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ARNO Taking Secondary Energy Storage Market by Storm With a Defi Ecosystem Built on Top of it

ARNO’s project is well on course to become a leader in secondary energy storage technology and product manufacturing. The firm has developed carbon nanotechnology-based devices that can enhance the storage capabilities of lead-acid batteries, home and self-industrial secondary power sources, in future – lithium-ion batteries, making them more efficient.

A majority of energy produced is wasted due to inadequate storage technology and transfer wastage. ARNO with its several years of research and development has made breakthroughs in the energy storage sector making them a reliable firm to invest in. ARNO has built a defi ecosystem on top of its real-world business making them one of the most sought-after defi projects today.

The project is focused on official work and official production both around the world and within individual Unions, such as European or Eurasian. The project management company Advansed Carbon Materials (BG 205743351) is located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It is also planned to manufacture there (within the framework of ownership of 35% of the shares of A.R.T. Monbat, Bulgaria) within the framework of the use of innovative science-intensive products – suspensions and mixtures based on carbon nanomaterials for the following possible directions:

  • Conductive components of battery electrodes;
  • Rheology modifiers for pastes and slurries used in the preparation of battery electrodes;
  • Structural and porosity modifiers for battery electrodes;
  • Capacitors for charge storage

Engineers and designers of advanced lead-acid and lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries will use ARNO’s carbon additives to improve the durability and performance of batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, consumer electronics, power tools, and grid-level electricity storage. These applications are pushing battery manufacturers to deliver ever-increasing levels of performance and durability, while at the same time reducing total system cost.

The portfolio of carbon nanoparticles based additives enables battery developers to extract the highest possible efficiency out of each active material, promoting high power delivery and energy density in Lead-Acid Batteries as well as it extending cycle life and charge acceptance. ARNO’s conductive carbon additives will be also used in Li-Ion, supercapacitors, fuel cells, Li-air, and other energy storage devices.

ARNO Enters Production Mode

The project began with the creation of supercapacitors with aqueous electrolytes and various installations based on such supercapacitors. Even though the project was crowned with complete success, industrial production did not develop. Thus the team started working on secondary energy storage system after gaining experience from their work on supercapacitors.

As a result of the work carried out, a storage device was created based on modified lead-acid batteries with a negative plate changed by adding carbon nanomaterials, equipped for further testing with an inverter for converting solar energy and a special stand for testing the device under various charging-discharging modes under various environmental condition. There are two main aspects of the project at this moment.

1. Creation of equipment for the production of nanomaterials.

2. Creation of equipment for converting them into a commercial product (dispersion in a liquid medium).

ARNO has entered into a partnership with one of the biggest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries and has launched a joint venture called A.R.T.Monbat. MONBAT group of companies got access to the latest technologies, for the ARNO Token project – to factory laboratories, factory production lines, and distribution channels for finished.

This enterprise will produce nanomaterials that MONBAT will use in the production of a new generation of its batteries, from which ARNO will create energy storage and use systems for home and semi-industrial applications. A contract has already been concluded and paid for with a competent enterprise in Belarus – Advanced Research and Technology, for the development of a complete complex for production, including a full package of technical documentation, within the next three months. The project has chosen a site for the construction of production and all the necessary infrastructure, received all permits, and is now conducting preparatory work on-site in Europe (Bulgaria).

ARNO has signed a contract for the design of a factory building with infrastructure, the production plants themselves.  At the moment, the layout of the line is already ready, examined by the CEO of the project by Artem Zhdanok and the Chief Engineer of the project, Sergey Shuskov, and adopted as a working prototype. The place was provided to the firm by its partners

What makes ARNO a Defi Project Worth Investing

The main focus of the ARNO project is to solve one of the critical real-world issues associated with energy consumption. With its progress up until now, it is already a company to watch out for its innovations. The defi ecosystem built on top of it only makes things better, allowing anyone and everyone to invest in the innovative project and also make passive income on top of it.

The project has been awarded an average rating of 4.5 from most of the reviews it has got until now. The first phase of Pre-ICO is already sold out. ARNO token is based on ETH — ERC-20; The total token emission is 50000000; The token is not reissued; According to the percentage distribution, sale, and ICO/IEO allocated 8%, which is 4000000 tokens; In the case of IEO, the number of tokens will not exceed 8% of the amount allocated for sale.

The end date of the second phase of the pre-ICO will be the start date of the IEO – trading of “trust” packages of the ARNO token on three to four centralized exchanges. Accordingly, upon passing the validation, which gives access to exchange trading, and the beginning of the IEO, a “trust” package of tokens with a value that will exceed the one indicated now ($ 2 per token) will be sent to the exchanges for sale, while trading on the site, and affiliate programs will, of course, be closed. But the AirDrop program will remain, which will be seriously expanded.

This will happen in early to mid-August of this year, that is, in about two weeks – a month.

The IEO phase will be, accordingly, divided into two components – preliminary and primary trading-placement of “trust” packages on each of the exchanges, which we will name a little later, but no later than the end of the week.

The IEO phase will last for a month, followed by a listing phase on some of the centralized and decentralized Uniswap exchanges, which will take another two weeks to a month.

After that, the ARNO token project will finally move to the ICO phase, that is, directly to trading.