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Mystika by Pepe Soho is presented at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Mexico pavilion

Pepe Soho 1

The nature photographer offers an introductory journey about Mexico, with his work Mystika, an immersive experience of art and technology.

Distrito Federal, Mexico Dec 4, 2021 ( – Mexican artist Pepe Soho was invited with his visual and immersive work Mystika, a piece that is part of the Mexican pavilion called Tejiendo Vidas (Weaving Lives), directed by the cultural promoter Bernardo Noval, at Expo 2020 Dubai, taking place from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The universal exhibition, which was delayed due to COVID19, is the greatest show in the world, bringing together more than 190 countries for 182 days to offer cutting-edge technology, art, innovation, culture, and business, all in 438 hectares of exhibition space. The thematic focus is “Connecting our minds and building the future” and a capacity of 25 million people is expected.

The Mexico pavilion houses a sample of the immersive exhibition Mystika by Pepe Soho, which consists of two sections. The first begins with a sensory triangle where the great pyramid of Chichen Itza can be contemplated in a starry night. Then, the tour continues to a 360º dome showing the work Maya, which allows appreciation of the ruins of Tulum and the fierce serpent of Kukulkan under the starry sky.

The second section, created by the 2017 World Photographic Cup winner, continues with Sanctuary, which symbolizes a tribute to nature consisting of an infinite mirrors triangle cabin that takes the viewer to Mexico’s three most emblematic sanctuaries.

Through these installations, Pepe Soho connects the visitor with nature and the wealth of Mexico. “Mystika represents to me the demonstration that nothing is impossible, that there are always new beginnings and possibilities to fulfill our dreams. Sometimes you have to break down to transform yourself. Will and determination brought my work to Dubai today to share my experience with the world”, he says.

In addition to the pieces exhibited by Pepe Soho (which are also part of the Mystika Museum, the artist’s multisensory museum located at the entrance to the ruins of Tulum in Quintana Roo), a brief collection of his photographic work, consisting of 7 large-format images, including Transcendence, Eywa, Becoming, Stories, Maya Dream, Noil and Mystika may also be admired.

Thus, in Dubai, Pepe Soho proposes a Mexican biodiversity internal experience, which is of great impact when making synergy with the use of technology. The result is a poetic-fantastic proposal for those who find in the work the fragility of the boundary between reality and fiction.

The visual artist Betsabee Romero also participates in the Mexico pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, with the installation Tejedoras de Lazos (Weavers of bonds), work that covers the facade of the building and consists of colorful hand-woven ribbons made by artisans from Etzatlan, Jalisco. Also, opera singer Javier Camarena and Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, a dance group founded by the choreographer Amalia Hernandez in 1952, will perform.


Pepe Soho was born in Mexico City and from an early age showed artistic sensibility and a very active mind.

After several years of studying music, he performed as a drummer in important venues in Los Angeles and Mexico City. Later, he focused on design and created the clothing brand SOHO, which became a fashion icon for two decades. Then, he ventured into the business world of entertainment with the famous LOVE club.

As a result of depression, Pepe Soho finds an escape in photography and this is how he decides to do it professionally. Renowned as one of Mexico’s most important contemporary photographers, Pepe Soho was awarded the gold medal for his photo Belief at the 2017 World Photographic Cup (WPC) in Yokohama, Japan.

Among other places, his work has been exhibited in the Jose Luis Cuevas Museum (CDMX), in the Chapultepec bars open gallery (CDMX), as well as the Mystica Museum, the artist’s visual space located in Tulum, Quintana Roo. Besides, his work has been acquired into collections in Mexico, Spain, Germany, England, the United States, Canada, among many other countries.

Pepe Soho describes his photographs as a love letter to nature since through it he managed to heal his life and now he pays her constant homage. Today, his vision is to bring Mexico’s landscape beauty to the rest of the world.

Pepe Soho 2Pepe Dubai 01

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Source :Mistyka Museum By pepe Soho

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“Targeted” The Documentary on Robert Fucilla

Robert Fucilla issues Legal proceedings against the CPS and Avon and Somerset police for malicious prosecution and misfeasance in public office.

