Attorney Post Podcast Releases 3 New Episodes with Legal Experts from 3 States

Popular Legal Podcast The Attorney Post has released three new episodes, focused on three different attorneys and three different practices and areas. The attorney post podcast has been running in syndication on YouTube for nearly a decade, and regularly features legal experts talking about their areas of expertise. Three of the most recent episodes included a massachusetts-based elder law attorney who also specializes in estate planning; a criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs who specializes in domestic violence cases; and a personal injury attorney based around the Austin Texas area who specialize is particularly in car crash accidents, and commercial truck and motorcycle collision lawsuits and settlements.

Michael Monteforte is a Boston, Massachusetts based elder law attorney who specializes in care and estate planning for those in their 50s. Monteforte believes that those in their 50s should consider creating a plan for their long-term care needs, as well as for their estate. He explains that the best way to prepare for the future is to create a plan that includes the protection and transfer of assets, as well as the development of long-term care strategies. Monteforte also explains that planning for the future should include exploring and understanding the options available, such as Medicaid and long-term care insurance, in order to make the best decisions. The episode and related information can be found at

The second episode features Austin Lux, who is a criminal defense attorney based in Colorado Springs, Colorado specializing in domestic violence cases. Lux explains that domestic violence cases are unique and require a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system to ensure a favourable outcome. He explains that the constitutional rights of those accused of domestic violence must be protected, as well as the right to a fair trial. Lux also emphasizes the importance of having an experienced attorney who can provide the necessary legal counsel and support during the criminal justice process. He also states that it is important to understand the penalties and consequences associated with domestic violence. This episode can be viewed or listened to by visiting

The third recent episode features Austin Acciden Lawyer Andrew Traub – an accident lawyer based in Austin, Texas who specializes in car and truck accidents. Traub explains that the laws governing car and truck accidents are complex and require a thorough understanding of the legal process in order to get the best outcome. He emphasizes the importance of having an experienced attorney who can provide the necessary legal counsel and support. Traub also states that it is important to understand the legal rights and responsibilities of those involved in an accident, and that it is important to get the right medical care and to document the facts of the accident. The podcast episode featuring Andrew Traub’s Austin Accident Lawyer firm can be found at

Attorneys wishing to be featured on The Attorney Post podcast can request to be interviewed on the podcast website. The Attorney Post podcast is syndicated to YouTube, Apple iTunes, Spotify, Audible, and a host of other podcast platforms.

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