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Mintie: The Yoga Pants with FrostTech Fabric that Reduce Your Temperature by 7°C

On a hot summer’s day, sometimes the last thing you want to do is make yourself even hotter by exercising. Never fear though because Mintie yoga pants have arrived to provide a solution; their FrostTech double-cooling fabric can reduce your temperature by as much as 7°C. Mintie’s exclusive patented T-Cool +Xylitol fibre blocks out the sun and rapidly releases heat from the body, helping you to feel cool even the sunniest of days. The Xylitol component is a naturally occurring compound that combines with the moisture generated by the wearer’s body to generate peppermint cooling on the skin. Xylitol is found in a variety of different foodstuffs, the most common being minty chewing gum. Nano-technology is used to coat each yarn of the fabric with this special ingredient to provide the same level of cool freshness.

In addition to reducing the temperature of the wearer, Mintie yoga pants also make your body look shapely and sleek. The super-lightweight weaving technique used to produce them will make you feel so light you might think you’re not wearing anything at all, and their hip-lifting design creates the perfect butt-shape. The pants are currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and look set to be the next big thing in practical-yet-stylish, highly fashionable exercise apparel.

With global warming creating increasingly hotter summers and the temptation to use the heat as an excuse for lethargy, Mintie yoga pants remove all excuses and provide a valuable asset to your exercise regime. They’re flexible, long-lasting and breathable, and designed to reshape your body and make it look more fit and athletic. Those who have tried it so far report that the parts of their skin it covers feel even cooler than those that remain uncovered, and that it simultaneously enhances their appearance whilst working out. “The yoga pants really give me a silky and weightless experience,” reported a yoga teacher who was lucky enough to get to don a pair of Mintie pants in advance of the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign. “[The] high waist design has really good coverage. [They] makes my legs look really long. I look much taller with this!”

It is perhaps little wonder she was so impressed with their appearance-enhancing capabilities, given that the pants were designed by French fashion-guru Alexandre Cailleaux. Cailleaux specialises in using advanced fabric techniques to redefine high-quality casual and sportswear. Mintie are definitely one to watch throughout the years to come.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here:

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Cheering on 2020 Tokyo Olympic athletes, The demonstration of the soft power of Taoyuan, Taiwan

The Tokyo Olympics run from July 23rd to August 8th. There are 7 in 68 members of Taiwan squad from Taoyuan, Taiwan: Lee Chih-kai, who had beat all the other players and won the gold medal in side horse competition in the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Cheng Chao-Tsun, Asian javelin record-holder, Wei Chun-Heng an experienced world-class archer, Tien Chia-Chen, the first shooting athlete winning a place in Taiwan delegation of the Tokyo Olympics, Chou Tien-Chen, the world’s fourth-ranked badminton player, and Su Po-Ya and Huang Yu-Jen, the top taekwondo players who have won plenty of medals in international competitions. They have been trained hard to shine on the stage of the Tokyo Olympics. 

Taoyuan, Taiwan’s gate to the world , boasts the highest industrial output value in Taiwan. In addition to the promotion of city construction, Taoyuan has attached great importance to the cultivation of sport talents to build a sport city. Taoyuan City Government has shot videos with “Never Stop” as their topic to cheer on the Tokyo Olympic athletes, showing their tenacity, concentration, persistence and dreams as well as the attitude of “never stop” in the competitions.

In recent years, Taoyuan has actively promoted various sports to build a sport city benefiting citizens.

Taoyuan has successively planned 5 major sport parks, 11 sport centers, 28 canopy basketball courts, 6 baseball fields, 3 football fields, 5 tennis courts and an aquatic sports training base in Amouping. Moreover, Taoyuan Youth Adventure Camps and dugout canoe display area in Houhu River will provide diversified sports facilities and combine sports with tourism and entertainment, which can motivate people to play sports and live a healthy life.

Sports build a bridge to the international community! Led by Taoyuan International Football Club, 5 teams including Female Adult Team (Team A), Male Adult Team (Team B), Male Team U-18, Male Team U-15 and Futsal Team have performed well in the first several competitions. The football players are from different countries all over the world, among which some are foreign workers with high football skills. Therefore, Taoyuan will be introduced to our international friends during football competitions and show our best performance in the international competitions.