London, United Kingdom Dec 4, 2021 ( – Robert Fucilla is currently in development with the documentary “Targeted”. Targeted is a thrilling true account of how the Police and CPS tried framing him. The documentary focuses on why the trial was malicious and lays out the evidence showing how they attempted to frame and mislead the courts.

Robert Joseph Fucilla is a British Financier and investor in Financial Markets. He was born the second of three boys in south London.

After completing his education in 2000, Fucilla began a career in investment management and finance in the City of London. By 2005 he opened his own trading and investment management company, dealing in private equities and the main Markets Stock Exchange, which he developed as the cornerstone of his business. In that time, he helped finance technology, oil, and mining projects all over the world.

In 2008 Fucilla executive-produced his first movie, The Big I Am, starring Michael Madsen and Steven Berkoff.

In 2017 Fucilla was maliciously targeted and investigated as part of a £7m investment fraud. Fucilla was acquitted by the jury and in 2019 he issued a multi-million-pound civil action, suing the CPS and Avon and Somerset Police for malicious prosecution and misfeasance in public office.

Since 2008, Fucilla has produced and executive produced a number of British films and managed the careers of many well-known Actors and Actresses. His reach as a talent agent stretches across the globe.

The documentary “Targeted” release date TBC.

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Source :Robert Fucilla

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Mind founder Daniel Aguilar offers inversion opportunities at all levels

Logo Mind

A new fintech born in Medellin, the MIND ecosystem will allow to live the economic transition of the traditional market towards cryptographic digitization through its own tokens and a collection system for all business.

New York City, New York Dec 3, 2021 ( – Mind founder Daniel Aguilar offers inversion opportunities at all levels

A new fintech born in Medellin, the MIND ecosystem will allow living the economic transition of the traditional market towards cryptographic digitization through its own tokens and a collection system for all establishments with a revolutionary method of crypto rewards. Colombia continues to stand out as a blockchain hub for innovative projects with international projection.

MIND is the result of years of study and research by groups of professionals from several countries led by Colombian investor and crypto analyst Daniel Aguilar: “We are offering investment opportunities for all levels through franchises, tokens, and NFTs, because we are creating a community where everyone benefits, and everyone can improve their finances by entering the crypto world in a simple way, in Mind we offer the technology and experience and we will guide them in this process.

MIND also offers the possibility for artists to exhibit and tokenize their works in the digital world by offering them in its Open Sea gallery MINDART_GALLERY. On December 2nd MIND presented a private event at its first crypto cafe in Medellin for Family and Friends where they sold an NFT from the exclusive Monastery brand in collaboration with local artists from the Zoolandian gallery.

The next event on December 16th will be the official launch of MIND at the exclusive Icon Resort in Medellin where product demonstrations and NFT art exhibitions will be held in an exclusive environment.

Among the international expansion plans, MIND arrives in El Salvador in December to establish its first franchises and finance system for businesses, bringing a financial solution for the use of crypto. They will also be present at the Crypto Latin Fest at El Tunco beach on December 3 and 4. It is projected that in the next year they will open 100 franchises starting in Guatape, Bogota, Mexico, and Dubai.

MIND is a community with decentralized technology to be integrated into the traditional system and achieve greater economic benefits. Where the art of NFT, token transactions, and international expansion will allow users to live experiences of growth and quality of life.

Logo MindFirts Cryptocafe in Medellinimage00007

Source :MIND

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Deborah from SAGE Interior Design – Decor featured in the empowering photographic project 50 over 50

50 over 50 project

Gold Coast-Brisbane-Sunshine Coast

Brisbane, Queensland Dec 3, 2021 ( – The founder of SAGE Interior Design & Decor, Deborah Townsend recently took part in an amazing photography project called 50 over 50 by award-winning Sumico Photography at Tedder Avenue, Gold Coast. The photographic project celebrates the diversity, strength, beauty, essence, and wisdom of women in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond. With the help of Sumico, Deborah wishes to spread her story among other women to inspire them. She has successfully shown the world that beauty does not fade away with time and age with her stunning photographs. Her brilliant natural beauty and powerful persona are prominent in every picture taken in the photographic project.

