Merging Cybersecurity, Monitoring, and Insurance – The Future of Digital Safety Lies in Comprehensive Solutions

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, reported cybercrime incidents have increased by nearly 70% (according to the FBI), driven by the shift to work and life online.

From a consistent rise in identity theft aimed at individuals and social engineering targeting small businesses, to hackers shutting down a Colonial pipeline critical for the entire East Coast’s fuel supply, cyber criminals have seized a multitude of opportunities.

In response, the global cybersecurity market has seen an accelerated expansion over the past 12 months. For 2020, its size was estimated at $162.5 billion. In early 2021, its CAGR is projected at 12.5%, and the market as a whole is set to reach $418.3 billion by 2028.

As a result, Wall Street estimates see some cybersecurity stocks rising by up to 79% over the coming year.

However, despite the growth of the cybersecurity market as a whole, it remains divided into distinct products, platforms, and services that each form a vital component of digital security.

Platforms that offer technical elements like antivirus, virtual private networks (VPN), and WiFi security applications proliferate, as do providers of services such as cybersecurity insurance, credit and breach monitoring, and identity theft protection.

Consequently, consumers and businesses alike are navigating a jungle of partially overlapping digital security options at their disposal.

Going forward, the future of digital safety lies in comprehensive solutions that harness the synergy effects of combining technical elements with services like monitoring and insurance.

Cybersecurity Challenges for Business to Overcome

The ever-advancing evolution of – and business’ dependence on – technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) results in unprecedented levels of interconnectivity in the virtual sphere. Consequently, the exposed attack surface for cyber criminals is continually expanding.

As a Forbes article recently outlined, these developments – coupled with intensive media coverage of high-profile hacks – is driving up businesses’ risk awareness, and their interest in cybersecurity measures and insurance.

In addition, the all-encompassing shift to remote work during the pandemic highlighted the vulnerabilities presented by a lack of endpoint security and missing cyber risk awareness training among team members.

Finally, cyber threats themselves are constantly evolving. Ransomware in particular is becoming a prevalent problem. Not only are these types of attacks becoming more frequent, they are also becoming more severe. Hackers have been targeting entire company networks at once – backups included – to maximize damage and their leverage for extortion.

Paradoxically, the fact that cyber extortion is increasingly covered by insurance policies adds to the threat.  Because of this insurance component, attackers have a higher certainty that they will get paid, and paid faster.

A Maturing Cyber Insurance Market Responding to Increasing Claims

In an industry report published earlier this year, data revealed that cyber insurance premiums, currently totaling about $5 billion per year globally, are set to increase by 20% to 30% annually in the future.

The reason for this rise in premiums is the higher frequency of successful cyberattacks, and the resulting increase in claims being made. Consequently, insurances now have to pay out more than they originally calculated a few years ago when first drafting their policies.

This development highlights the possible synergy of bundling technical defenses with insurance of various types and monitoring services.

By providing customers with a comprehensive set of digital security solutions, insurers can minimize the likelihood of a successful breach. Simultaneously, consumers can eliminate redundancies between various cybersecurity platforms and subscriptions that they might currently have.

Comprehensive Solutions Address Complex Cybersecurity Challenges

Setting up a comprehensive digital security system is complex, especially for large and distributed teams. Often, it presents a challenge even for businesses with a competent IT team and well-founded cybersecurity knowledge.

This complexity underscores the necessity of convergent approaches by insurers and cybersecurity vendors.

Increasingly, insurances mandate strong cybersecurity measures on the part of the insured. For example, many are making payouts conditional on having installed good antivirus, as well as formulating backup regimes, recovery plans, and breach response plans.

Conversely, prominent established cybersecurity vendors like Kaspersky, Avira, Avast and Bitdefender have long been expanding from simple antivirus products to more extensive solutions. These include elements such as behavioral AI-based detection of suspicious (user) behavior and penetration testing, in which a cybersecurity expert actually attacks a network in order to assess how secure it is.

All-encompassing solutions combining these elements, such as Aura, are increasingly gaining in prominence in the cybersecurity market.

Their main advantage lies not just in harnessing synergies, which often allow for lower premiums and more straightforward system setup, but also in offering additional services. 

These services range from breach and credit monitoring to access to specialists who guide customers through the turmoil of a successful breach, and the ensuing recovery process. Notably, this includes experts like accountants and fraud specialists to take care of financial and legal challenges, rather than the IT issues traditional cybersecurity experts usually tackle first.

