chronic COVID. While the terminology is often used interchangeably, researchers have defined two main phases of the condition with the primary distinction being the duration of symptoms.

“So, we now have this whole group of people who have what we now refer to as a post-COVID syndrome. Post-COVID syndrome doesn’t seem to matter as to whether or not you had a mild or a severe case of the disease. It also doesn’t matter as to how old you were when you got the disease.” Said Dr. Gary Kaplan, founder and medical director of The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine.

People commonly report experiencing different combinations of the following Post-Covid symptoms; difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, tiredness or fatigue, symptoms that get worse after physical or mental activities, difficulty thinking or concentrating (sometimes referred to as “brain fog”), fast-beating or pounding heart (also known as heart palpitations), dizziness on standing (lightheadedness), change in smell or taste, cough, chest or stomach pain, headache, joint or muscle pain, pins-and-needles feeling, sleep problems, fever, rash, diarrhea, and mood changes.

“At The Kaplan Center we have been helping patients to treat very complex conditions and using that wisdom and knowledge of multidisciplinary approach we are able to see chronic COVID through that lens and are able to provide our patients with a very comprehensive approach,” remarked Harpreet Gujral, NP of The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine.

A multi-system condition like Post-COVID Syndrome needs an integrative/multidisciplinary approach to address its wide-ranging symptoms. Patients will have an hour-long appointment with our Nurse Practitioner to discuss their past medical history and current symptoms. Appropriate testing will be ordered based on their history. With a complete medical history and the results of the patient’s lab work we’ll be well equipped to 1) determine what may be delaying recovery and 2) devise an integrative treatment plan that will get the patient back to total health, back to complete recovery.

People who are experiencing symptoms of post-covid longer than 4 weeks after the initial onset of symptoms should consider completing the assessment on The Kaplan Center website to see if they would benefit from a comprehensive 1-hour appointment.

To learn more about the Post-Covid Recovery Program visit:

About Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine

Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine looks beyond conventional medicine to help you achieve a happier, healthier life. Incorporating the best elements of conventional and alternative medicine, our goal is to provide an integrative approach, both in the office and through telemedicine, that attends not only to your physical symptoms but also to the underlying factors that are driving all of your health conditions. The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine offers over 40 types of treatments and services. Our integrative, non-surgical treatment approach is highly successful in restoring health and vitality to patients with chronic conditions or anyone who would like to improve their overall state of health.

post covid 3 1200x628post covid 2 1200x628post covid 4 1200x628

Media Contact

The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine



6829 Elm Street, Suite 300

Source :The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine

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Tulsa Spine and Rehab Hires New Chiropractor


Tulsa, Oklahoma Dec 1, 2021 ( – Homegrown Hunter Johnson long believed Tulsa would be his forever home. Raised in Jenks and following in his father’s footsteps, he first studied dentistry at Oklahoma State. Then, a conversation with his uncle in Canada changed everything.

Hunter shared how he would prefer blazing a trail of his own in the medical field. His uncle suggested he consider chiropractics. That idea immediately appealed to him.

“I could see I’d be good at it,” Hunter says. “A chiropractor addresses the real problem, helping people by working together with them.”

Following through, he applied and was accepted to Cleveland Chiropractic College. Hunter never looked back.

“I like that chiropractors practice non-surgical, conservative care,” Hunter says. “Being aligned prevents injuries because your body can perform to the best of its possibilities.”

After graduation, he was eager to get his practice. But, where?

“The key was finding the right place,” he says. “I wanted to join a practice with lots of opportunity for future growth–in Tulsa.”

That Tulsa part was critical to Hunter because his fiance, Diane, is a University of Tulsa nutritionist. Then there’s the fact that his whole family lives within ten minutes of each other in the Tulsa area.

A Google search of “Tulsa Chiropractors” led him to Tulsa Spine and Rehab. What he found was an opportunity to work in the kind of collaborative environment he’d hoped for.

“After visiting with Doctor Riley, I felt an immediate fit,” says Hunter. “Then, I kept crossing paths with people we knew in common–things just kept lining up. It was a God thing.”

