Auckland Lower Back Pain Assessment & Imbalance Correction Treatment Launched

With up to 80% of the population suffering from lower back pain at some point during their lifetime, Back Pain Auckland has launched a comprehensive back assessment and treatment, providing effective pain relief and posture correction for patients from Beach Haven and the wider Auckland area.

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Back pain specialist and former international athlete Shane Lyons announced that Back Pain Auckland now offers a viable alternative to chiropractic and physiotherapy, incorporating frontline treatment techniques and individually-tailored exercise programs.

Low back pain is a leading contributor to disability in New Zealand, posing a significant health burden both to patients and the healthcare system. Although early interventions are essential to reduce the risk of progression to chronic pain and associated disability, research shows that only 50 percent of sufferers seek advice.

“Back pain can be debilitating, but it doesn’t need to be that way,” says Lyons. “With our comprehensive assessments and back pain protocols, we can identify back pain issues effectively and create an individualised corrective exercise program.”

Following a thorough postural and spinal assessment, patients are given personalised corrective exercise sessions along with a home-based exercise program designed to suit their body’s unique needs. In acute cases, patients are additionally given SCENAR therapy. Standing for Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator, this small non-invasive medical device uses computer-modulated feedback to focus the brain on sending restorative hormones and chemicals to the injury site.

A former high-performance athlete, Lyons has represented New Zealand at Commonwealth Games and World Championships before training in human biomechanics, orthopedic rehabilitation and sports performance, qualifying as a CHEK (Corrective Exercise and High-performance Kinesiology) practitioner. He has since used his particular skill set and expertise to rehabilitate many in the Auckland community suffering from lower back issues.

“Having a program geared to addressing my areas of concern has been great,” said a recent patient. “The discomfort I had been experiencing has been significantly reduced, along with a definite improvement in strength and mobility.”

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