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Ankara Fabric Handbags/Wallets – African-Inspired Matching Collection Launched

AdGard Fashions International has just expanded its extensive line of authentic African clothing and accessories to include a collection of fabric wallets and handbags.

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With this latest announcement, the ethnic clothing and home design shop helps consumers find high-quality products made from African Ankara materials.

Ankara, sometimes referred to as African wax prints, is a cotton textile that is dyed with bright colors and patterns. Producers create bold prints with wax to ensure the dye does not leak into other areas of the fabric.

The material is especially common in West Africa and is often worn both casually and for special occasions.

AdGard Fashions International’s line of Ankara fabric handbags and wallets are similarly perfect for all occasions. The products are available in a wide range of colorful patterns, including sky blue diamond, blue and white, lime and navy, gold and red among many others.

The shop’s Ankara fabric handbags feature a structured design and are available in both a wooden and fabric handle option. The Ankara purses are fully lined with a synthetic material for a long-lasting product.

Customers can also find Ankara fabric wallets, which are made with an Ankara body and a folding clasp made from synthetic leather. The wallet is also available in a zipper option for maximum security.

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The store also carries a range of Ankara shawls, head-ties and face masks to match their purses and wallets. All these products are versatile and feature a reversible design, with one brightly patterned side and a solid color on the other side.

Moreover, AdGard Fashions International is confident that their collection of Ankara fabric handbags and wallets are a great addition to any wardrobe.

A spokesperson for the company said: “At AdGard Fashions International our mission is to make all of our clients look and feel beautiful in the style that fits them best at affordable prices.”

Those interested in learning more about the new line of Ankara fabric purses and wallets can do so by visiting:

AdGard Fashions International
AdGard Fashions International
1017 North 64th Street

United States

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