Aronfeld Trial Lawyers Offers Free Consultation and Exclusive Representation to Persons Injured on Cruise Ships

While the cruise lines are responsible for the injuries people may sustain, passengers may need a strong team behind them to get a befitting compensation. The main role of a legal team is to guide them on the processes and put up a spirited fight for them to get rightful payment. Aronfeld Trial Lawyers has represented passengers injured on cruise ships for more than 20 years, making them an ideal legal team regardless of the case details.

Most cruise lines require injured passengers to submit claims in writing within 180 days. The claimants must also file a suit within the same period, regardless of where they are from. Failure to follow the guidelines, the person injured may face challenges purely on technicalities. Luckily, it has been the Aronfeld Trial Lawyers’ tradition in the past two decades to ensure the paperwork and communications to the at-fault parties are done within the required timeframes.

Besides, the law firm offers personalized services, starting with free and confidential evaluation. The client can share their case details with the attorney by calling or filling out a form on the website. Communication channels are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, considering they serve clients across the world. After listening, they give the injury victim an honest overview from a legal standpoint, especially on what to expect.

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers holds the party at fault accountable by building strong cases. They have dealt with cruise lines before and know all the potential defenses they might bring while pushing for a lower or no compensation (at all). For instance, the defendant may argue based on the “lack of reported accidents” to discredit the compensation push. Fortunately, the top-rated law firm uses all the available means to convince the judge that the client was injured and is entitled to payment.

In addition, the law firm handles all maritime accident cases, whether the passenger was involved in a tender boat or a cruise ship accident. They further help families (of people who died in a cruise ship accident on the high seas) pursue justice. Like in other processes, the legal team handles everything, from communications with the at-fault party to filling the case in the Federal Court in Miami.

In addition, Aronfeld Trial Lawyers is home to compassionate attorneys — led by Spencer Aronfeld, Esq. — who pay close attention to all details, regardless of the case. The firm also recruits qualified and passionate associates, paralegals, and business staff who contribute uniquely to the client’s lawsuit.

Clients interested in the services of maritime lawyers can contact the team at (305) 441-0440 for a free consultation. Visit Aronfeld Trial Lawyers website for more information. The firm is located at 1 Alhambra Plaza Penthouse, Coral Gables, Florida, 33134, US.

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