Qingdao Party and Government Delegation Visited Chengdu and Shenzhen For Inspection (Full Record): Benchmark Against the Advanced and Climb to A Higher Place

Compare with the greatest, and learn from the best. On the afternoon of May 9th, Zhao Haozhi, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Qingdao, led the Qingdao Municipal Party and Government Delegation of more than 60 personnel to set foot on a trip to Chengdu and Shenzhen to “learn the experience about development”, adhering to the attitude of benchmarking against the advanced and studying with sincerity and to a strong desire to deepen cooperation and seek a win-win cooperation.

In two cities and 18 inspection sites, the delegation marched in a haste whether the weather was fair or foul. Although the scheduled time was finite, the learning outcome brought with it was profound and impressive, which will surely lead Qingdao to advance in benchmarking, implementing decisions vigorously, and forging ahead in gathered efforts!

An Immersive Benchmarking Trip

Only through learning in benchmarking and catching up with the better can the developmental gaps be narrowed. From May 10th to 12th, the Qingdao Party and Government Delegation inspected Chengdu and Shenzhen. They studied in an immersive way and benchmarked to make up for the shortcomings in order to make precise efforts in implementing strategies.

The Party and Government Delegation was high in specifications and large in scale. Members of more than 60 people in total included: the Municipal Standing Committee, the Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, the Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, primary personnel in charge at district and municipal level, primary personnel in charge from relevant ministerial committees of the municipal party committee and relevant units directly under the municipal government, and those from some functional areas and city- owned state-owned enterprises.

A Study Tour for Knowledge and Experience

Seek the true knowledge for further development. The inspection schedule was compact, focused, and rich in content. The members of the delegation combined with the actual situation in Qingdao, carefully studying Chengdu’s and Shenzhen’s experience in the aspects of implementation of major national strategies, deepening reform and opening up, advancing technological innovation, industrial transformation and upgrading, digital city construction, optimizing the business environment, and improving the quality of urban functions, etc., in order to promote the high-quality development of Qingdao.

A Pragmatic Move to Deepen Cooperation

 The official opening of the Qingdao (Shenzhen) Urban Reception Hall was another landmark achievement of the deepening cooperation between Qingdao and Shenzhen. It will also leave a strong mark in Qingdao’s historical process of “learning from and catching up with Shenzhen”. In the past two years, Qingdao has insisted on “learning from and catching up with Shenzhen”, and has continued to select cadres to experience practical training in Shenzhen. The exchanges between the two cities have become more and more frequent and the cooperation between them has become closer, which has injected new power and vitality into Qingdao’s reform, innovation and development. “We must continue to learn from Shenzhen by benchmarking, expand exchanges and cooperation, and promote Qingdao in deepening reform and opening up, and boosting the innovation-driven development; We must strive to go up to the first-class level, and accelerate the construction of Qingdao into a modern international metropolis.” said Zhao Haozhi, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Qingdao.

Qingdao is the City of Pearl of the Yellow Sea and Chengdu the crucial town in western China. Thanks to the “exchange visits” of the party and government delegations from the two cities, the cooperation between them has become increasingly tight.

Standing at the starting point of embarking on a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and marching towards the second centenary goal, we have a heavy burden on our shoulders and a long way to go. Let us uphold the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, conscientiously implement the central decision-making and deployment and the requirements of the provincial party committee and government. Let us declare the attitude of “taking the first battle as the final one and start of the race as the rush to the end”, as well as the spirit of seizing every minute and tackling all difficulties. Let us learn in practicing and practice in learning, and energetically carry out the “Project Landing Year”, benchmarking against the advanced and striving for the first place, so that we can make a well beginning in promoting the “14th Five-Year Plan”, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC with excellent results!

Uoni Launches the Flagship Robot Vacuum V980 Plus in the US

Advanced robot vacuum handles modern cleaning of the home with a stress-free health focus

NEW YORK – Uoni, a home cleaning solutions provider, announces the launch of the Robot Vacuum V980 Plus, a new smart home cleaning robot vacuum to the U.S market. Robot Vacuum V980 Plus will provide smart home cleaning solutions built with innovative technology and Japanese design and craftsmanship.