Company Name: Taoyuan City Government

Contact Person: Tang Yun


Country: Taiwan


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EZDex Officially Launches on Uniswap and Trust Wallet

As many centralized exchanges experience embarrassing situations like shutdowns, outages, and increasing regulation troubles, the tide has already begun to turn in the cryptocurrency world as decentralized exchanges (DEXs) become more mainstream. At the lead of this new tide is Uniswap whose trading volume has been continually increasing over the past few months and has now become the largest pool of cryptocurrency funds among its peers.

Now, EZDex’s platform token EZX has launched on Uniswap and with the influence of Uniswap will become a huge draw for value investors all over the DeFi world. For Uniswap V3, the biggest upgrades were improving the efficiency of transactions and lowering transaction slippage. At the same time, Uniswap also greatly increased the strictness of its review process for letting tokens list on their platform. Uniswap’s listing of EZX on their platform thus demonstrates EZDex’s solid standing in the DeFi community as well as Uniswap officials’ high hopes for the success and development of EZDex.

Within 24 hours of EZDex launching on Uniswap, the trading volume for EZX reached $720,000 USD which shows its great popularity throughout the world.

Not only that, Trust Wallet has also recently announced support for EZX. EZX holders can now manage and store their EZX using Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet is an open-source mobile wallet app that integrates security and anonymity. It’s also the fastest wallet on Ethereum and supports ERC 20, ERC 223 and ERC 721 tokens. It can currently store more than 20,000 different ERC 20 tokens

Now, not only imToken but also Trust Wallet and other wallets all support the storage and management of the EZDex platform token, EZX. At the same time, the EZDex official team will continue to maintain close contact with various wallet officials so that more wallets can support EZX in the future.

EZDex’s ecology is also expanding rapidly as the number of EZX holders and transactions have officially broken through the 5,000 and 10,000 barriers respectively. At the same time, EZDex has also garnered a high degree of attention and interaction on social media. As of July 25, EZDex had reached 12,944 followers on Twitter, 9,085 members on Discord, 16,597 members on Telegram,and 1,350 members on YouTube.

The EZDex team will continually improve and innovate, deploying more decentralized derivatives and investment vehicles in a wider range of areas in the future. Through the openness, security, and transparency of the blockchain, EZDex will be able to provide high-quality services to more people, making EZX into the next star DeFi product, and gradually expanding the global market. EZDex will continue to bring many pleasant surprises to its users as we all look forward to more innovative DeFi applications and thereby promote the prosperity and development of the entire DeFi ecosystem.

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Explore StarryNift NFT Metaverse – First Contact

StarryNift is the first gamified massive creation platform and launchpad for fun digital collectibles integrated with metaverse in the confluence of multiple worldviews.

The first NFT blind box launched on StarryNift is “Code Green”, a series of alien viruses, who accidentally found the Earth database when roaming in the universe and started to plot a grand vision to reign on the throne of Earth.


The myth says humans were ruling species of mother planet Earth long until the alien virus “Code Green”, who intervened to dethrone the human species. By using the advantages of “evolving” and “mutating” genes, Code Greens quickly learn all the Earth civilization then disguise as human and employ “mind-control” tactics to infiltrate human minds ultimately leading to chaos. However, there is still a gleam of hope—a traceability program. Once human employs ERC-1155 technology to trace the origin causing the mayhem, they’ll capture the key to restore once glorified civilization.

Who will reign on the throne: Code Green or Humans? Or is there any other species challenging the way into supreme sovereignty?

Starting with the Code Green collection, StarryNift will present multi-faceted layers of metaverse later. The following information is a succinct summary of incentives mechanism and use-case scenarios that are available to access within the metaverse presented by StarryNift.

