ARES Blockchain GmbH launches the most advanced ARM Carrier Mainboard ever made

Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany — ARES Blockchain GmbH has designed a unique ARM carrier mainboard that can house up to 28 slots for computing modules.

ARES Blockchain GmbH, a fast-growing tech company, founded in 2022, has introduced a pc/server mainboard entitled “ARMedONE Carrier Board.” The board houses up to 28 Compute Modules, including Nvidia Jetson, Raspberry PI CM3/4, and NXP i.MX8, and so on, makes it extremely fast and a fantastic product for multiple applications.

The product will be revolutionary as it will save a lot of power and space and is sustainable for the future. 

The ARMedONE carrier mainboard is usually seen in technical fields like machine learning, home lab, 3D rendering, etc. The product’s primary feature is that it follows the E-ATX form factor, i.e., its size is 12 × 13 inches (305 × 330 mm). ARMedONE can fit in every E-ATX PC Case or Rack-Servers. Making one’s cluster will be easy for the users as soon as the Kickstarter campaign starts in mid of December 2022. 

Here are some of the significant features of ARMedONE that make it unique:

  • Housing up to 28 computing modules
  • SO-DIMM and MicroSD slot for every module
  • Individually powered slots with no need for cables
  • Option to place individual fans for each module
  • All slots are hot-swappable, i.e., no need to turn off the entire board to change one module
  • One master slot to control every other
  • SO-DIMM Slots are pin compatible with Nvidia Jetson
  • The 40-PIN header in the I/O section is Raspberry Pi compatible.
  • HDMI port
  • Three 3.1 USBs and one USBC port
  • RJ45 Ethernet, GPIO, and PCle Slot
  • The standard ATX power supply can power it

A speedy 3Gbit network among modules makes it extremely fast and 1Gbit to the outside world. With this distributed network, the rendering will speed up. A detailed overview of ARMEDONE can be found on the YouTube Channel of ARES Blockchain GmbH

About Company:

ARES Blockchain GmbH was started in 2022 and didn’t seek any investment. The company has been creating innovative hardware and software solutions for the embedded systems designs and blockchain industry for the last year. 

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Company Name: ARES Blockchain GmbH

Contact Person: Mr. Christopher Meyering

Email: [email protected]