“During the last 18 months, cleaning has become integral to daily life as people have been working-from-home and doing their best to keep their homes free from illness-causing elements, and we know cleaning can be stressful and time-consuming, which is where the team at Uoni is looking to make a difference with stress-free cleaning.” CEO of Uoni says.

The Uoni Robot Vacuum V980 Plus offers a wide range of features that stand out from older robot vacuums. Starting with a customized 8th-generation lidar navigating system and ASAR-V9 dynamic route planning system. Along with 25 sets of sensors that ensure meticulous cleaning with an efficient cleaning plan, and obstacle detection. This Uoni robot vacuum is optimized to work independently and does not require the supervision of early generation vacuums. In addition, the vacuum comes with a special antibacterial mop to clean and effectively inhibit bacterial growth.

The Uoni Robot Vacuum V980 Plus is built with a Japanese NIDEC brushless motor that easily sweeps dust, large and small particles away to creat and even more comfortable work-from-home environment during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The V980 PLUS Self-Emptying Dustbin adopts advanced automatic dust collection technology, integrating four beneficial functions – cleaning, vacuuming, mopping and waste disposal – taking away the stress of daily home cleaning. With an ultra-high power dust collector for fast dust collection in 10 seconds and a 99% waste disposal rate, the vacuum has a 4.3L large-capacity activated carbon fiber dust bag to seal up and collect waste for up to 30 days’, ensuring that users only have to worry about waste disposal once a month.

The Uoni Robot Vacuum V980 Plus and the other fantastic home cleaning solutions from Uoni,  will be available for purchase at

About Uoni

Uoni is an advanced home cleaning solutions provider that focuses on smart home cleaning appliances. Inspired by the values of traditional Japanese workmanship and with a strict adherence to the spirit of “Japanese ingenuity,” the company combines the natural purity of traditional handiwork with the exquisite beauty of modern craftsmanship. Uoni utilizes its own strength in technological research and production to solve usage, cleaning, storage, and other daily household problems through sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology. For more information about Uoni, please visit –

Press Contact

Name: Vera Zhuang

Email address:


Seizing opportunities: The Making of Dan Plowman

The difference between one who works to satisfy their financial needs and building a career is the drive and passion. When one is passionate about one’s work, it is no longer considered work but a lifestyle. Dan Plowman is a real-life example of an entrepreneur who took his passion for sales and people and turned it into a career in the real estate industry.

In his days before entering the real estate market, Dan was the owner of an HVAC business. The key takeaway from his career in HVAC was the passion that ignited within himself from sales and meeting people. This discovery led Dan Plowman to take a leap of faith and plunge into the real estate industry.

The market conditions were volatile when Dan Plowman decided to pursue his career in the real estate business. The market crashed, and interest rates hiked over 17%, making it near impossible for entrepreneurs in the industry to succeed. However, Dan did not allow those conditions to set him back; he instead inputted over 70 hours of work a week and persevered through the tough times to succeed. After much dedication, hard work, and sleepless nights came success in his third year, confirming to Dan himself that this would become his life-long career path.

Within the first few years of his career in the business, Dan noticed a gap between consumers and Realtors which impacted the quality of service for both parties involved. Realtors in the industry were not vetted or adequately trained to service consumers to their fullest potential. To bridge that gap, Dan Plowman set out to start the Dan Plowman Team. Dan’s goal with the Dan Plowman Team was to provide higher standards through screening and training for licenced Realtors to benefit the working Realtors and the consumers. Not only did this ensure fair practice, but it guaranteed a better overall experience for everyone involved, making a transaction service feel more like a milestone experience.

The development of the Dan Plowman Team has inspired Dan to create Dan Plowman Coaching. Dan Plowman Coaching is a coaching business in the running for over 15 years now, allowing other Realtors access to the same turnkey strategies developed by Dan while creating his team.

Dan Plowman is an entrepreneur who has demonstrated passion, perseverance and determination in his journey to become the successful entrepreneur he is today.

To keep up with Dan Plowman and the Dan Plowman Team, follow @danplowmancoaching & @danplowmanteam on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or call the team directly at

1-855-999-3787 or visit /

Interviewed compiled by LuxVision Media Group Inc.

Who is Derek Moneyberg? The 3 Factors that Grew His Business to 7 Figures in the First Year

Building long-term wealth may sound enticing, but not everybody can do so.  While entrepreneurs are busy trying to maximize revenues and profits, building wealth often takes a back seat. Building wealth requires a careful strategy, and professional guidance is always recommended. Derek Moneyberg is a widely successful wealth coach who has helped several clients multiply their wealth.

