Antonio Cawthorne: Motivation, Strength and Mindfulness Keep Him Moving

Antonio Cawthorne is a self proclaimed fitness guru and actor from Baltimore, Maryland. His first ever theatrical debut was at the young age of 5. Not only has he loved the entertainment business, but he has always had a knack for fitness as well. Playing football when he was younger helped him to become who he is today. Since then acting and fitness has become his passion. Antonio has starred in many various stage plays and has also worked with recording artist Paula Campbell, Comedian Larry Landcaster as well as other nationally known entertainers.

Staying fit has always been important for Antonio. That is the precise reason he pursued a career doing just that. When it comes to gaining more business for himself he loves the direct approach. Antonio posts flyers and networks via word of mouth. A lot of his personal clients and potential clients choose him because of how motivated and consistent he is. When it comes to meal prep and plans he does not create those, but he does encourage his clients to try meal plans and to also take a herbal approach. Fitness is who Antonio is. Strength and conditioning is his strong area.

Over the years Antonio has completely honed in on his areas of stage combat, blocking, directing and producing. On top of acting he is also a personal trainer who prides himself on staying fit and healthy. Antonio enjoys becoming a better version of himself each day while tackling his goals. He is thankful for being featured in films and shows that have been placed on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, TubiTv and more. Currently he is working with a team on a new film titled “Hustle 3”. The reactions from Part 1 and 2 of that series had a great result so it was only right to start working on a 3rd part to the segment. Make sure you stay connected with Antonio and follow his career.

All of his clients always shed weight no matter what the end goal is. Antonio encourages his clients by telling them “It’s quality over quantity. You only fail if you don’t try. Your mind is stronger than your body”. He also helps his clients mentally by telling them no workout is done wrong if you are feeling the workout in a positive way, being a motivational speaker has definitely assisted him with having that inspirational factor clients need. Antonios current goals include gaining more acting roles, but his main focus at the moment is training for the USA powerlifting competition. Hopefully this event will open more doors for this young and talented man.