Angelic Lift Announces Hormone Pellet Therapy For Patients With PPO Insurance

The doctors at Angelic Lift are pleased to inform the Port Orange community that PPO-insured individuals can now take advantage of their full suite of restorative, regenerative, and preventative wellness treatments, including their hormone pellet therapy. Angelic Lift is the leading clinic for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and pellet therapy in the region, and they are now ready to welcome PPO-insured patients who are seeking these innovative therapies.

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The recently added PPO insurance coverage for Angelic Lift’s bio-identical hormone replacement therapies reflects the growing interest in these treatments in the medical community in the United States. Following on from recent FDA approval, trusted medical institutions like Cleveland Clinic now suggest that these therapies can actively assist aging women and men -particularly women in perimenopause or menopause- to mitigate and manage the symptoms of low estrogen and low testosterone.

Although it is natural for hormone levels, especially estrogen and testosterone, to fall as a person ages, this loss can lead to harsh symptoms that can ruin an individual’s quality of life. As such, Angelic Lift wants to make its innovative new pellet therapy available to more people in the Port Orange community.

Now that the medical practice is accepting PPO-insured patients, these individuals can book a series of ongoing appointments. At their hormone pellet therapy sessions, Angelic Lift patients will have a small localized procedure completed, where a bio-identical and completely organic estrogen or testosterone pellet will be inserted into the body.

As Angelic Lift is constantly refining and improving its bio-technology, they now suggest that patients will experience between three and six months of steady hormonal balance following the insertion of one of their pellets.

The specialist wellness-focused medical practice recommends interested readers contact them to see whether this form of therapy may be suitable and whether their insurance plan will cover their treatment.

Angelic Lift says, “A naturally based therapy derived from plants, pellet therapy is one of the most effective methods of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy there is. It mimics the naturally made hormones of your body; and unlike other therapies, it keeps hormones releasing at a steady level with minimal side effects.”

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