Derek Moneyberg has built a large clientele from around the world due to his unique work approach. There are numerous factors due to which Derek Moneyberg has been able to become a leading wealth coach. The first and foremost being that Derek Moneyberg did not choose to be a wealth coach as his career to earn money. It is the people who chose him to be their wealth coach because of his aptitude. Secondly, Derek Moneyberg shares honest advice with his clients, helping them scale their businesses to 7 digits as well. Thirdly, Derek Moneyberg has a reputation for being a tough mentor to his clients. He keeps the client’s long-term goals without allowing the client’s short term feelings to influence their decisions. All these factors set Derek Moneyberg apart from other wealth coaches.

“Nobody is willing to go as far as I will with my clients. Most people cannot get out of their own way, and that is why they need mentors like me in the first place. The worst thing a coach can do is let their clients off the hook. I expect them to set high goals and make Herculean efforts to follow my instruction to get there. If someone has a problem with that, I have no problem kicking them off my program. I didn’t get into this business for the money. I want to help develop world-class entrepreneurs to have in my network.”

After quitting his job as manager at a Walmart store in Illinois at the age of 19, Derek Moneyberg started with property management, which he turned profitable within a short period of time. He also took the opportunity to invest in the stock market, especially during and after the recession, which allowed him to multiply his already rapidly growing net worth. It was only after seeing Derek Moneyberg making money at such a fast pace that one of his friends invited him to be on his adviser’s board. With Derek Moneyberg’s guidance, the business scaled up to an 8 figure annual revenue within only a couple of years.

As people got to know about Derek Moneyberg’s talent for helping businesses scale up, everyone wanted his advice. Derek Moneyberg decided to become a wealth coach four years back, and he has garnered substantial success during this time. He is considered the ‘secret weapon’ in many high-profile celebrity and entrepreneurial individuals, and is the guiding force behind many other people’s success at the personal as well as professional front. Although most of his clients are business professionals and established entrepreneurs from around the world, Derek Moneyberg has also worked and currently works with celebrity, royalty, and professional athletes.

Derek Moneyberg has built many successful businesses, including a multimillion-dollar local property management company, a multinational property investment company, and his wealth coaching company.

“It might surprise you that I don’t like most people. I like to keep my team small and my circle of clients tight. When I admit a client to one of my mentorship programs, they usually come on all 3 and then join me on my mastermind. Naturally, I’m in very high demand as a result, but still keep my programs small so I can focus on the most ambitious professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs. It would be wasted on some average person…”

Seeing his clients transform and achieve success gives Derek immense satisfaction. He helps his clients set new goals to strive towards. It is solely due to Derek Moneyberg’s involvement with his clients on a personal level that the clients come back to him repeatedly. He has been able to acquire the trust of his clients only through word of mouth and tangible results.

Get Started in Digital Marketing Without Any Degree

On LinkedIn, more than 840,00 people are searching for a remote job in Digital Marketing. It’s a wide-ranging profession with many doors to open. However, getting your foot in the door can be difficult, especially if you lack the necessary credentials and experience. But don’t worry! There is no one-size-fits-all approach to entering the world of digital marketing. You don’t need a degree to work in this industry with An Bui.

An Bui Digital Marketing will show you how amazing it is to try regardless of your educational status or credentials. In this blog, we will show you how to get a remote job with An Bui in the online marketing industry and we will demonstrate to newcomers that they can start working as digital marketers without prior experience or a degree. Today, digital marketing jobs assume to be the hottest in the industry and are bestowing accurate salary trends in the upcoming years. 

So now, we will go through the opportunities of working from home as a digital marketer and how to get started.

Get Started in Digital Marketing?

Here are a few pointers to help you get started with digital marketing without a degree. 

1. Identify your area of expertise

Digital marketing companies are increasingly hiring and retaining experts in particular fields. As a result, you should seek out something that appeals to you more than it does to others. Practice SEO if you like numbers and learn how to create digital content if you want to become a content writer.