Diverse Game Ways

StarryNift encourages everyone to get NFT as the collected NFTs will become important roles in the future game. Users can directly enter the metaverse with only one NFT. Owning more NFTs means users have more various game ways such as:

Fusion: aggregate matching characters and level up to higher-level NFT;

Fission: split high-level characters into several lower-level characters to engender dynamics in the competition;

Alienation: consume utility token to purchase “gene mutation” item to explore unpredictable upgrading;

Transformation: purchase specific IPxIP character skin (original IP X meme culture) to obtain the special skill for a limited time, thus enjoy the attribute bonuses during the battle.

In addition, when users successfully collect a whole series of NFT collections, they can redeem surprise rewards.

Play To Earn

The core element of the StarryNift game is “Play to Earn”, thus the team creates many scenes to enrich the P2E fun. The game may be similar to the timeless economics-themed “Monopoly” including purchasing land, operating business, trading properties, doing the task, and other “Play to Earn” activities:

1. Get reward by completing daily tasks and winning matches

2. Discover surprises on the route map to collect energy diamonds

3. Buy Land on Planet to establish profitable places

4. Contribute to boost your Planet economy for extra dividends

5. Breed and upgrade NFTs, make a profit from the marketplace

6. Stake your NFT/token to obtain extra benefits

In the StarryNift metaverse game, the early-stage NFTs will never issue again to secure the extreme rarity and value. What’s more, NFTs with special and rare characters such as the first cohort Fantasy world (already SOLD OUT) and the upcoming DC Universe will generate extra attribute and bonus in the future game. Since StarryNift is in the early stage, users can still enjoy the first-mover advantages to collect high-value NFTs and make a profit from either trading them in marketplaces like OpenSea or keeping them to generate long-term profit in the future game.

As mentioned above, the second cohort Code Green blind box is coming out! By exploring the Earth, Code Greens find out DC Universe characters are popular superhero characters in Earth civilization. They decide to disguise themselves as DC characters to initiate further reproduction…

The second cohort Code Green collection is available on StarryNift on 28th July 2021 for 10 days!

About StarryNift

The mission of StarryNift is to empower art by technology and democratize value appreciation as DAO. The vision is to enable the whole ecosystem to share the prosperity of the creator and token economy and unlock new ways to explore the metaverse by game+art+DeFi+NFT Ark.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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Introducing The InTune Instrument Podcast with host ~9

Integrating Music, Marketing, and Manifestation

(Santa Paula, Ca, USA)—The Artist ~9 brings listeners an integrative and inspiring podcast experience with accomplished guests and motivational stories designed to connect you to your untapped potential. The Blueprints to what you are meant to bring into this world are just an attunement away, and The Artist ~9 aims to bridge her listeners to do just that! 

The InTune Instrument Podcast is designed as a sanctuary for herself, guests, and listeners to speak and experience their truths in a safe, nonjudgmental, and potential-enhancing kind of way. ~9 believes that everyone’s truths, no matter how different they are, all serve a purpose in a grander scheme that helps unlock different potentials in all of us. She wants a platform that allows for this unlocking to unfold for her listeners to have their own breakthroughs, break their own limiting or harmful belief systems, and ultimately channel the great gifts they are meant to bring into this world. How amazing would it be to live in a world where everyone was doing this?!

~9 works with Trinity Media’s Stream2Rebuild Initiative, in which she allots a percentage of funds from her music to fund community betterment programs. Her initial project helped communities in the Ozarks. Her last major campaign helped connect resources across the globe to bring much-needed farming equipment to a little farm town in Biseni, Nigeria. This is just the beginning. 

In 2022, ~9 will be facilitating monthly retreats in California to further help communities in need and propel the awakening paradigm shift the world has been experiencing already. ~9 wants to shift gears from inner healing work to our next-level stage of human evolution: becoming our own InTune instruments, connected to our Higher Selves, our Highest Potential, and the Blueprints to which we are capable and destined to bring into this world. These retreats will include music as medicine and manifestation tools, ayahuasca and other plant medicines as tools for creation, workshops, activities, and ceremonies that connect people to the core of the earth, themselves, and the universe. The human race is SO READY! 

