American-Made Surface Disinfectant Wipes For Hospitals, Fast Shipping Announced

SurgiMac welcomes customers to purchase a canister of CaviWipes that contains 160 disinfecting wipes. For greater cost efficiency, hospitals and post-acute care providers can also order the CaviWipes canister in cases of 12 and pallets of 40 cases.

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A company representative notes that the pre-moistened towelettes are ideal for nonporous surfaces, such as door knobs, tables, bed railings, and the like. The nonwoven design means that the wipes will not bunch or tear during use. Moreover, they remain fully saturated and will not dry out during use, so their disinfecting power will not be reduced once they are out of the canister.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that hospital-acquired infections account for 1.7 million illnesses each year. As such, regular disinfection is vital to ensuring that patients don’t catch other diseases during their stay in a medical facility.

Products offered by SurgiMac, such as like CaviWipes and Super Sani-cloth, make disinfection easy as staff can quickly wipe down surfaces to kill pathogens. They are especially ideal for cleaning high-touch surfaces — one of the most common vectors for infection.

The spokesperson adds: “With these hospital-grade wipes, you can disinfect items like patient-care devices immediately, which is critical during medical emergencies.”


SurgiMac’s recommended CaviWipes can quickly kill a wide variety of microbes, including tuberculosis, hepatitis B, and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Furthermore, it can kill BCG, MRSA, HSV, and the influenza A2 virus in less than three minutes. The fast-acting formulation not only minimizes the risk of patient infection, but also the risk of litigation due to nosocomial diseases.

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SurgiMac works with the nation’s leading logistics firms to ensure fast delivery of orders. Most purchases are shipped within one to two business days. Orders over $200 will have their delivery fees waived.


SurgiMac is devoted to providing cutting-edge yet cost-effective cleaning solutions to the medical sector. It is an authorized distributor of Metrex, the maker of CaviWipes and a leader in developing products that prevent cross-contamination. Among its other sanitization products are disinfecting liquids, sprays, and handwash.

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