Anjalts New Single’Touch N’ Go’ drops Dec 17

Anjalts teams up with IXOmusic to release her latest song, ‘Touch N’Go’

New York – Christmas is coming soon, and listening to new music is always a treat to the ears, especially this diamond in the rough starlight named Anjalts and her new song ‘Touch N’Go.’ Her dream-pop single is about to be released on Dec 17 on all streaming platforms. The singer/ songwriter announced the release on her Instagram account  shown below.

As an independent performer and rare female producer,  Anjalts writes all 12 songs for her upcoming mixtape project titled ‘Air to Fire.’  ‘There was always something special about this artist,” says Acen Sinclair, IXOmusic Mgmt. “It’s more than the way she writes her music that goes beyond her deep inner crossroads that she is facing. There is also a universal vibe of current events affecting us daily, like the fires in the Rainforests or the plastics in our ocean she tries hardest to bring to the forefront.  Her subtle poetic compositions come full circle in understanding how we connect to this planet in our actions and how any one of us can affect the outcome of something,” explains Sinclair of IXOmusic, the indie label that right now represents Anjalts. ‘Touch N’ Go’ brings the power of choice in telling the truth in relationships and the consequence of Karma, hitting right back at you in the very first verse:


Did you want to know

Touch N’Go

A love so doom

It’s deemed so fine…

‘It’s an exciting metamorphosis listening to the song build from verse to chorus,’ continues Sinclair. The melodic guitar part she plays sets a refreshing ambiance of the unexpected.” Pre-Save’ Touch N’Go’ HERE

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