The InTune Instrument Podcast has had such guests as Nicole Perretti from Twin Flame Revolution, Jarred Cattoor (Big Brother, Two Cities One World, Kung Fu Music Lessons), Nate Price, a featured artist on her song Cosmic Rain Dance, Michael Pheonix, a Cryptocurrency expert, Ashley Sanders (Star Madness Radio, Girls Ask Guys Show), and more. Stay tuned for all the inspiring, candid, funny, and thought-provoking episodes to come!

The InTune Instrument podcast is syndicated on all major podcasting platforms and also on the Official Site of The InTune Instrument <<<

About The Artist ~9

The Artist ~9 is a musician from Atlanta. She first began writing at the age of 9. She started her music career with her brother, ghostwriting for producers and other artists in the Atlanta area. When her brother continued to refuse contract deals with well-known publishers, ~9 realized it was time to go solo. Her experience with the music industry was troubling. Still, it inspired her to pursue creating and marketing music independently, without middlemen taking advantage of artists.

Her path from then on was filled with incredible learning experiences: from being on the Grant Cardone show, Whatever it Takes, where he personally named her “The Samurai,” and winning awards for earning $50-60k a month running social media ads; to being on the inside and learning from those who were in Special Forces, government branches, and medicine men from the Native American Church; to selling everything and becoming a nomad for the sake of self-connection.

In her spiritual return to her Self, she realized she had pushed music away. On the journey, however, she gathered all she needed to launch herself into the world authentically. Now she is ready to not only bring forth her music but guide her audience to a deeper connection with music and themselves for the sake of connecting to their highest potential!

“This guest has had a major influence on me…I look forward to listening to a myriad of your different guests cuz from what I’ve seen… it’s…eye-opening. They really do have a different perspective on things…and that’s what people can really get from the show…I really love that about the show!” —Ron Kerronian from School for Conquerors. 

If you feel called to be a guest and share your truth, don’t hesitate to get in touch with <<<

The InTune Instrument podcast is syndicated on all major podcasting platforms and also on the Official Site of The InTune Instrument <<<

Original article:

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Aktau children emergency surgery inaugurated by Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova

Saby charity fund, established in 2002 by prominent Kazakhstani businessman Kenes Rakishev (Keńes Hamıtuly Raqyshev) and his spouse Aselle Tasmagambetova, continues its mission to make the country more secure and healthy. Helping children who get injured is a effective way to accomplish the goal, save lives and attract the public attention to charity.

Saby Foundation, one of the oldest and most established charities in Kazakhstan, has selected a great goal to achieve: to build, equip and train emergency pediatric surgeries in the country. Saby, which will turn 20 in the next year, plans to build at least one or two more units. Kenes Rakishev Press reports on the occasion of opening a third one – in Aktau city.

Kenes Rakishev, the co-founder of Saby charity foundation, reports on the successful completion of the Aktau paediatric emergency surgery unit. This project, initiated by Saby’s president Aselle Tasmagambetova, is the third modern unit and ward, completed by Kenes Rakishev, friends and sponsors of the project, activists and volunteers. Such wards are already saving lives in Semey and Almata. The next such emergency surgery unit will be constructed in Petropavlovsk.

In June 2021, Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova welcomed members of the regional government administration, sponsors and our partners for the opening of a new emergency paediatric surgery department in Aktau, established by the Saby Foundation. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, the surgery will deliver timely and high-quality surgical care to improve the healthcare outcomes of children in the region.

The paediatric surgery, opened in the Mangystau Regional Multidisciplinary Children’s Hospital, marks the third surgical unit opened by the Foundation, with the first established in Almaty in May 2019, and the second at the University hospital in Semey in January 2020. Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova fund, the Saby Foundation plans on opening a further two surgeries in the coming years, each providing effective emergency and rehabilitation support to children.

In addition to the construction of departments, the delivery of the project includes training workshops to boost local capacity and ensure best quality provision of medical services. The Saby Foundation was founded by Aselle Tasmagambetova and Kenes Rakishev with the vision of enhancing access to healthcare and education in Kazakhstan, and ensuring all young people have the opportunity to secure a bright future.

The events of this year have underscored the Kenes Rakishev’s Foundation’s commitment to supporting the lives and welfare of the people of Kazakhstan, and we are pleased to have delivered much needed emergency medical infrastructure to support these objectives.

