Arian Eghbali has interviewed at ABC 13 Morning Blend Show at ABC 13 KTNV to Give Credit Tips Through Covid-19

Arian Eghbali, CEO of Enrich Financial, has been featured on news channels across the nation for his recognition from the 44th and 45th Presidents of the United States. His connection with our Vice President Kamala Harris goes back to her days as a lawyer. He specializes in credit repair and debt settlements. Thank you for being here.

Arian, based on your experience can you share with us couple Secrets that Credit Card Companies Don’t want us To Know?

Fixed rates aren’t really fixed.  Issuers can raise your APR whenever they choose. It’s hidden so deeply in the fine print of your cardholder’s agreement that card companies are hoping you miss it. You have the right to be notified 15 days before a potential rate increase, but to stay on top of them, check your mail; you’ll receive notifications in a thin, discreet white envelope.

Your ‘credit dispute’ doesn’t quite capture our attention.

Dispute system is broken. No matter how many papers and other documentation consumers submit to the bureaus, the bureau will apply a two- or three-digit code that offers a brief summary of the dispute, such as “not his/hers” or “disputes amounts,” according to the NCLC. The bureaus will send that code and a one-page form to the creditor involved in the dispute. “We’ve seen court cases where the consumer attached canceled checks, letters from lenders, and court judgments saying this is wrong and none of that gets sent, A CFPB report released in December found that the bureaus resolve an average of only 15% of consumer disputes internally, while the remaining 85% are passed on to the lenders or creditors.

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With most people facing serious economic distress during the current public health crisis, their credit ratings are likely to fall further, worsening the situation. Arian Eghbali, in an interview at ABC 13 Morning Blend with KTNV, took the viewers through ways in which they can maintain their credit score. Arian Eghbali is the founder, president, and CEO of Enrich Financial, a multi-national company that offers credit repair, debt settlement management, and business credit repairs.

In the interview, Arian Eghbali observed that with the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and businesses have scaled down their operations, with others closing down. This, according to the Enrich Financial CEO, has a serious impact on people’s financial outlook and more so, their capacity to finance their credit. “We are having a situation where people are likely to skip their loan repayment and default on their monthly repayment”, said Arian Eghbali, in response to the question of what is likely to happen as a result of the current pandemic and its restrictions.

With people laid off and little government help forthcoming, the situation may worsen. However, the credit specialist says that there is a ray of hope for those who are unable to make regular payments during this period. Arian Eghbali recommends communication with their banks, inform the lending institution of their difficulties and they will defer the payment. He adds that 95% of the banks they work with are offering different deferment programs where clients get a reprieve for a given period, helping them protect their credit score. “Do not allow your credit score to be affected; banks are willing to assist their customers; all you need to do is communicate with your bank”, said Arian Eghbali.

For businesses, Arian Eghbali recommends a change of strategy, where they can retain their employees using the concept he calls “multi-functional.”  The credit repair specialist advises banks to change their marketing strategies to reach more people during the period.

“A lot of adjustments are required both at the personal and business levels,” said Arian Eghbali, while urging the use of different strategies to pull clients through this difficult period.

Las Vegas Morning Blend is on air at KTNV Channel 13 ABC Action News.

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