Austin Baby-Proofing: Gate Installation & Furniture Security Service Launched

The team at Ely Paint and Home understands that new parents often don’t have time to fully prepare their home for the addition of a newborn. With the newly expanded service, it aims to help them overcome the challenges of safety preparation through professional installation solutions.

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The new service from the local handymen business includes the removal of sharp objects, inspection of smoke detectors, and the installation of childproof locks on cabinets throughout the property.

The company says that ensuring the safety and well-being of customers’ children is of the utmost importance. Baby-proofing a home involves taking measures to make the environment as safe as possible for a child to explore and grow.

One of the first steps is installing baby gates. Baby gates are used to block off areas of the home that may be dangerous for a child to access, such as stairways or kitchens. Ely Paint and Home offers a variety of styles and can be installed at the top or bottom of stairways or in doorways.

The team will also help to secure large pieces of furniture. Children are naturally curious and may pull themselves up on furniture that is not properly secured. This can result in furniture tipping over and causing injury to the child.

Door stops are also a valuable tool in baby-proofing a home. Children can easily open doors and wander into areas of the home that may be dangerous. With Ely Paint and Home, door stops can be installed on the inside of doors to prevent them from being opened.

Homeowners can take on the task of baby-proofing their home themselves, but it is also possible to hire a professional service to do the work. Ely Paint and Home will come to the home and assess the potential hazards, then provide recommendations and implement solutions to make the property as safe as possible for the child.

A spokesperson for the company states: “At Ely’s Paint and Home, we can help ensure that your home is safe and ready to accept the child without fears of them getting hurt. By contacting the experts from your local experts, you can be confident knowing we will go through your house and minimize any risks that may otherwise have been prevented.”

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