As Demand for B2B marketing Surges post-COVID, US-Based B2B Media Publisher Valasys Media Eyes 50% Growth; Major Global Expansion

Valasys Media is a globally acclaimed B2B Media Publisher with a strong presence in the USA, and UAE.

The organization is expecting to close fiscal 2020-21 at 50-55% growth Year Over Year (YoY), aims to rank among the top 10 B2B Media Publishers in the US by the end of FY 2021-22

Valasys Media has major expansion plans for 2021 with Europe being the new target market.

New Delhi, Jan 2021: With COVID-19 boosting the demand for B2B marketing services in the US, leading US-based B2B Media Publisher Valasys Media is looking to post revenue growth of over 50% this fiscal with major plans to expand its presence to new target markets in Europe.

Valasys Media is a globally acclaimed B2B Media Publisher offering data-driven services including lead generation, appointment setting, event support, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, event promotion services, list building services, and content syndication, to name a few. Its prime geographies currently comprise the US and UAE.

Founded in the year 2015, the New Jersey headquartered company that aims to empowermarketers with powerful insightsis looking to touch a revenue of USD 34 million in the US by the end of fiscal 2020-21, amounting to 50-55%YoY growth.

“The COVID 19 pandemic brought unprecedented turmoil to the entire business fraternity and also forced organizations across industries to evolve to cope up with the new normal. At the same time, the pandemic also brought about a major digital push and boosted the demand for B2B marketing services. Having successfully accelerated the pace of embracing digital transformation and MarTech technologies last year, Valasys Media is eyeing a revenue growth of 50-55% this year and is looking at major expansionary goals. Our expansion plans for 2021 include transcending beyond our primary geography of the USA and outspread our target audience base in the European region, mainly London. The Philippines is another new target market we aim to reach out to this year apart from strengthening our existing markets in India and the UAE,” said Mr. Mohammad Tareeq, CEO, Valasys Media.

With digital marketing emerging as an essential element for B2B marketers, the uptake of premium B2B marketing solutions has significantly increased, particularly in the U.S.A.

“Specialized and premium B2B marketing services are high on demand and their adoption has been increasing significantly particularly following the COVID push. We have witnessed a surge in the adoption of our Account-Based Services (ABM) services by 35% over the year. Similarly, our lead generation services and lead nurturing services witnessed an upsurge of 30% and 25% over the year respectively. The surging demand is also forcing us to expand our workforce significantly and we have plans to hire over 70 new employees this year primarily in the US, the UK, and India,” added Mr. Tareeq.

By building on our brand resonance, we also plan to maximize our revenue margins so that we are amongst the top 10 B2B Media Publishers within the U.S.A in terms of revenue and among the top 3 B2B Media Publishers in India. We are also anticipating onboarding another 10-15 elite customers in the current year,” he added.

Achieving greater personalization and making services more experiential and intent-based for marketers is a priority for the organization as it works to further improve and tailor its offerings to meet the widespread needs of its existing and potential customers.

The amalgamation of intent-data in ABM strategy makes marketing and sales activities more targeted, personalized & better-informed. The company is also looking at extending the prime geographies for its niche services such as lead generation and database management. At the same time, channel partner additions are also on the cards.

“B2B marketing is increasingly turning towards greater personalization. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Intent-based solutionsare therefore among our key focuses this year. Creating a personalized experience for potential target accounts and existing clients feeds the initial stage of account identification and lead scoring. Using intent-data to perform ABM will allow us to create personalized experiences for both the potential target accounts and existing clients. Simultaneously, we are focusing on bettering our content management and adopting an agile content strategy to improve our overall SEO game.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics-based services are another key focus for Valasys Media. The organization plans to help its clients make faster business decisions based on outputs and cognitive technologies.