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Matthew Gambrell’s Appeal Assassins continuously aid hundreds of amazon sellers across the globe – making them the most sought amazon suspension team up to date.

LOS ANGELES, CAMatthew Gambrell, a Dropshipping Guru and an e-commerce expert, created the “dream team” reinstatement lawyers to help amazon sellers successfully grow their business without having to be frustrated on amazon seller suspension.

Getting accounts suspended on Amazon is probably one of the most difficult things to deal with as an Amazon seller. Amazon being one of the largest and fastest growing ecommerce platforms, constantly innovates their system to ensure quality buying experience for customers. However, these upgrades (from selling to buying policies) can sometimes get out of hand to amazon sellers – leading to their account’s suspension.

Amazon sellers who are temporarily suspended, can not reach out to Amazon support. And if they submit their appeal without guiding experts, chances are, it will unfortunately be denied or worse gets banned after many email rejections, which means the downfall of the amazon selling business.


Appeal Assassins, Matthew Gambrell’s built team of appeal professionals is the “Go to Amazon Reinstatement Experts” that offers not just 96% success rate of reinstatement, but also help amazon sellers stay reinstated through its Account Maintenance Service.

The goal is to have the suspended Amazon Sellers’ accounts get back up to business and keep them afloat despite the ever-changing amazon ruling.

“Suspension means halting the amazon seller’s operations, and when everything is put to pause, no profit is driven,” says Gambrell.

“Appeal Assassins keep the business rolling by reinstating as fast as we could, once we receive your case, our lawyers and appeal experts will start the reinstatement process as quickly as we can. Every day that an account is suspended, is a loss of effort and sales for sellers, so time is really essential for us”, he added.

Gambrell also emphasized that one of the first things to know is the reason why an account has been suspended. Seller’s account is put to deactivate or banned for some reason, and Appeal Assassins will identify it for its clients as the first step.

When looking into an Amazon suspension notice, Appeal Assassins create steps that’s outlined as reinstatement plans.

“A well-formulated reinstatement plan is an effective way to fight back against a suspension. With detailed plans to appeal and solutions for whatever was the reason for suspension, Appeal Assassins can always guarantee reinstatement “, Gambrell said.

When asked about how Appeal Assassins became the most sought reinstatement service in the state, Matthew disclosed that they just don’t write an appeal to reinstate a seller’s account, they also:

  • Review the seller information to identify the reason for the temporary Amazon Seller Suspension; was it due to policy Violation or some other reasons etc.
  • Restructure the business to align with Amazon’s policies and Terms of Service to stay top of the game.
  • Collate all required documents and proof to counter the root cause of suspension.
  • Give amazon security not to recur the same issue again by focusing to improve the seller’s knowledge and performance.
  • Provide the seller with a new seller account in the event that Amazon has given its final decision to not reinstate the suspended account.


Appeal Assassins help amazon sellers stay compliant with Amazon’s policies through its Account Maintenance Service. It avoids account suspension by analysing the seller’s current suppliers, vetting processes, logistics and staffing. Apart from that, they also do Wholesale Supplier Document Acquisition in which an amazon seller’s business gets an assurance that all brands listed are not on watch by the brand/brands police or put category as false IP or anything related that may lead to account suspensions.