With the ’50 over 50′ photographic project, Deborah Townsend has seamlessly celebrated her achievement after going through so much in her 55 years of life. Leaving and surviving a violent domestic abuse relationship of 17 years, she raised her three children alone with tremendous care. She has started her own interior designing business in her mid-50s and successfully running it ever since. Her story is relatable to women going through similar situations in their life. The photographic project showcases the strength and wisdom she gained over the years, which she wants to convey to other women to empower them. The project amazingly portrays the privilege and beauty of aging.

SAGE Interior Design & Decor was founded by multitalented lady Deborah Townsend. The company has a wide range of the most classy and beautiful interior designs in its collection. They give full priority to the clients and offer consultancy before proceeding further. They work hard to satisfy all the needs and requirements of the clients. To know more about their services, visit them at

50 over 50 project 50 over 50 project50 over 50 project 50 over 50 project

Source :Sumiko Photography

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One-Night-Only Experiential Performance by Alicia Keys Interweaving Music, Meditation, Movement, Art, and Technology at

Alicia Keys performing at Secret Soire  Photo World Red Eye

Organized by Superblue, Therme Art, and Neurotechnology Pioneer MindMaze, Secret Soiree Marked Launch of New Series of Experiential MYND Programs, Designed to Reveal How the Arts Can Foster Wellbeing for Body and Mind

Miami, Florida Dec 2, 2021 ( – Last night, in a special one-night-only event organized by Superblue, Therme Art, and neurotechnology pioneer MindMaze, Alicia Keys led 600+ invited guests through an immersive, guided meditation and musical performance at Superblue Miami. Known for her timeless songs, spiritual musicality, and activism, the 15-time Grammy(R) Award-winning singer/songwriter/producer has always focused on uplifting her audiences and has increasingly focused on mental health and meditation in her personal life and work.

Presented during Miami Art Week, Secret Soiree introduced MYND Experiences, a new series of experiential, neuroscience-based programs developed as part of Therme’s joint venture with MindMaze, exploring how neurotechnology can be used in art, architecture, design, and music to create dynamic environments that advance mental and physical wellbeing. The next program in the series will be a multisensory musical experience based on this performance and incorporating MYND technology, launching at Superblue Miami in 2022.

Secret Soiree opened at 7 pm, with guests invited to explore Meadow by DRIFT, an interactive, upside-down landscape of suspended mechanical flowers that perpetually bloom in symbiotic response to the movement of the people below. Keys led a guided audio-visual meditation session in correspondence with the installation, using rhythm and sound to align body and mind within the environment and leading participants into a deeper state of consciousness.

At the end of the session, guests moved into a second installation at Superblue by art collective teamLab, where a set of responsive artworks–Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – Transcending Boundaries, A Whole Year per Hour, interweaved with Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries–enlivens perception while exploring concepts of time and the relationship between individuals and their surroundings. Within this space, Keys performed live, enveloping guests in a multisensorial experience. The 75-minute set, including new music from her forthcoming album KEYS (out December 10), created a dynamic interplay between the artist and the artwork by teamLab, with Keys’ every movement affected and overlaid by the artwork’s projections.

The evening also included remarks from the event’s organizers, including Mikolaj Sekutowicz, CEO and Curator of Therme Art, Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst, CEO and Co-Founder of Superblue, and Tej Tadi, Founder, and CEO of MindMaze.

“Throughout my life, I have always been about pushing past the boundaries and making music that exposes the deep connection we have with each other! The arts always make you see the world with fresh eyes,” said singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. “This one-night-only show was a beautiful display of how the arts and wellness can come together to foster deeper consciousness and explosive fun all at the same time. I am excited to collaborate with Therme Art, MindMaze, and Superblue and participate in the launch of such a groundbreaking initiative as MYND Experiences.”

