“Animal Spirits”: Office Politics & Toxic Workplace Culture Book Launched

In his new book, H C Yip examines the greed, self-centredness, deceit and exploitation of the weak which have created such negative headlines for the high-powered finance industry in recent years.

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The book is released as the majority of US workers return to the office post-pandemic, creating a natural increase in office politics. Last year, the Corporate Finance Institute, which offers training for financial and banking professionals, published an online resource to help workers navigate this toxic work culture which has become synonymous with the industry, explains H C Yip.

The author’s own experience of observing the Machiavellian nature of office politics during his years working in finance and the sector’s winner-takes-all mindset provided the inspiration for “Animal Spirits – Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard”.

The story centers around the poisoning of Monkey, the benevolent leader of the ‘weaker’ office animals, and the villainous power-hungry Wolf, who has orchestrated the murder for his own selfish ends.

An array of anthropomorphized characters populate the humorous portrayal of the intense competition and self-centeredness of high-power industries, including an emotional manipulator who uses seduction to get ahead, a pretender who is framed for the crime; and the calculating Eagle, who is incited to carry out the unforgivable act. The book is a deep dive into the toxic nature of the self-serving hierarchy, regretfully prevalent in many workplaces today.

“I remember being booted out of my office by my conniving bosses who had no remorse,” says Animal Spirits author H C Yip. “These leaders who once preached about ‘inclusive leadership’ were nowhere to be found. So I decided to focus on my strengths and write about topics that help reaffirm self-worth – and let’s not forget about adding a bit of humor and cheer to enrich the knowledge depository of my readers.”

H C Yip is an author and motivational speaker who turned to writing after being laid off from his successful career in finance during the pandemic. His other published works include “5 Steps to Getting Your Business Financed” and “Near Death Experience: Imagination or Reality”.

More information on “Animal Spirits – Office Politics: Karma Bites Hard” can be found on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/9811866481

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