Amazon bestseller author Paul de Sousa offers a better future with ‘Entrepreneurs Blueprint’

Greenville, Delaware Jan 30, 2023 ( – Entrepreneurship is perhaps a dream that is shared by many but most people do not embark on their journey due to a lack of knowledge, resources, and tools. Empowering readers and dreamers around the world, Paul de Sousa has come up with complete guidance through his literary creation titled the ‘Entrepreneurs Blueprint: Think it, Fund it, Build it, Sell it!’. The book has been published on November 6, 2022, and already became the #1 best seller in four categories including for Startups. The book is available on Amazon for purchase in Kindle edition, paperback version as well as Audible Audiobook; offering global readers a variety of options to absorb valuable knowledge and insights for successful entrepreneurship.

Paul has done an amazing job in crafting this remarkable resource for entrepreneurs around the world that can dramatically help everyone to start their businesses and chase the dream they have been wanting to fulfill for so long. The book consists of an array of pro-tips, strategies, and effective tactics along with ample resources that help to gain success within a short duration. Solely written for entrepreneurs, founders, innovators, managers, and business persons; the book is capable of channelizing a new spirit among everyone to create their own businesses. Startups are a huge part of the economy which is giving birth to many independent businesses. ‘Entrepreneurs Blueprint’ can help to pave a smoother way ahead with fruitful results.

This resource book applies to all kinds of entrepreneurs regardless of the industry and verticals. It is comprised of resources like a detailed database for more than 10 000 investors and funders, free accounting software, an effective list of more than ninety free templates, and the list goes on. Just like the title suggests, it is a blueprint for entrepreneurs to think, build, fund, and sell a product and business. Starting from the paramount importance of canvas modeling ideas, driving hot traffic through social media, and building a loyal fan base to gain knowledge of financials, critical sales tools, and e-Commerce; it is an all-in-one book recommended for everyone. Purchase this best-seller book at and establish a business successfully.

Paul de Sousa is not only famous for his skills as an author but also as an innovator multiplier and idea generator who finds hidden and undervalued assets for many businesses and organizations. He is the co-founder of AbilityWare and many other enterprises that are fueling a world with new and effective innovations. This versatile person is offering an online master class to sharpen everyone’s entrepreneurial mindset. The course can be availed of at the official website of Big Profit at Offering the key elements for business growth, this platform help to gain vital keys to Income Streams in the shortest time. Paul assures there will be a drastic change in revenue generation within 90 days. Utilizing the SMBP-Framework offered through the course, every individual and organization can generate more sales, leads, profit as well as return on investment (ROI).

The online audio and written course are taught by himself and some of the highest-paid marketing consultants on the continent to make sure every new or existing venture is a successful one while establishing a greater potential in the market. Paul de Sousa’s business strategies abide by the evolving business trends around the world. As a result, entrepreneurs can make an approach that is relevant and comes with a greater possibility of success. His simplified strategies help to gain higher levels of impact, profitability, and competitive superiority as well. So, it is not just about establishing a business but executing it properly. Paul has also launched a brand new browser plugin and website widget, known as Abilityware. Find out more about this amazing tool providing equal internet access for all at Fueling an accessible and equitable world through innovation.

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