Demonstrate your skills after you’ve learned and honed your craft. Put your work in an online portfolio since prospective employers want to see your skills. In addition, here are some pointers to assist you in deciding which area you want to specialize in:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist – A digital marketing professional is well-versed in the field. They can also run campaigns through a variety of marketing platforms, and they have a broader set of skills and greater job opportunities than people with other specializations.
  • SEO Specialist – SEO specialists are SEO experts who know how to conduct keyword analysis, troubleshoot technical problems, and rate websites in search results. They can customize content for search engines.
  • Content Marketing Specialist – A content marketing specialist will plan, execute, and optimize content marketing campaigns. They are also well-versed in content marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing Specialist – They are the ones that assist in the development of partnerships between advertisers and affiliates.
  • Email Marketing Specialist – An email marketing professional is someone who develops and maintains email lists. They are also in charge of nurturing leads through written communications.

2. Developing your soft skills

Use your current skills to break into the industry by freelancing. Allow yourself to use your first ability to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Since soft skills are credited with 85 percent of work success, you should teach yourself to be an expert on the job.

3. Take Digital Marketing Course

You can get a remote job in digital marketing even if you don’t have a college or university degree by enrolling in an Online Career Accelerator course, which is taught by the best digital marketer in the world. With the assistance of An Bui and his team, you will be able to learn every step of the digital marketing process. Your digital marketing credential demonstrates that you understand the fundamentals and are eager to learn more.

What to Think About When Choosing a Course

  • It covers a broad variety of subjects related to digital marketing. SEO, content marketing, and Google Analytics are only a few examples.
  • It comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • It is backed by a money-back guarantee.
  • It is constantly updated

Online Career Accelerator

Enrolling in this course will assist you in improving your skills. This educational program offers some free and paid online courses taught by experts and experienced coaches. This will also assist you in developing and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy.

Online Career Accelerator is a great place to start if you want to get a remote job without a degree. In only a few months, you will learn how to find a remote job that you can do full-time or part-time. This career accelerator program was created specifically to help you work from home.

4. Follow the work of established digital marketing professionals

If you’re just starting in your career, you’ll need a lot of practice, and, of course, motivation to work. Following the work of digital marketing professionals is the perfect way to become motivated. Experts in digital marketing also share ideas, success stories, and case studies to motivate you to keep working until you achieve your goals.

5. Create your brand

To be known as one of the most influential digital marketers in the industry, you must first develop your brand as an expert. Even if you work as a freelancer or run your digital marketing agency, you must follow these tips if you want to be recognized.

Here are some ideas for enhancing your brand:

  • Develop your social media profiles.
  • Keep your digital marketing blog running.
  • Contribute to other blogs or websites as a guest blogger.
  • Make a YouTube channel or start a podcast.
  • Performance stories should be released.
  • Case studies should be released.
  • Make contacts with other professionals.

Get a Remote Job in Digital Marketing with An Bui’s Online Career Accelerator

Some jobs require a degree, but getting strong experience and expertise in digital marketing is even more important. Finding work without a degree is not as difficult as it might seem. You must show your knowledge and skills. However, if you’re starting from scratch, your first move should be to enroll in an online course and learn everything about digital marketing.

An online digital marketing course from Online Career Accelerator will put you on the fast track in this fast-paced industry. This program will assist you in locating a remote job that you can do part-time or full-time and earn a salary of $65k-$120k in just a few months.

This is a 10-week online digital marketing course that will introduce you to the world of digital marketing and teach you some of the most effective digital marketing strategies. It will also assist you in preparing for a future as an entrepreneur, company owner, or startup founder.

On the Online Career Accelerator official website,, you can sign up for their program. They will respond to your emails as soon as possible, and they look forward to hearing from you, their aspiring digital marketers. You can enroll now and get an 80% OFF Deal Today.

Follow An Bui LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter for more updates! You can also SUBSCRIBE An Bui YouTube Channel.

The Listed Company Chunshuitang has the Sole Agency for the Swedish Women’s Brand Vågorna, Focusing on Female Private Parts Care

People have various misunderstandings about caring women’s private parts. Some people think that there is no need to pay attention to private parts health before marriage or when there is no sex life. Some people think that “The more frequently you wash, the healthier you will be.” Since women’s private parts are delicate and complicated, improper care may increase the risk of infection. Proper private parts care is very important. The Swedish brand Vågorna, which is exclusively distributed by Chunshuitang, is a hot seller on Tmall flagship stores and can help women get out of the misconceptions about private parts care.