“Hunter adds nicely to our team of integrated specialists,” says Doctor Sean Riley. “We’re delighted to welcome Doctor Johnson to the Tulsa Spine and Rehab team.”

Media Contact

Tulsa Spine and Rehab


(918) 743-3737

3345 S Harvard Ave #101

Source :Tulsa Spine and Rehab

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Overcome Your Fear Of Flying With the SimpliFly App

Download SimpliFly App

Designed especially for nervous passengers, SimpliFly helps fearful flyers by providing peace of mind both before and during their flight

New York City, New York Dec 1, 2021 ( – As borders reopen worldwide and passengers return to the skies, SimpliFly has just released a first-of-its-kind feature: a live, 1:1 chat with an off-duty pilot who can provide online assistance to fearful and nervous flyers. The pilot can advise, answer questions and interpret weather along a given flight path and assuage flyers’ concerns in real-time. Founded by a career airline captain, SimpliFly is solving the fear of flying, a problem currently plaguing up to a third of the global population.

The company’s mobile app provides video-based segments featuring airline pilots, who explain everything from aircraft systems operations, turbulence, COVID-19 protocols, and more. It is currently used by thousands of travelers and has been deployed across El Al’s entire fleet in the airline’s onboard entertainment system. At this time, the 1:1 chat feature is available for premium users.

Aside from its partnership with El Al, the company has established collaborations with an international insurance brand, world-renowned institutions of higher education, and emergent tech partners, and university researchers. SimpliFly is available for download in both the App Store and Google Play.

About SimpliFly

Designed especially for nervous passengers, SimpliFly helps fearful flyers by providing peace of mind both before and during their flight via expert-developed segments and its signature live 1:1 Chat with a Pilot feature. Airlines partner with SimpliFly to level up their customer experience, and to offer prospective travelers a complete solution that alleviates the fear of flying. At the helm is Capt. Alon Pereg, a career airline captain, former fighter pilot, and admittedly atypical entrepreneur who began his third career as a grandparent in his 60s.

Available on IOS and Android devices.

SimpliFly AppSimpliFly AppSimpliFly App

Media Contact



38 Dam Hamacabbim St. Modiin, Israel

Source :SimpliFly

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Haddy is a Superstar both On and Off the Field

Haddy Releases a New Music Single NORF ANTHEM

Jacksonville, Florida Dec 1, 2021 ( – Jihad Ward is another name that can be added to the roster of athletes who also are also rappers. When Jihad is not dominating the football field as a defensive end with the Jacksonville Jaguars he’s creating music. Jihad is also referred to as “Haddy” has some serious bars. His most recent single is called NORF ANTHEM which is on all music platforms. We are definitely here for the Philly sound. A lot of people might not be familiar with Haddy on the music scene. The football superstar actually started sharing this hidden gift of being such a talented rapper last year. In listening to his music catalog on both Spotify and Apple Music, he definitely isn’t new to music, and he’s here to stay.

This talented gentleman has been creating music while he also has been playing football. Listeners who enjoy hip hop will be able to hear that Haddy gives 110% to his music. This is definitely not an experiment. Whenever we hear a multi-talented artist who has flavor we always aim to support it. So, we reached out to Haddy to inquire if it would be ok to share his music? The answer was exactly what we wanted to hear, which was yeah! The more people with who we share his music will generate more listeners who get a chance to hear how super talented he is.

World Indie Artist Intelligent Diva met Haddy at Century Studios. She was introduced to Haddy by the owner of Century Studios, Aaron Bing. From the moment Intelligent Diva heard the track, she believed Haddy had a gift. Intelligent Diva reached out to her mentor and record label founder Stephen Wrench. Sure, everyone knows Haddy on the field as the hype man. But, we need people to also hear his music off the field. He’s not just another athlete he’s a songwriter and lyricist. We tapped into Stephen Wrench, the owner of Musik and Film who has also done radio promotions for indie artists and major artists. One of the major artists he has done a radio promotion for in the hip hop industry who we all know and loves is Rick Ross. Stephen Wrench is a grammy voting and nominating member with 40 plus years in the music industry. He was also the former vice president of a major record label.

