Arshine Attended the “Hunan Meets Africa” 2022 Promotion and Matchmaking Conference, An Event That Raised More than 30 Million U.S. Dollars

Arshine Group is a health industry chain service group involved in the production and distribution of food additives, nutritional substances, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), etc. The firm took part in the “Hunan Meets Africa” 2022 Promotion and Matchmaking Conference and signed up for more than $30 million worth of health projects in various African countries. The event, held in Changsha City, Hunan Province, China, covered a series of activities to promote economic development and trade with Africa, now and in the future. Multiple senior members of the Arshine team welcomed guests and facilitated proceedings, including Ms. Chen Aiping, Chairperson of Arshine Group, and Ms. Cheng Yan, General Manager of Overseas Market Development of Arshine Group.

At 4:30 p.m., Ms. Chen Aiping presented Arshine Group’s Africa development report. She described the history of the company, its global expansion, and how it achieved revenue increases of more than 30 percent in recent years.

“Based on China and looking at the world, the Group has become a first-class and industry-leading professional health industry chain service group in China, with an annual turnover of over $150 million,” the company says. “Arshine Group Supplies more than 2,000 kinds of products, covering the whole field of the health industry.”

The company’s growing network now means it can supply Arshine feed additives and other products to African countries, including Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, and Cote d’Ivoire. The conference helped to cement the firm’s relationships with companies from the continent and expose them to Arshine food additives, Arshine nutrition ingredients, Arshine medical devices, Arshine veterinary APIs, and Arshine Human APIs.

Arshine sees itself as a leader in the effort to unite African and Chinese commercial development interests.

“Arshine will lead more Hunan enterprises to cooperate with Africa in the future,” the firm says, “combining Hunan’s advantages with Africa’s endowment.”

Arshine views itself as pivotal in establishing long-term communication channels with Africa, helping both economic blocs achieve their long-term development goals.

Arshine’s $30 million contribution to Africa follows the group’s new membership of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Promotional Council, signed in April 2022. This move saw Arshine launch the “451 project,” which views Africa as an essential development region. Arshine also hosted the Algerian, Mauritian and Congolese ambassadors at its headquarters in July 2022, forming even closer bonds with these African nations.

Ultimately, Arshine is aiming to expand its presence significantly in Africa. The brand plans to set up local promotional teams, achieving a market share of $100 million in the continent by 2025.

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