Audio Feedback Hand Weights For Running Speed, Short Distance Training: Update

The new ProPulse Speed Trainers are compact hand weights that help enhance reaction time, increase speed, and amplify conditioning. They use audible and tactile feedback to coordinate timing and rhythm when exercising.

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The newly launched product aims to help individuals run faster and farther while remaining injury-free.

The ProPulse Speed Trainers are meant to replicate the effects of holding kettlebells and dumbbells while exercising, without being so cumbersome. Each Speed Trainer contains shifting weights which, when combined with the fluted design, create dynamic resistance and enhanced sensory feeling. At only 4 inches long and weighing 12 ounces, the Speed Trainers are ergonomic, versatile, and easy to use.

Individuals across many different sports and activities use the ProPulse Speed Trainers. Runners see the most benefits, as the audible feedback returned helps sync up cadence and stride, which in turn improves form, vertical force, and ground contact. They can also be easily incorporated into plyometrics, bodyweight training, and conditioning. MMA fighters are also utilizing Speed Trainers, as they help develop punching power, hand speed, strike timing, and footwork.

WeckMethod founder, David Weck, invented the ProPulse Speed Trainers. They have been featured in Men’s Journal, Strong, Train, Muscle & Fitness, Active, Stack, and Shape. Professional organizations are also using them, most notably the Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Falcons, and the U.S. Air Force. Weck is also known for inventing the BOSU Balance Trainer, or BOSU Ball, which is now a staple piece of equipment in gyms across the globe.

In addition to the ProPulse Speed Trainers, WeckMethod also carries products from brands like BOSU, RMT Club, SoleSteps, and Hybrid. Moreover, their online store offers drills, instructor training, workout plans, and product guides. WeckMethod also operates a brick-and-mortar performance-training center in San Diego, CA, with a weight room, live training, and fitness classes.

A satisfied customer said: “The ProPulse Speed Trainers are extremely effective when combined with elliptical, treadmill, and HIIT training at max heart rate. I was surprised at their versatility in my cardio work. They kept me focused, and the added weight gave me a little extra push.”

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