At-Home Lashes Treatments Near Kensington London: Extreme Volume Service Expands

Glamorous Lashes of London has announced the expansion of its at-home mobile eyelash extension service to Kensington. The salon is highly regarded for its quality treatments and exceptional customer service. With the expansion of the at-home lashes service, residents and visitors of Kensington can now enjoy designer eyelash extensions from a master lash artist in the comfort and convenience of their own home or hotel room.

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The updates to the mobile eyelash service have been made in response to the increasing demand for at-home beauty treatments. As a fully mobile service, Glamorous Lashes’ expert technicians will bring the salon to the client, ensuring the highest level of privacy and comfort.

Glamorous Lashes is renowned for using only the finest materials, such as silk and mink, in their hand-crafted eyelash fans. The salon’s commitment to high-end products extends to every aspect of the lash application, including the glue. The salon’s glue is specially researched and refined over 13+ years in the beauty industry to ensure the health and safety of natural lashes under extensions, unlike the typical glue used in self-applied at-home treatments and low-quality salons that can lead to negative side effects such as dry eyes, burning sensations, lid swelling, and pain.

Clients can expect to receive lash extensions that are customised to look, feel, and last longer than traditional extensions. The salon’s expert technicians will work closely with clients to determine the best fan and style to suit their eye shape while maintaining a natural appearance. The salon’s attention to detail and focus on high-end products is evident in every aspect of the lash application, making Glamorous Lashes the most highly-rated lash studio on Google in the UK.

As a company that specialises exclusively in eyelashes, Glamorous Lashes has become the go-to salon for esteemed clientele and celebrities across London. “We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality lash extensions in the comfort and convenience of their own home,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Our mobile service makes that possible for Kensington residents and visitors.”

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