Atlantic Ketamine Therapy Clinic Outlines The Benefits Of Ketamine Infusion Treatment

Atlanta, GA – Ketamine therapy is new to the Atlanta area. However, this once-popular party drug has long been thought to offer benefits to people with mental health disorders. Prior to the 1970s, ketamine therapy was studied as a potential new treatment modality for depression. Today, new science has backed up what clinicians have suspected for decades.

Complete Ketamine Solutions, a ketamine therapy clinic in Atlanta, explains that ketamine, which was once used as a battlefield sedative/anesthetic for wounded soldiers, has many benefits that go far beyond the operating room. Ketamine has been shown effective in around 80% of treatment-resistant depression patients. In other words, people who do not respond to traditional and/or outpatient depression treatments may see a favorable outcome through ketamine infusion therapy.

Ketamine infusion therapy is a relative newcomer in the world of antidepressant therapy. Instead of taking a pill once a day, ketamine therapy is administered in a clinical setting. Although available in a nasal spray, Complete Ketamine Solutions of Atlanta offers intravenous ketamine. These treatments are given over the course of several weeks in a controlled environment, where very small doses are administered.

Those seeking ketamine therapy in Atlanta may also wish to work with a licensed therapist if they find that ketamine treatment is not enough. This is called ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and it takes place in a therapy office. A small dose of ketamine is administered before therapy begins.

Ketamine therapy works quickly, and the vast majority of patients experience an immediate sense of warmth and relaxation. Some liken it to an out of body experience. One of the greatest benefits of using ketamine therapy during a talk session is that it allows patients to open their mind, which can make them more receptive to the healing journey.

In addition to its benefits during talk therapy, ketamine treatment is also available as a standalone therapeutic. One of the primary benefits of IV ketamine is that it does not go through the digestive system, where it can be broken down. Other perks of ketamine treatment include:

  • Ketamine works quickly, and its effects are often felt long after it’s been metabolized
  • Ketamine therapy can reduce suicidal ideation
  • People with OCD, bipolar, PTSD, anxiety orders, and other mental health conditions often respond to ketamine therapy when traditional antidepressant medication is ineffective
  • Ketamine soothes the mind and calms the body
  • Ketamine is an effective treatment for pain
  • Ketamine typically does not have a negative effect on blood pressure or respiratory rate
  • Perhaps most importantly, ketamine triggers a series of events in the brain that allows it to grow new cells – cells which may have been damaged because of traumatic events or long-term stress

Although ketamine therapy is considered safe when administered in the Atlanta clinic, there are side effects. Although usually mild, people undergoing ketamine infusion therapy may feel confused, drowsy, dizzy, or nauseous. Once the IV is removed, the side effects typically fade away quickly. Further, ketamine therapy should not be used by certain individuals. Those with a prescription for certain drugs or with a history of psychosis, schizophrenia, stroke, heart attack, or high blood pressure should not use ketamine therapy unless directed by their primary health care provider.

Providers that Complete Ketamine Solutions of Atlanta explained that ketamine therapy is beneficial to many people. It is a virtual godsend for those who experience suicidal thoughts or can’t break free from the chains of PTSD, anxiety, or chronic pain. It is not a perfect solution, however, and anyone considering ketamine therapy in Atlanta should consult with their doctor before beginning.

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