Author Moshe Mazin Announces The Launch Of His New Book

Richmond, VA, November 10, 2022: Author Moshe Mazin is a fascinating writer and an avid reader of mythologies and religious books. He is also an American engineer, inventor, and author. Mr. Mazin is one of the pioneers of the microelectronic technology industry that started in 1973. He holds 3 academic degrees, 48 US patents issued and pending, and 5 published books.

In his novel, The Search for Jesus’ Tomb, Moshe persists on one of the most debated topics amongst history experts, where is the tomb of Jesus. Not only does he use logic and research to answer this question, but the gripping narrative of this book also holds the readers on the edge of their seats.

According to historians, the five possible places are The Holy Sepulcher tomb in Jerusalem, the Garden tomb in Jerusalem, the Talpiot tomb located five kilometers south of Jerusalem, Roza Bal in Kashmir, and Kirisuto no haka in Japan. However, in his book, Moshe hints towards the possibility of a sixth, which may be the right location for Jesus’ Tomb.

“It was never an easy task to conclusively answer a question that has been discussed and debated around the world for centuries, and I hope my readers find this book entertaining, informative and worthy of their time,” says Moshe.

His upcoming book, The Search for Jesus’ Tomb, is ready to hit the shelves and all major online publishing platforms. This one is a sure best-seller as it answers an age-old question – where is the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth?

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