“Combining meditation, sound, visuals, and neurotechnology, Alicia’s performance last night created a 720-degree sense-infusing and sense-encompassing experience for participants. The gathering launched a new program of MYND Experiences, which are conceived to spark awareness and discourse about how we can create healing spaces through the visual arts, architecture, and cultural engagement,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Therme Art Mikolaj Sekutowicz. “Therme Group is dedicated to placing a focus on personal wellbeing, and we are delighted to partner with the artist, creator, and mental health protagonist Alicia Keys, the neuroscience leader MindMaze, and experiential art pioneer Superblue to produce holistic experiences.”

Tej Tadi, Founder, and CEO of MindMaze noted: “The interactive, adaptive environment created by Alicia’s immersive meditation session and musical performance embodies the multimodal platforms MindMaze is dedicated to developing for the improvement of our collective mental health. Our launch of the ‘MYND’ experiences with Therme Art at Superblue Miami reflects our shared ambition in creating cultural experiences, spaces, and resources that advance a holistic approach to enhancing mental wellbeing globally.”

Superblue Cofounder and CEO Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst added: “Secret Soiree‘s activation of DRIFT and teamLab’s installations at Superblue created a dynamic audio-visual environment rooted in these artists’ messages about creating harmonious and healthy relationships between each other and the world around us. Superblue’s mission is to amplify the role that artists play in our well-being as individuals and as a society, and we are excited to continue our collaborations with Therme Art and MindMaze.

Alicia Keys performing at Secret Soire  Photo World Red EyeAlicia Keys performing at Secret Soire  Photo World Red EyeDRIFT Meadows Meditation in Superblue  Photo World Red EyeMollie Dent Brocklehurst and Mikoaj Sekutowicz opening remarks at Secret Soire  Photo World Red Eye

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Source :Therme Art GmbH

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Menu Design Group (MDG) Introduces New 1,2,3 GO Solution Packages for Digital Menu Boards

digital menu tv

MDG’s digital menu boards are designed for independently operated restaurants to help them increase food sales and improve guest experiences.

Los Angeles, California Dec 2, 2021 ( – Menu Design Group (MDG), a national leader in digital menu board software, announces the immediate availability of new digital menu board solutions that enable restaurants of any size to convert their existing television into a digital menu. In addition, restaurant management may remotely alter and update their menu televisions by utilizing MDG’s tried and true digital menu board software.”

“Restaurant management may easily modify prices, add/edit items, and change images on the fly. All updates users make on their laptop or computer will be instantly reflected on their televisions,” MDG’s Phil DiMarco explained. “On the menu TVs, breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour, and other menus can be prescheduled and configured to update automatically. In addition, this dayparting capability enables restaurants to deliberately promote and play promos for featured new items to maximize sales.”

Simple and Efficient

MDG’s digital menus provide a simple and cost-effective method of upgrading your restaurant’s menus. Digitally attractively present your menu, including delicious photographs and videos of your food.

MDG’s new line of 1,2,3 GO Digital Menu Boards is now available for the following applications:

Restaurants and Taquerias Mexicanos
Italian Pizzerias and Restaurants
Restaurants serving fast food and American cuisine
Cafeterias and coffeehouses
Bakeries, ice cream parlors, and confectioneries
Smoothie and Juice Bars
Restaurants a la carte
Take-Away Restaurants

Packages for Customized Digital Menu Boards

MDG offers one-time pricing packages that contain the following:

Design and setup of custom menu graphics
Unlimited Proofs for Menu Creation
Digital Menu Board Media Player
Free Quick Start Guide

Concerning Menu Design Group

MDG is a full-service restaurant menu design firm specializing in digital menu boards. MDG has over ten years of expertise in designing menus, logos, and restaurant promotional materials. MDG enables restaurants to display their menus digitally on television in addition to building their bespoke menus. The simple-to-use digital menu board software from Menu Design Groups allows businesses to remotely alter and control the menu displayed on their televisions. Additionally, it increases brand recognition by displaying eye-catching designs on the enormous screen.

digital menu boardsdigital menu templatedigital menudigital menu tv display

Source :Menu Design Group

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UNice Hair Launches Products Tryout Program To Upgrade Consumers Experience

UNice Logo

Culver City, California Dec 2, 2021 ( – Dedicated to providing the best weave hair and wigs, UNice Hair treats customer-oriented as the most features in the process of products design to after-sales service. After successfully launching UNice Hair App, UNice Hairstylist Program, and the website upgrading recently.

