Another Record Breaking Year for Amazing Things The Church, Now An Eye on Reaching a Billion

Nation’s Largest Virtual Church with Web Enterprise and Bot Technology Continuing to Soar

Dallas, Texas Dec 8, 2022 ( – Dallas Texas, December 10, 2022. It holds an extraordinary place in its field. Amazing Things The Church truly representing the Meta-Age operating without brick and mortar, broke last year’s record. Where the tech church reached twenty-four million in 2021, the ministry reached twenty-six million with nearly seventeen million (another record) participating with as many as 135,000 attending or participating in the ministry daily. And now, Dr. Steven DavidSon, the High Presbyter and Executive Director of the nation’s largest (stand-alone) virtual church and global Christ-based enterprise considers the opportunity to reach a billion.

“No question, it is a lofty vision over the next two years. We’re planning, executing, and surely praying. This is not just a matter of reaching a billion, but offering and exposing as many as we can to the advantages of our faith. We have a major web enterprise of more than 18 sites that will be central in providing what we do. Our web enterprise combined with responsiveness and virtual connectivity is far beyond radio and Tv. Our auto-bot and auto-messaging technology make truly serving so many people a ‘virtual reality’ need I say.”

To the curious and traditional, there’s the question of differentiating online churches from virtual churches such as Amazing Things The Church. DavidSon provides the distinguishing differences.

“A church online is typically presenting its routine schedule in brick and mortar services on-line. At our core, we present instruction and proclamation as they do, but we’re designed for social media. There’s no brick-and-mortar. Programming is daily just as in the First Century Church. And we adhere to the speed and conventions of social media. Here are a few examples: The Sunday message is only 15 minutes, and Sunday is not the most active programming day of the week for participants. Another example is that as the senior leader and High Presbyter, I’m before the people daily (live and by meme ministry) as opposed to a few times and often only once weekly in the brick-and-mortar church online. Moreover among other differences, the key metric representing church life virtually is daily attendance participation not (membership, subscriptions, followers, and similar metrics). These metrics may not and often are not active (representing the same misnomer as brick and mortar, church-membership). Today, even brick-and-mortar churches cite the more relevant metric:(attendance-participants or visitors). Those of us who have been in church ministry as I have over half a century now the church-membership metric is not the most viable of actual daily or weekly church participation and the same can be said with subscriptions.

Clearly, we are different and a prototype of what we do and represent. We’re highly attractive to a demographic that is a great challenge to many brick-and-mortar churches today. It’s remarkable that 80% of our participants are forty years old or younger. Our second largest (attending-participating) demographic of four is 18-24 years old. Underscoring the fact that regardless of how they execute their mission, it takes all Churches combined (brick-and-mortar, online, virtual) to perform the universal commission of Christ-Jesus. We’re just doing our part. We never imagined reaching millions, and now it is only fitting of our faith to pursue a billion. I thank the ‘Amazing’ team and so many more for being co-laborers in this great venture in Christ.”

About Dr. Davidson:
Amazing Things The Church Ministry (, is the heart of the Christ-based Ministry enterprise of 18 Web Sites, featuring daily non-apostate (non-Political) Christ-based Counseling and Education programming. DavidSon’s been a pioneer in web-based ministry since 1997 leading the Christ-based Ministry enterprise of 18 Web Sites, featuring non-apostate (non-Political) Christ-based Counseling and Education sites. He’s been in Christian Ministry for more than five decades and this is the thirtieth year of Amazing Things The Church Ministry, the heart of the Christ-based enterprise with as many as 135,000 a day, live daily programming, and numerous support resources available to the public: ChurchDr DavidSon’s Bio:
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