Augmented Era devises an Evolutionary Ecosystem to Enrich People’s Lives in Current times

Innovation comes out of great passion and this leads to transformation in society. Augmented Era is a house of multiple brands, based in Dubai. This company curates a virtual place of work bringing together ever-expanding and unique solutions accessible to anyone anywhere to prosper in this digital world. Especially, this new age workplace provides ample opportunities to the millennials irrespective of their background and experience and equips them for the future.

Experts have predicted that 50% of the current occupation will disappear in the next 10 years, this is hinged on the rise of Artificial Intelligence technology and its precision due to which one may see reduction of manpower in several verticals. It is proven that those who quickly relearn modern techniques will reach new heights of success. However, the young generation is still coping hard to adapt to this shift. 

This is where the Augmented Era comes in to help – here’s how!

A powerful ecosystem of brands

Augmented Era was formed in 2018 and today, it has built 14 leading brands of e-learning, online travel, fintech and more. Its unique ecosystem of brands occupies a dominant space in the digital sphere. It is bound by a set of guiding principles that helps it to nurture innovation and mobility. 

A Global perspective

Pioneering strategies backed by thorough data analytics and global market research is what has propelled this company forward. Innovation and purpose have shaped up every action of the founders and they make it their mission to offer the most appropriate solutions for those who wish to explore and thrive in the future workplace. 

Functions as a unified system

Success does not come overnight and bringing an idea to fruition also takes time. At Augmented Era, each brand that is created is the result of great effort, creativity and true passion of the people involved. The powerful ecosystem of brands works as a unified unit that implements the promising future. 

Redefining standards with cutting edge perspectives 

The goal is not to stick to stringent rules but to carve out a path to scale new heights. The talented founders and their team at Augmented Era think beyond the ordinary to achieve extraordinary targets and play the pioneering role towards a more accessible and evolutionary digital future.

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