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Animal Adoption Advocacy LLC – Fastest growing NFT marketplace

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a type of digital token that proves ownership over something. NFTs possess unique properties separating them from their fungible counterparts. Most simply, if one digital cat is minted, it can never be minted again. And because they’re usually made on a blockchain, an NFT in one product can always be transferred to another product. NFTs are so well-suited to consumer products that major gaming companies are adopting them as virtual currencies. Like Animal Adoption Advocacy LLC, which has started a utility crypto-token $PAWZ, which is used by the people in gaming and donating it to give shelter to stray animals. This NFT marketplace has been helping animals since it was established and has achieved a lot in helping homeless animals by providing them shelter and food. This platform has made it easy to raise awareness of the problems surrounding our planet’s animals and environment, with the ultimate goal of saving their lives.

How was Animal Adoption Advocacy LLC established?

Animal Adoption Advocacy, LLC. was incorporated in May 2021 and is registered in Knoxville, TN. The company owners always had a love for animals since they were born, but they can now have more exposure within the crypto world and thought it would be great if there were a charitable cryptocurrency that could help change the world.Therefore, after a lot of deep research and information, they introduced $PAWZ as a utility token which would help as a donation for stray animals. Users will compete and trade NFTs and are on their way to creating a marketplace in which users can earn money and help man’s best friend. A portion of all transactions on the PAWZ Marketplace go directly to a charity assisting animals too. Pawz has turned giving into a game that connects players with charities and allows them to track exactly how their actions are helping animals. This makes Animal Adoption Advocacy LLC one of the unique contributors in the crypto space.

What are the current services offered at Animal Adoption Advocacy LLC.?

Since the Marketplace was established, it has provided comprehensive services to all the holders. Although the Beta version of the Marketplace is already available, soon the final version will be available, allowing users to purchase NFTs that can be incorporated into their games. The Marketplace has developed two mobile games and 1 VR game which is still under the development process. By combining blockchain’s cutting edge technology with an interactive gaming experience, gamers will be able to compete for PAWZ tokens while playing a fun game and having unlimited access to some of the unique features in gaming. Gamers can trade their NFTs for other tickets or import them into other games, all of which support the wellbeing of animals due to a portion of all proceeds going to animal charities. All proceeds from these purchases will benefit animals all over the world. Pawz is making a difference by sending donations from the purchase of recycled products to animal charities. It’s a simple way to sponsor a shelter or sanctuary through everyday purchases. Pawz will also give exposure and funds to combat illegal poaching worldwide and preserve endangered species while educating the next generation.

What are the achievements of Animal Adoption Advocacy LLC.?

Animal Adoption Advocacy LLC. Maintains a portfolio of projects designed to make the world better for animals and humans. The studio’s mission is to inspire a love of animals in people across the globe through their games, products, and events. Before migration, the organisation was not able to easily integrate donation functionality into its solution. However, after migration, they are on five exchanges, secured partnerships with five different charities, had over 21.k holders, completed two mobile games, giving away $10k to charity, and have a walking Demo of their VR game.

What are the plans and goals of Animal Adoption Advocacy LLC.?

Animal Adoption Advocacy LLC strives to inspire a love of animals in people worldwide through their games, products, and events. Apart from that, they are all set to launch the PAWZ vs POACHERS VR Game and are looking forward to the upcoming TikTok competition with their newest Partner!