Atlanta Medical Malpractice Brain Injury Attorney: Legal Representation Launched

Given the two-year statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims in Georgia, the personal injury attorneys are now reaching out to Atlanta residents whose family members sustained a brain injury due to the negligent behavior or mistake of a healthcare provider. The lawyers guide the injured victim through the legal process to recover damages for emergency treatments, recovery costs, lost wages, and diminished capacity.

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“Brain injuries can result from a traumatic impact, but it’s also possible to sustain brain damage from a lack of oxygen during a medical procedure or a defective drug or medicine,” says Glenn T. Cambre Jr., the firm’s founding partner.

The attorney explained that injured patients are entitled to seek compensation from the doctor or even the medical institution that may be legally responsible for their injury.

Attorney Cambre has ample experience handling claims of this nature and will, drawing on his expertise, establish that a duty of care was breached by the practitioner, which resulted in the injury.

Though most cases are settled out of court, the lawyer will negotiate on the client’s behalf for fair compensation that adequately covers their suffering and injury.

Where a settlement cannot be reached, Cambre & Associates offers legal support in the litigation of the victim’s claim, including enlisting the help of expert witnesses to bolster the case.

The law firm’s services are offered on a contingency fee basis, meaning clients are not required to pay any fees unless their claim is successful. Its lawyers are available all week, including Saturday and Sunday, and can be reached via a 24/7 injury helpline.

Besides traumatic brain injury representation, Cambre & Associates also handle personal injury cases related to animal attacks, premises liability, wrongful death, auto accidents, and more.

“Cambre & Associates is a great personal injury law firm. My case manager was Tameeka. Throughout my settlement process, she kept me well informed,” a satisfied client said. “The best part is that she pushed for the highest settlement in my case and achieved it. Thanks, Cambre & Associates, and extra kudos to Tameeka.”

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