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Ginspired: Possibly the Only Gin-Based Cookbook!

Have you noticed that there are a multitude of recipes that include wine, rum, beer, whisky, brand and a variety of other spirits and alcoholic beverages, yet seemingly none involving gin?  Ginspired aims to change this. This gin-based cookbook aims to showcase a love of one of the most beloved spirits. The gins that it utilises in its recipes are not your grandma’s gins though; Ginspired’s authors have drank gins from a plethora of different countries, and believe that modern gins possess a variety of flavours that have never before been truly appreciated within the context of food. This book will showcase 100 original recipes that place the juniper-based drink within a starring role, for example gin-blazed hams and dirty martini bread.

Ginspired is the creation of gin enthusiasts Kate Dingwell and Heather Wilson, the former of which is an experienced alcoholic-beverage writer, with work regularly appearing in a wide variety of different publications. Kate and Heather are both mad about gin and wish to share their enthusiasm with anybody and everybody. Ginspired not only seeks to describe how to make numerous different gin-related dishes, but also contains a plethora of different cocktail recipes, facts about gin, and tricks for cooking with it.

This will all be accompanied by exquisite food photos that will be taken by an established food-photographer. The book will be a must-have product for food fans everywhere. Dingwall and Wilson are aiming to fund its production via Kickstarter and release it in mid-November 2021. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that entails supporters donating money to go towards the creation of a product that they want to make a reality. In return, they unique rewards related to the product that they supported.

Ginspired demonstrates how something that is typically believed to be a mere accompaniment to a meal can be part of the main course, with a bit of creativity and experience at selecting the right gins. Perhaps it will help to raise the profile of gin as an ingredient in food as opposed to just an alcoholic beverage. After all, there had to be a point when some brave chef decided to put rum in ice-cream, cake and a host of other unlikely foodstuffs. Maybe within ten year’s time, gin will have achieved a similar status. You can help it to do this by visiting its Kickstarter page today at

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The Application of FIC in the Mining Ecosystem of Cryptocurrency

The world economy is surging, investment and wealth management business has become the fastest growing business in global finance. The digital economy takes the lead, and digital currency investment is reshaping the world economic landscape.

Since the birth of blockchain technology in 2008, the digital currency industry led by Bitcoin has developed rapidly, with investment income reaching tens of thousands of times, making it the biggest dark horse in the investment world. The considerable profit has attracted the attention of a large number of investors, who have devoted themselves to the mining market, leading to a surge in the computing power of the entire network.

However, the existing computing power resources continue to gather to the top players, like the so-called “mine lords” who can determine the income distribution rules, and personal gains cannot be guaranteed.

The world needs a decentralized digital currency investment product, FIC turned out to be right for you!

FIC is needed for hiring miners to increase computing power for pledged mining, and for the transaction fees of decentralized exchanges. All miner fees and transaction fees are regularly burned. Unique computing power improvement logic and the regular burning mechanism make sure the value of FIC to rise infinitely. And by weighting index contracts of multiple mainstream currencies, market fluctuations can be effectively mitigated, thereby creating more stable and less risky investment opportunities.

FIC provides multiple functions such as value sniffing, pledge, mining, trading, private chat, etc. It also launches mainstream index-tracking funds, innovative index-tracking funds, index interactive arbitrage stable funds, high-frequency index funds, etc. It actively integrates big data and uses artificial intelligence to adjust mining strategies in a timely manner to achieve stable returns with minimal risks, making the concept of aggregate value investment a reality.

FIC is here to blaze new trails. It uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things to build diversified pledge mining, distributed storage, and super node, so as to bring unparalleled high ROI.

The platform adopts the POW and POS modes in parallel, fully covering multiple currencies, and actively exploring the opportunities of staking economy under the POS mechanism. Users do not need to purchase physical mining machines, they can directly use FIC’s cloud mining platform and participate in global high-quality mining pools with one click. Users only need to hire miners to increase their computing power to achieve fast and convenient mining and obtain digital assets, FICs, accordingly.