Now, UNice Hair announces the Product Tryout Program to invite customers to experience the latest or the most popular products. And they are encouraged to share their side of insights about the designs, the comfortability of wearing the bundles or wigs. The program aims to help UNice Hair offer better products for the shoppers and improve the existing products collections.

How To Be Part Of UNice Hair Tryout Program?

1. Sign Up And Apply

Visit, finish the steps required by the page. Wait for UNice Hair to get to know you. Then you will be informed by e-mail if your application is approved.

What UNice Hair Loves About The Applicant:

– Love UNice Hair products

– Influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, social media

– Love trying new things

– Having unique views on human hair wigs and bundles

2. Get The UNice Hair Products Free Of Charge

UNice Hair will send the hair with many colors, such as 613 hair, highlights hair, ginger wig, and textures, including body wave, kinky curly hair, etc. But without charges.

3. Give The Hair A try

Wear the wig to see how it goes.

4. Give UNice Hair Your Unique Perspective

Share your thoughts about the wigs or hair bundles on your social platform. Send the exact link of the post to the UNice Hair team.

About UNice Hair

UNice Hair is dedicated to offering the best quality human hair products, including human hair wigs, human hair bundles, UNice headband wigs, and UNice lace front wigs, UNice V part wig with fast shipping, 30 days return, and multiple-choice on payment plans, such as Klarna, Sezzle, Paypal, and ZIP Quadpay.

You can visit to find out more information about UNice Hair.

Program Banner

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United States, California, Culver City

Source :UNice

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TovoData Mortgage Demand Index Highlights The Most – Least Active Purchase and Refinance Activity By State

Newport Beach, California Dec 2, 2021 ( – Today TovoData, the leading provider of multi-sourced real estate, mortgage, and property ownership data sets spanning 100% of U.S. residential properties, released its Quarterly Mortgage Demand Index that shows continued strength in mortgage demand across southern and western states. The top 10 states in the third quarter include seven of the same states from last quarter.

A Mortgage Demand Index (MDI) of 100 indicates that demand in a state is on par with the nation. During the third quarter of 2021, 18 states had a TovoData MDI over 100, and 30 had an MDI over 75. The second quarter of 2021 had 18 states (including Washington DC) with an MDI over 100 and 40 states with an MDI of 75 or more. The top 10 states in the third quarter include seven of the same states from last quarter.

The shifting composition of mortgage demand by state stands out in the 3Q 2021 TovoData MDI,” said Sara R. Rutledge, Economic Consultant for TovoData. “Arizona and Colorado saw the largest quarter-over-quarter increases in mortgage demand driven by an interest in refinancing, followed by Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida where both refinance and purchase mortgage demand is increasing.”

TovoData Purchase Mortgage Demand Index: Top Ten States 3Q 2021

Among the top 10 states, only four – Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida – had a higher MDI in the third quarter of 2021 versus the second quarter of 2021. The other six states have lower MDIs versus last quarter with the largest MDI decreases occurring in Mississippi (down by 20) and Louisiana (down by 18)

TovoData Purchase Mortgage Demand Index: the Bottom Ten States 3Q 2021

The bottom 10 TovoData MDI states in the third quarter of 2021 are a mix of Northeast and Midwest states, eight of which were on the list in the second quarter of 2021. Maine and New York are the new additions to the bottom 10 states in the third quarter as the Maine MDI fell by 19 points versus last quarter and the New York MDI fell by 13 points. Massachusetts and Colorado were among the bottom 10 states last quarter but moved up the rankings with double-digit increases in their overall MDIs.

TovoData Purchase Mortgage Demand Index: Map of Purchase Mortgage Demand 3Q 2021

“We are expecting to refinance originations to slow to 1.2 million due to trends in track demand, the recent volume of originations, and upward pressure on mortgage rates,” said Drew Warmington, CEO of TovoData. “Purchase originations typically experience a seasonal slowdown in the fourth quarter. This combined with high home prices and material costs is expected to bring purchase originations in the fourth quarter of 2021 down 12% from their third-quarter total.”