Misunderstanding 1: The more frequently you wash, the healthier you will be.

The environment of a woman’s private parts is not sterile. There are many kinds of microbial communities, such as Lactobacillus and so on. Some of the private-area lotions on the market are overly sterilizing. They have a one-size-fits-all approach to colonization that causes an imbalance in private colonization, and can even cause colonization to become resistant to drugs, making inflammation recurring.

Vågorna allows the gel to work in the female private parts area by entering the vagina. The active ingredient of Vågorna for emergency use is protease, an antiseptic substance secreted by the body. It kills the inflammatory colonies but does not create resistance. The ingredient of Vågorna for daily use is mussel mucin, which repairs mucous membranes and improves immunity. A balanced colony is what makes the immune system improve, which is the key to maintaining a healthy private parts.

Misunderstanding 2: Inflammation can be solved once and for all.

Most girls suffer from recurrent inflammation. In this case, killing the germs is only a temporary solution. The Swedish brand Vågorna, which is exclusively distributed by Chunshuitang, has changed from a purely bactericidal solution to a “bactericidal + mucosal repair” solution.

The first step is to kill the harmful germs and the second step is to repair the vaginal mucosa with mussel mucin. Both treatment and building immunity are important to achieve non-recurrence of inflammation. The two-pronged approach in Vågorna builds long-term protection of the private parts by increasing the self-cleaning capacity of the mucous membranes.

Misunderstanding 3: Problems can be treated even when things go really wrong.

It is important to note that inflammation of the private parts is actually quite common in the female population, with more than 70% of adult women having experienced vaginal inflammation. Since many women do not pay attention to these problems, they end up causing serious gynecological problems. In fact, vaginitis can be effectively avoided with proper daily care. It is well worthwhile to spend a little more attention on private parts care on a daily basis than the various discomforts women experience after inflammation.

Vågorna has launched a daily repair gel. One gel for three days can help build a healthy barrier for women’s private parts, or use it after menstruation to avoid the negative effects of menstrual secretions on the vaginal environment. It is important to pay attention to the health of women’s private parts and prevent them from getting into trouble.

It is reported that Chunshuitang Tmall flagship store hot Vågorna private care gel core ingredients mussel mucin has won the international invention patent. vågorna core ingredients mussel mucin in antibacterial, antioxidant, restore the glandular secretion capacity of the role has been clinically proven to be effective in maintaining and restoring the health of the private parts.

A true understanding of women’s private parts care and a more active focus on women’s private parts health is essential for every woman.

Hunter Cohen on getting the best out of shoots in the Photography Industry

Following your passion and doing what you love will make your life a full-time vacation. Pursuing what you are passionate about will never let you get tired of work. Such an example of someone who followed his dreams and succeeded in his passion is Hunter Cohen, the renowned photographer, and cinematographer based in Los Angeles, California.

Hunter Cohen is a professional photographer and cinematographer. He started from a very young age; at 12 years old, he learned to operate a DSLR, and at 14, he got his first opportunity of covering a wedding and never stopped excelling in his field. He then worked for a wedding company to music videos, shot corporate videos, and many more. Likewise, he also did a side jobs as a waiter and a in warehouse to bear the expenses; however, he has been pursuing photography as a full-time job for 4 years. He got his high school diploma though a diploma program called The Work Group located in Pennsauken, New Jersey and then transferred to film school. Hunter left film school very early as he thought it was really not his thing to study in a typical education system.

Hunters Family:

Hunter lived with both his parents (Lee & Gayle) in New Jersey. He spent his childhood in Voorhees and grew up beside his older brother (Drew). Since he was a child, he wanted to work and make money. He was always looking up for opportunities to make some extra cash. Later, when he was 12, he learned to DJ. From his earnings as a DJ at a young age, he saved up to bought his first camera. He was a hard worker and always grabbed opportunities. Moreover, Hunter had a supportive family who always encouraged him and never oppressed him into doing anything that he did not wish to. This was a major plus point for him.

Photography is a field that requires love and passion. Like all creative arts, it cannot be forced or even learned if the person has no interest in it. Hunter was 14 years old when he got his first opportunity, and since then, he knew what he was meant for. He had all the required love and passion for the field. He was a hard worker from the start and always seeks to learn something new from every experience. He is always improving and learning, and that is what makes his work so special. Furthermore, he also believes that every creative artist has his own style and his own aesthetics, which makes his work distinctive; there is nothing best or worst about an artist. All are unique in their own ways.