The foundation of FIC’s ecosystem bases completely on blockchain technology. Assets are under the control of individuals, and the application of the aggregation engine allows more users to shuttle freely in the world of value investment. Clearing and settlement are completed through smart contracts in real-time, achieving a more efficient, convenient and safe transaction experience. By minimizing dependence on trust, the cost of trust between individuals is reduced.

FIC expects everyone to be their own master, freely mobilize their own assets, and find assets that are worth investing. FIC builds an autonomous ecosystem on the basis of decentralization, privacy and fairness, which guarantees the security of value investment and fairness of each investor’s financial participation, stays away from the dangers in centralized finance and builds a truly decentralized investment ecosystem and a closed value loop.

The future is here, so as a prosperous era. Let’s invest in FIC and head towards our “Future”!

FIC provides everyone with the opportunity to change their destiny and wealth; FIC is a great practitioner who creates a better version of the world’s financial system!

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Bybrand Cloud Email Signature Platform Announces New Integration with Google Sheets

With the new integration, signature updates that previously took hours can now be done in minutes.

July 19, 2021 – Bybrand, a cloud-based email signature manager made to help IT and Marketing teams save time, announced today that they have released a new integration that works with Google Sheets.

As a professional email signature generation platform, Bybrand continually innovates email signature technology to save teams time while also optimizing the power of email signatures for marketing and brand recognition. With the debut of their new Google Sheets integration, teams will now be able to manage dynamic email signatures through Google Sheets. Managers can import an employee list and automatically create email signatures for each contact. Rather than using a CSV file to create signatures that are time intensive, the Bybrand Google Sheets integration allows lists of contacts to produce email signatures in minutes rather hours.

“We’re excited to launch the Google Sheets integration,” said Bernardo Castro, founder of Bybrand. “It’s significantly faster to manage email signatures through our integration as compared to the standard alternatives. Combined with our powerful customer signature builder, this new integration gives teams everything they need to update a whole company’s signatures in just a few minutes.”

In a few steps, users can turn convert a list of spreadsheet data into email signatures. The integration connects directly to the Google API to automatically sync the list of employees and email signature placeholders, resulting in one of the most streamlined approaches to employee email signature management for all employees.

With the new Bybrand integration, companies can quickly create a unified email signature that works across major providers. Using the Sync feature, newly added lines in Google Sheets can be synchronized with the proper department. In addition, managers can connect multiple Google Sheets files to be imported into a single department.

Castro added, “In addition to saving time, the value of our new Google Sheets email signature integration is also the elimination of manual tasks. Bybrand allows companies to work smarter in their efforts to present a unified brand. Instead of manually having to create a signature every time a new employee is onboarded, or a brand is updated, or a promotion is added, this can all be handled dynamically by IT and Marketing teams who can push the updates in no time.”

To learn more about Bybrand and their new Google Sheets email signature integration, visit the company’s website at

About Bybrand

Bybrand is a professional email signature generator made for IT Managers and Marketing teams. The idea is to save you time in managing your team’s email signatures while providing a robust marketing channel. With Bybrand, we empower teams to manage the automatic creation of email signatures, make bulk email signature updates, design modern email signatures with templates, build from scratch using our rich editor, and make bulk updates and bulk actions to save time.

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Dojo Foundation receives investment

Up to now, the Dojo Foundation has completed a total of one million dollars in fundraising. Investors include Kms and The Carlyle Group.

Dojo’s Founder & CEO John Jackson believes that the Dojo ecosystem will break the current blockchain technology and create a more convenient user experience and value for users. 

Of course, Dojo doesn’t just stop at the application of the technical layer, the ecological construction may be the ultimate pursuit of where to go.  “Since we want to build an ecosystem, we need to export our technical capabilities and empowerment to the outside world in a sense. Sometimes this is a value trade-off relationship. I may invest more in ecological construction than short-term benefits.  It is used for ecology, not just for shipping to create a single product,” said John Jackson.

Opening up operational capabilities and product technologies, looking for partners to meet each other, and striving to make industry standards requires not only strong professional strength, but also bold and open thinking. Obviously, Dojo has made the industry see its mind and future.

Media Contact:

Contact person: Charlie