Download the complete TovoData Mortgage Demand Index report detailing both purchase and refinance demand here.

About TovoData

TovoData is a leading data and analytics company that provides real estate, property ownership, and mortgage data. TovoData’s property data is available via its real estate API, bulk, match & append, and marketing lists. Leading mortgage lenders, insurance providers, direct marketers, and real estate service providers look to TovoData for the most current, accurate data to fuel their apps, SaaS, and business. You can find more information about the company at

About The TovoData Mortgage Demand Index
The TovoData Mortgage Demand Index (MDI) measures the quarterly concentration of demand for new mortgages based on lead activity for purchase and refinance mortgages by state. The TovoData MDI is also produced as two subindices – the Purchase MDI and the Refinance MDI. The MDI serves as a predictive indicator for the concentration of mortgage originations across states in the next quarter. An index value of 100 means mortgage demand in a state is on par with the nation during the quarter. An index value above 100 means mortgage demand in a state is stronger than the nation during the quarter and an index value below 100 means mortgage demand in a state is weaker than the nation during the quarter.

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567 San Nicholas Drive, Suite 180

Source :TovoData

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PURE INVEST PTY LTD. Best investing platform to boost your finances

Sydney, New South Wales Dec 2, 2021 ( – Dear all!

We are pleased to present you the Pure Invest PTY LTD platform, which we decided to launch in honor of the 2nd anniversary of our company. On this platform, you will be offered 4 investment packages to choose from, ranging from $250 to $2000. The higher deposit you will make, the higher profit you will get.

“One of the main goals of our company is to keep up with the times, so we follow the news and trends in the world of finance. Nowadays, investing in cryptocurrencies and stocks is on everyone’s lips, everyone wants to start doing it, but doesn’t know how to start. Hence, we made up our minds to give people the opportunity to pump up their financial literacy and reach a new level of income”, said Thomas Lee, founder of the platform and team lead expert.

Pure Invest PTY LTD is an investment company that trades on Forex & cryptocurrency market, enabling its clients to use the financial tools in order to invest easily. The company’s platform empowers its users to stop wasting time on choosing specific literature and taking numerous study courses. Pure Invest gives a chance to grasp the investment fundamentals, prepares to set the financial goals, and helps to reach them.

For more information, please visit:

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The Dominican Republic’s economic growth +7.64% is the highest result in the Caribbean and Latin America

Economic growth in the Dominican Republic Juri Franchi

According to WLHRE, the Dominican Republic is the country you should invest in real estate market

Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic Dec 2, 2021 ( – The new report, written by the manager of construction and real estate Juri Franchi, explains which is the best real estate investment in the Dominican Republic.

Why invest #link articuloin real estate

Real estate is an investment that gives you the security of generating capital in the medium or long term: it is a low-risk investment.

Real estate stands out as being one of the strongest and most stable financial assets.

Compared to shares on the stock market or other investments, property value is maintained or increased, depending on its location or size.

It also generates a constant flow of money giving the investor a stability and financial peace of mind that could even last for years.

Investment opportunities in the real estate market

Investing in real estate offers many advantages, especially if you do it in a country like the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic has recorded the strongest economic growth (7.64%) in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Also, maintenance costs are relatively low compared to the rest of the region.

In general, investing in the Dominican Republic offers many benefits:

  • The investor may obtain a rental property program with a limited amount of starting capital;
  • Both residents and foreigners have access to local bank financing;
  • The country is in constant development and very attractive for tourists;
  • The real estate market has gained momentum due to the country’s political, economic, and social conditions;
  • Interest rates are low,
  • Tax exemption.

When making the decision to invest in a country like this, the primary determinant to consider is location.

WLHRE has built more than 400 apartments here in the Dominican Republic and it encompasses all the necessary skills to build and manage prestigious properties.

Media Contact

Juri Franchi


Source :Juri Franchi

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