Hunters Philosophy

Hunter believes in following the path your heart desires. He says that one should always pursue his own passion, ignoring what society pressures him to do. Facing failures adds to your success. One should never be afraid of it and should keep working till the end. He credits his success to the fact that he followed and worked hard for what he loves. His positive attitude helped him create his career as a photographer and cinematographer. He was a creative child and had his keen observation for everything.

Hunter is very passionate about his work and plans to continue in this field forever. He has no plans of quitting this field but learning even more and never stopping. He wants to work more in the music industry as he loves capturing musicians and artists at their prime and then at the low for how every person is so ordinary and capable at the same time. His work guarantees showcasing a journey, product, or business at its best. He claims that his photography brings out the best from a thing. In today’s world, everything is online, which means people judge you from the content you create; thus, a photograph should present your work in its true manner. So, investing in a good photographer is a need now.

Hunters Advice to Everyone

He advises the starter to be brave when it comes to making up for your career. Being too careful and serious about something only limits opportunities and new ideas. To achieve something big, one has to take risks and not care about failure.

EZOPS Joins the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network

Amazon clients can now find EZOPS AROs award-winning capabilities via the AWS Partner Network (APN) & AWS Partner Solutions Finder for the first time.

San Francisco, New York, Dublin —  EZOPS, the leading provider of AI-enabled data control, workflow automation, and regulatory reporting solutions, announced it has now joined Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) and will launch its EZOPS ARO platform on the AWS partner portal.

EZOPS ARO is a next-generation, cloud-native solution from EZOPS which has been designed, built, and delivered in the cloud, specifically for customers who are seeking true digital automation, reconciliation, and transformation. EZOPS clients can launch the solution on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute rapidly and with ease.

“AWS is a strategic partner for our firm & clients, one that offers us best in class cloud capabilities, global scale and true digital assurance,” said Sarva Srinivasan, Founder & President, EZOPS Inc. “AWS has enabled EZOPS ARO to be rapidly developed, easily deployed, and built-to-scale while delivering cost-efficiency & security. We are looking forward to strengthening our relationship with AWS and providing our shared clients with AI-enabled data control, workflow automation & regulatory reporting capabilities across the entire partner network.”

The APN Partner status recognizes companies that have made significant investment in technical capability and infrastructure aimed at ensuring efficient usage of the AWS cloud, have positive customer feedback, and potential for future mutual growth. EZOPS can now be discovered via the AWS Partner Solutions Finder and eligible to participate in AWS marketing programs.

EZOPS ARO provides customers with the ability to easily transform data, support reconciliation of complex financial products and datasets, predict break reasons with a high degree of confidence, automate the resolution of recon breaks, and have a single pane view of all their data at the same time.

Organizations need an integrated data control, workflow automation & regulatory reporting solution to reduce costs, improve efficiency and address operational risk. In joining the AWS partner network and making EZOPS ARO available to all AWS customers, EZOPS has expanded its scale and reach.

About EZOPS, Inc.

EZOPS harnesses the power of machine learning and intelligent process automation to revolutionize data control and drive transformative efficiency gains at some of the world’s largest financial services institutions. EZOPS offers comprehensive functionality that businesses of large scale and complexity need in order to manage the four pillars of operational data control – reconciliation, research, remediation and reporting – all powered by Machine Learning and smart workflow management. EZOPS operates globally with offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. For more information or assistance about EZOPS or EZOPS ARO, please visit

Media Contact:

Evan Sneider
Red Rooster PR on behalf of EZOPS

Writing Metier Offers New Travel And Medical Writing Services

2020 has been a challenging year for  everyone. Writing Metier has announced new writing service  categories and introduces travel and medical writing services worldwide. Now it is possible to hire  travel and medical-related assignments and content tasks.

To ensure getting excellent services, Writing Metier has hired experienced and strong writers specifically for the medical and travel industries. The team of experts on medical content writing includes writers who specialize in different fields of medicine, equipped with the desired knowledge but understand the importance of including new  research on time-sensitive topics.

Travel bloggers worldwide are trying to improve the content to become more interesting, attractive, and that is why writing services can help to improve it and reach new goals through the Writing Metier. Working with several Youtube bloggers, travel writers made an experience that the writers ready to share.

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