The music artist Intelligent Diva who is also a record label owner of Intelligent Diva Music believed the athlete had what it takes to break through in the music industry as well as on the football field. She wanted to get the opinion of someone who has years of experience because she wanted to help the world hear the music another multi-talented person. Stephen Wrench declared the song “NORF ANTHEM” is definitely a hit song, and the talented athlete has what it takes to break through in the music industry.

Haddy is living his dream both on and off the field. He just wants to take his time with his musical talent and keep producing good music for the world to hear. His football career is primary, so he doesn’t have time to write as much as he would like to. But, when he does have time to take a break and give us some good music that’s definitely what he plans on doing.

“NORF ANTHEM”, is definitely one of our favorite tracks. Haddy’s rhymes are fierce, and it features Twin Ochohoa. Not only does the track have a Philly Vibe, but Twin Ochohoa’s flow also reminds us of a Meek Mill. Haddy has released a total of 5 singles, and he appears on 2 other albums. which is available for streaming on all music platforms. We are definitely here to keep enjoying the vibes of this King and to share his music with the world.

Go Stream NORF ANTHEM on Spotify :

Be sure to follow Jihad Ward aka Haddy on Instagram:

Get the latest tweets on Twitter:

Shop online for merchandise :

All Products – Jihad Ward Shop (

Subscribe to Haddy on YouTube. Be sure to Like and Comment:

Haddy – Topic – YouTube

Media Contact

Intelligent Diva Music

7643 Gate Parkway Suite 104-1022 Jacksonville , Florida 32256

Source :Intelligent Diva Music

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Natural skincare startup Liv Aronia crafts the finest of berry based beauty with inspiration from a unique superberry

Aronia Clay Mask with Marija in Milk Bath

Crafted and inspired by Aronia Berries. Liv Aronia is the first natural skincare company to formulate and launch a skincare range, harvesting all benefits from the Aronia Berry and welcomes the Aronia Clay Mask & Berry Blossom Face Oil to the world.

London, England Dec 2, 2021 ( – The story began in August 2019 when the founders Marija and Philip visited Marija’s family in a tiny Croatian village to help them harvest the unknown little berry called the Aronia berry, also known as the chokeberry.

Since 2017, Marija’s family has harvested the Aronia berry to extract the natural juice and create an Aronia jam, which tastes divine! Research has shown that consuming Aronia juice daily boosts your immune system with vitamins and antioxidants.

By this time, Marija and Philip were well aware of the incredible health benefits of the Aronia Berry. So it was a light bulb moment, and Liv Aronia was born. Liv stands for Love In Vitamins and with Aronia combined for the birth of Liv Aronia.

From day one, the mission of Liv Aronia has been to share the wonders of the Aronia berry through the founders’ love and passion for skincare that is made simple and embodied with vegan origins.

Liv Aronia has proudly launched the Aronia Clay Mask, and Berry Blossom Face Oil that aims to transform the skincare regime of those looking to continue or use natural skincare while treating your skin to the glow up you deserve.

“We are honoured to have finally launched our skincare into the world. It has been quite the journey. We have had so much support, as well as many great reviews that have kept us going,” said the founders of “Liv Aronia” Marija Kurtanjek and Philip Rochester. “We’d just like to just take a moment to say thank you, everyone. You’re all wonderful”.

Liv Aronia is shipping to the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe and is keen to spread their love in vitamins worldwide.

Learn more at

About Liv Aronia

Liv Aronia is a natural skincare brand inspired by Aronia Berry. Officially Founded in 2019, Liv Aronia worked through its trials and tribulations to formulate and launch a unique pair of superfood skincare products.

Liv Aronia’s skincare is primarily based on the Aronia Berry and many other plant-based ingredients that aim to promote skin regeneration, repair the skin barrier, nourish, promote collagen, and so many more beautiful wonders.

Instagram | TikTok | Pinterest | Media File Link

#livaronia #loveinviamins #skincaresquad #berryblossomfaceoil #aroniaclaymask

Marija and Philip on terrace in Croatia where Liv Aronia was bornThe Flawless Kit Combo ft Aronia Clay Mask and Berry Blossom Face OilAronia Clay Mask in Hands of Marija and PhilipAronia Clay Mask Texture

Media Contact

Liv Aronia

Source :Liv Aronia

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