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  • ELEFAD, Women’s Clothing Line | Formals for Women

    New Delhi, Delhi May 25, 2022 ( – ELEFAD [ This name is a combination of two different worlds, ” ELE from Elegant and FAD means Trend ” ]. Pronounced as in the native language. Introducing Elefad, the women’s new clothing line redefines how women dress. The Store offers stylish and comfortable clothing that makes […]

  • Wama Create Reliable Mobile Apps for Business: The Foremost Mobile App Development Company in USA

    Atlanta, Georgia May 25, 2022 ( – Wama Create Reliable Mobile Apps for Business: The Foremost Mobile App Development Company in the USA Recently, mobile app development in the Information Technology industry has exploded due to increased demand for mobile apps for various businesses seeking to advance their online exposure and boost business growth. Nowadays, […]

  • Together To Help people from Ukraine

    Las Vegas, Nevada May 24, 2022 ( – “Together To Help” Mobilizes Las Vegas Donations for Ukrainians Affected by War Together To Help announced today that there is a great need to help the Ukrainian refugees and the civilians who cannot afford to leave Ukraine. Together to Help provides clothing, food, health, and education for […]

  • Netvue Released Floodlight 2 with Super Power Light to Prevent Unwanted Guest

    Floodlight 2: the best outdoor security camera with floodlight Los Angeles, California May 24, 2022 ( – Netvue released Floodlight 2 on May 24th, 2022, aiming to provide a revolutionary experience for home security that requires strong light. With advanced illumination ability, the second generation of Floodlight is able to upgrade your home with motion-activated […]

  • Beat Viral’s GMLP- A Grand Disruption in Music Licensing

    GMLP is more than just a game-changer; it is a fundamentally new kind of music streaming outlet. Sydney, New South Wales May 24, 2022 ( – Every now and then an entity arrives that disrupts existing systems–Beat Viral’s GMLP is one such force. Beat Viral has explored the frontiers of music entrepreneurship and technology and […]

  • Seseley Monat J Announces New Single ‘Clap’

    The latest from this genre-bending artist is as provocative as it is hypnotic. Jacksonville, Florida May 23, 2022 ( – Seseley Monat J has been writing and performing music for nearly her entire life, but in recent years the profile of the Atlantic Beach born Soprano with falsetto tendencies has truly found its footing as […]

  • Announcing HealthGeniuses and ConsumerGeniuses industry blogs with global coverage of digital disruptions

    London, United Kingdom May 23, 2022 ( – IndustryGeniuses, a digital platform for industry innovations, today announced the launch of two new business newsletters HealthGeniuses and ConsumerGeniuses. HealthGeniuses focuses on the Health care, Pharma, and Life Sciences industry. ConsumerGeniuses focuses on Consumer Goods and FMCG industry. Our blogs and weekly email newsletters curate industry insights, […]

  • UK easy Brand Press Conference Reporting (Sir Stelios with easyFood founder Jeewan Sagu) | easyFood -easyfood

    Today Uk’s online food delivery is the most favorable and comfortable system to manage your diet food anywhere with slight touch easyFood app. West Midlands, United Kingdom May 23, 2022 ( – We all know about JustEat’s online food takeaway, but you forget about easyfood company, which is the best takeaway online food company. Jeewan […]

  • Hello Jay Wins 2022 Global Indigo Awards for Design for Social Change

    Gold in Logos for Social Change 2022 Gold in Websites Design for Social Change 2022 Bronze in Branding for Social Change 2022 Honorable Mention in Digital Design for Social Change 2022 New York City, New York May 23, 2022 ( – Hello Jay Wins 2022 Global Indigo Awards for Design for Social Change Gold in […]

  • Blockchain based freelancing platform “BBTSquare” posing strong challenge to Fiverr, Freelancer – Upwork

    New Delhi, Delhi May 23, 2022 ( – BBT Square is a freelancing platform where all the data is stored on BSC smart chain. Blockchain ensures that the data is always secure and can’t be tampered with, and added benefit of faster pay with fees as low as 2-3% of the value of the project. […]