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The company is known for its residential and commercial painting solutions. However, it has recently expanded its offerings to include a highly sought-after service: furniture and bed frame assembly.

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With the latest move, the local contractor continues to expand its offerings for residential customers in Austin. Professional assembly is designed to assist customers who may not possess the necessary time, skills, or tools to assemble their own furniture or bed frames.

The company’s team of experts is thoroughly trained and experienced in assembling a vast array of products, including desks, bookcases, tables, chairs, and an array of other furnishings. Additionally, they are equipped with state-of-the-art tools, meaning the assembly process is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

The team is dedicated to ensuring that each bed frame is assembled correctly, guaranteeing the safety and comfort of its users. The company’s technicians possess a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the various types of bed frames available on the market and are able to assemble them according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Ely Paint and Home explains that hiring professionals ensures that the assembly process is completed in a timely manner. The team at Ely Paint and Home is highly trained and experienced in assembling a wide range of products, and is equipped with the necessary tools to ensure that each job is completed to the highest standards.

Outsourcing assembly eliminates the risk of accidents caused by improper assembly and ensures that the final product is safe and stable for use. In addition, professionals also have insurance and liability coverage, so customers are protected in case of any accidents.

In addition to furniture and bed frame assembly, Ely Paint and Home also offers a plethora of other services, such as painting and decorating, that can aid customers in transforming their homes.

A spokesperson states: “Everyone knows that some assembly required usually means lots of assembly. Ely Paint and Home get your furniture and equipment out of the box and into your home or yard, so you don’t have to agonize over confusing instructions.”

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