Augmented Reality: Interactive Immersive Training For Healthcare Announced

The new Augmented Reality experience allows personnel to safely learn critical skills without being in an actual dangerous situation.

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While working with various businesses, the experiential design agency realized that its technology-based solutions can provide interactive and immersive experiences for learning and development. As such, Sequel MV now offers its augmented reality solutions with the aim of facilitating healthcare and technical training.

Augmented learning experiences are steadily becoming the norm for high-risk jobs. This style of training blends real-life environments with interactive visual overlays to produce an experience for the learner to practice decision-making and use their practical skills and/or problem-solving skills. These immersive experiences however are entirely risk-free, and no longer require a learner to be in a dangerous environment or utilize expensive equipment and materials.

Using Augmented Reality for training, participants can safely develop their skills and learn the cause and effect of their actions. By constantly practicing their skills in different situations, and scenarios, personnel will feel more confident during a real-life event. Sequel has seen this improve accuracy and efficiencies in the field, post AR training.

Sequel MV was founded by Brandon Mize and Matt Voss who believe in blending innovative concepts with bleeding-edge technologies to disrupt industries. They recently partnered with Bridgestone Golf to launch an immersive AR experience around the Brand’s new line of tour golf balls. Sequel MV designed athlete-drive augmented reality content to engage the target market in a retail setting.

Both Mize and Voss share updates about their company on the official YouTube channel of Sequel MV.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, “Sequel is an experiential design agency focused on supplying high-quality visual content and valuable audience engagement. Sequel was founded on the belief that to truly stand out, you must be willing to try something different, something new.”

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