Art Agent Jose Mauricio Mendoza Taking Back ‘Golden Trump Statue’ to China, Country of Origin, for Exhibition & Auction

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Renowned art agent Jose Mauricio Mendoza went viral when he released a revealing book about the now iconic ‘Golden Trump Statue’. With the revered statue now in his possession, he is headed to China for exhibition and auction.

Palm Springs, California Jun 22, 2023 ( – The ‘Golden Trump Statue‘ took the world by storm, while stirring fervent debates and capturing the imagination of millions. Created in China and now in the possession of renowned Art Agent Jose Mauricio Mendoza, this remarkable piece may soon be available for auction at China’s premier auction houses, Poly Auction and China Guardian. Alongside this event, Mr. Mendoza has authored a captivating book titled ‘Golden Trump Statue,’ which provides deep insights into the artwork’s origins, controversies, and political significance. The book is currently available at leading retailers, including Barnes & Noble and A Chinese version of the book is set to be released on October 1st, coinciding with the country’s national holiday, “Golden Week.”

Ever since its inception, the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ has ignited widespread controversy, arguably becoming one of the most controversial artworks of the 21st century. Crafted with exceptional skill and craftsmanship, the statue embodies a unique fusion of art and political commentary. Its appearance has generated intense discussions on the nature of power, political iconography, and the impact of art on society.

The upcoming exhibition and auction of the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ in China mark a significant milestone for the artwork’s journey and its potential impact on the public discourse. China’s foremost auction houses, Poly Auction and China Guardian have been selected to host this momentous event. With their reputation for curating prestigious collections and promoting cultural dialogues, these institutions are the ideal platforms to present the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ to Chinese collectors, enthusiasts, and the public at large.

Art Agent Jose Mauricio Mendoza, the current custodian of the ‘Golden Trump Statue,’ has played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative surrounding this famous artwork. Due to his deep understanding of art and his commitment to fostering cultural exchange, Mr. Mendoza is taking the statue back to its country of origin.

The release of the Chinese version of the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ book on October 1st, coinciding with the start of China’s Golden Week, will provide Chinese readers with an exclusive opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich details and profound analysis presented in this work. As the nation celebrates its national holiday, the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ will embark on a tour, aptly named “Golden Trump for Golden Week,” captivating audiences across various cities, and stimulating vibrant conversations about art, politics, and society.

While the statue heads back to its country of origin, Mr. Mendoza, a distant relative of Pablo Picasso, is busy working on a possible upcoming reality show titled ‘The Picasso Effect,’ that will expose fake art around the globe. More details about Mr. Mendoza and the ‘Golden Trump Statue’ can be seen at

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