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AngelGuard Honors our Military Veterans

Please join us;

Today, celebrates Veteran’s Day 2021 with a thank you to our generous partners and those who are supporting us in our private groups throughout the nation. 

Thank you in particular to Evan Moon (U.S. Air Force) and Benjamin Dziobek (U.S. Navy) for their incredible work with our outreach and group projects.

Did you know that PTSD impacts 3.5% of the American population, according to the American Psychiatric Association? This is a suprisingly rare but powerful influencer on the central nervous system, and it just so happens that Military Veterans are one of the most heavily afflicted with the condition due to their experiences in the service. That means, people with PTSD are in the 96th percentile in terms of stress levels – Far exceeding the amount of stress placed on most of the population. We speculate that Military Veterans are in the 99th percentile of stress.

Thus far, both Civilians and Military Veterans have experienced PTSD for a variety of reasons, but today’s conventional therapeutics simply do not work.

According to, today’s first line treatments only provide approximately 30% relief after an astounding 4-years of daily treatment. The conventional approach to providing Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), Benzodiazepines, Tricyclic Antidepressants, Atypical antipsychotics, and other daily Mood Stabilizer medications tend to only blunt emotions and sedate the Central Nervous System (CNS). Therefore, suicide rates among the Military Veteran population remain unacceptably high, and Civilian populations are also suffering. For Civilians, this is typically due to a combination of childhood trauma, sexual abuse, and the challenges of daily living. In some cases, Civilians are the victims of assault, which is a cause of long term PTSD.

Therefore, works to connect Medical Providers with Patients who require innovative breakthrough treatments. That means we only work with the best. 

Many of the most innovative treatments are not conventionally utilized for PTSD but demonstrate rapid efficacy with minimal dosages or repeat treatments – These are the therapies we target for procurement.

Do you know of an Innovative or Breakthrough Treatment, which could benefit Military Veterans and Civilians in need? 

Do you have a Medical background or a track record of producing published research?

The members of Angel Guard Veteran Services would like to speak with you directly on our very private group, which is located at Currently, we are a Members Only Private Organization.

Angel Guard Veteran Services wants to share a “Thank you” to all of our Men and Women in Uniform.


Dec. 7, 2021 – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Dec. 13, 2021 – National Guard Birthday

Dec. 18, 2021 – National Wreaths Across America Day

—— | The company, “Angel Guard Veteran Services” is incorporated in the State of Virginia as the Veteran Services Not for Profit Corporation. We are a small but growing organization, which is primarily interested in the most innovative and cutting edge treatments available in the field of Medicine.